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Lily and her ex-husband, Ryle, have just settled into a civil coparenting rhythm when she suddenly bumps into her first love, Atlas, again. After nearly two years separated, she is elated that for once, time is on their side, and she immediately says yes when Atlas asks her on a date. But her excite

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Author Colleen Hoover

Pages 336

Publisher Simon & Schuster, Limited

Published Date 2022-10-18

ISBN 1398518174 9781398518179


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Hayden Talley's profile image

hayden_talley shared a tip "not as good as the original, but still amazing as always"

Jaedyn Mcgalin's profile image

jaedyn_mcgalin shared a tip "I loved just as much as I loved the first one! Atlas and lily go through so much, and I’m happy it works out for them."

Brenna Luevano's profile image

brenna_luevano shared a tip "All the answers we needed. Even though it is a red bow, CoHo is so amazing at facing the ugly truth of trauma and growing from it"

Bry 's profile image

bry912 shared a tip "4.5/5⭐️"

Just Sierra 's profile image

JustSierra shared a tip "9/10 💙"

Vivian Engel's profile image

vivian_engel shared a tip "Cutest book I ever read"

Kathleen Caste's profile image

kathleen_caste shared a tip "A happy ending and the backstory for Atlas."

Hope 's profile image

hopeuyemura shared a tip "Good book"

Rylee Elyse's profile image

rylee_elyse shared a tip "This was just so so so good. I can’t even explain."

jamie_m_6236 shared a tip "Fourty three."

Danni Morgan's profile image

danni_morgan shared a tip "I’m sorry. I felt like this could had been better."

gold-digger 's profile image

acherryqueen shared a tip "I really loved this & I’m so happy with the ending ugh"

Heather Ayers's profile image

heather_ayers_9346 shared a tip "I’m the biggest sucker for a happy ending. So glad we got this story of Lily and Atlas🥰"

jessicaaaaaaa shared a tip "so grateful there was a sequel! atlas & lily deserved their happily ever after ❤️"

Katie Smith-Walker's profile image

katie_smith-walker shared a tip "My first read since separating from my husband. Was both sad and happy with it. A good ending for atlas and Lilly."

Alexandra Montenegro's profile image

alexandra_montenegro_ shared a tip "It was good but not as good as the 1st. A little cringy and felt kinda rushed at the end. 4/5"

Haley Nash-Thompson's profile image

haleynt shared a tip "liked it even more than the first one!!"

Paige Eilers's profile image

paige_eilers shared a tip "My favorite series so far. Loved this sequel!"

Sarah Isabel's profile image

sarah-bel shared a tip "Loved this book! I enjoyed it more than It Ends With Us."

Lizzie Donahue's profile image

lizzie_donahue shared a tip "All I wanna do is cry. Good cry cuz it was so good and I’m so sad it’s over lol."

samzuars shared a tip "Wasn’t as good as I was hoping, liked the extra plot but to much fluff, felt longer then it needed to be."

★𝘨𝘪𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘢 𝘣𝘢𝘤𝘬𝘶𝘴★'s profile image

giaxnna shared a tip "Just came out October 18, 2022..hope to get it..but have to read the first one..obviously..😃"

Becca Snodgrass's profile image

becca_snodgrass shared a tip "I liked this book… however it was far from my favorite."

Megan Pate's profile image

megan_pate shared a tip "Her best sequel yet! She picked up right where she left off with It Ends With Us. She wrapped it up perfectly!"

Sarah Womack's profile image

sarah_womack_4083 shared a tip "Audio book 8hrs"

mattily_brumley shared a tip "Loved it, it’s cute."

Julia 's profile image

julia_k03 shared a tip "beautiful <333 love love love their relationship and so glad lily finally gets the life she deserves <3"

Danielle Coziahr's profile image

danielle_coziahr shared a tip "By far one of the top 5 COHO books I’ve read!"

Melissa Trecek's profile image

melissa_trecek shared a tip "Loved it! Great way to wrap up It Ends with Us"

kallie_hodgin shared a tip "🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟"

Lauren 's profile image

lauren_9965 shared a tip "Read this book after It Ends with Us! I love these books!"

jen_d_4456 shared a tip "I hate that I like these books"

lisa_b_9188 shared a tip "Finished in one day. Heartwarming"

velvett_3650 shared a tip "BEAUTIFUL continuation of the first book"

KC 's profile image

kaitlyncastillo shared a tip "I can already see the fight between Ryle and Atlas where Atlas calls him out on his past abusive behavior 🫣"

Mayda Rocha's profile image

mayda_rocha shared a tip "Not my fav… kind of slow and predictable."

Veena ✩'s profile image

VeenaCV shared a tip "Love<3"

Alex Beres's profile image

alex_beres shared a tip "Not as good as the 1st. But not bad"

Teddy 's profile image

teddy_5779 shared a tip "wish i could burn all of her books 🙂"

mikayla_4217 shared a tip "this book was amazing 10/10"

Jordan Pierson's profile image

jordan_pierson shared a tip "OH COLLEEN how you’ve done it again daddy atlas to save the day 😭❤️ #Atlas #colleenhoover #teamatlas"

tiffany_unger_3072 shared a tip "Goodreads: manicmoodbookreview"

Val Miner's profile image

vlm123 shared a tip "Currently reading it’s a little slow not as good as the first but it’s decent 6/10"

Molly Townsend's profile image

molly_townsend_6516 shared a tip "❤️❤️❤️"

frances_puopolo shared a tip "Colleen Hoover has be addicted to her books!"

H Hying's profile image

h_hying shared a tip "Literally the perfect sequel not as exciting as the first but still amazing"

Jamie Beck's profile image

jamie_beck shared a tip "I just finished!oh so so so good!!!! I so loved it!!!! Just sad it's over!!!"

Brianna F's profile image

brianna_f_5378 shared a tip "Loved this nice closure for Atlas and lily I just wished it wasn’t so rushed by the end because I just love them."

Courtney Earle's profile image

courtney_earle_1243 shared a tip "It was the perfect conclusion to Lily and Atlas’s story that I never realized I needed. Loved it!"

Marissa Carrozzo's profile image

marissa_carrozzo shared a tip "It was the PERFECT wrap up to the first one: It Ends With Us. Everything fell into place how it should have."

Becca Lalo's profile image

rebecca_lalo shared a tip "9/10–> obv amazing and super cute! Exactly what I expected"

Kayla Dobbin's profile image

kayla_sanders_6491 shared a tip "The least heavy book and what a beautiful ending!!"

nicole_cunius shared a tip "Absolutely amazing. Was great to see the happy ending of Lilly & Atlas."

elisha_dehaan shared a tip "It wasn’t my favorite CH but it was nice closer from “It ends with us” 💙"

Addison Thomas's profile image

addison_thomas_4279 shared a tip "SO GOOD"

M'lynn Ortiz's profile image

mlynn_ortiz shared a tip "Atlas is so perfect."

Morgan Wetherington's profile image

morgan_wetherington shared a tip "Loved this book! Read in 2 days. Great love story!"

Emily Michelle's profile image

emmichelle shared a tip "i wish i loved it more."

armel_bunag shared a tip "The Notebook 2.0. This will truly make your heart feel love"

ally_codelle shared a tip "How did you guys feel about It Starts With Us? I personally loved it but I want to hear how you think about it!"

jana_habib shared a tip "Well, wow. We got the happy start we want and the happy ending we need."

Amanda LeAnne's profile image

amanda_leanne_9742 shared a tip "True love story. I absolutely love Atlas and glad him and Lily finally get their ever after"

Kaitie Shikoski's profile image

kaitie_shikoski shared a tip "Cute"

Cristine Vieira's profile image

cristine_vieira shared a tip "The end of this book was pure perfection. Soo glad she wrote book 2 so we could get more of Lily and Atlas ❤️❤️❤️"

Maryn Sylvester's profile image

maryn_sylvester shared a tip "Such a good ending!"

jessica_hood_8531 shared a tip "Wonderful as Coleen Hoover always is! Watching their love grow in all the right directions made my heart flutter!"

melissa_allen_730 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Ryan Smith's profile image

ryanvsmith shared a tip "10/10"

Kaitlyn 's profile image

kaitlyn_3747 shared a tip "So sweet! Such a good ending to the heartbreaking story of Lily in It Ends With Us!"

Lexi Marie🌊🤎's profile image

lexi_maire shared a tip "I love this book I feel like it goes with It ends with us so I gave it the same rating"

ellee boyle's profile image

ellee_boyle shared a tip "made reading it ends with us worth it. exciting, thrilling, heartbreaking all in one."

Arianna Polanco's profile image

arianna_polanco shared a tip "Yes yes and yes read it 10/10"

Ena Velez's profile image

3velz84 shared a tip "I freaking love it 🥰😍 I need more of Colleen Hoover asap 💖"

LAMIA KHOCHBAR's profile image

lamia_khochbar shared a tip "They finally get a happy ending 🥹"

Nazareth Perez's profile image

nazareth_perez shared a tip "The ending was wholesome. That’s all I’m going to say🤍 #itstartswithus #colleenhoover"

Alexandra Schaeffer 's profile image

alexandra_schaeffer shared a tip "GREAT sequel. I love the turnaround in the mood of these books. LILY AND ATLAS DESERVED TO BE HAPPY👏🏼"

Mirian Camacho's profile image

mirian_camacho shared a tip "I'm 30% at the books since this morning. I have happy tires. This book has warm my heart ❤️"

Alexis Mccoy's profile image

alexis_mccoy_1918 shared a tip "Amazing 5/5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Josie Robertson's profile image

josierobertson shared a tip "not as good as the first one, but i love the happy ending."

Victoria 's profile image

victoria_styles shared a tip "It was good, though it did feel as if it was rushed. Ngl I was expecting more but over all it was okay."

Tisha Terrion's profile image

latisha_pappion shared a tip "Fave book of 2022"

kathryn_holloway shared a tip "THE BEST BOOK , ATLAS IS THE BEST!"

italia_1426 shared a tip "this book was a satisfying easy read. it was not a heartbreak it was calm and everything necessary for the happy ending"

Bailey Edwards's profile image

bailey_edwards_335 shared a tip "Great end to the story"

Kadance Flegel's profile image

kadance_flegel shared a tip "I’m ashamed to say I read the whole thing in a day…I love this book so much… Atlas Corrigan has a special place in my heart."

jillian_hostetler_4649 shared a tip "Perfect sequel to the traumatic prequel. This one really clears a lot of things up."

bella 's profile image

xbellalol shared a tip "i love seeing this side of atlas & his pov, made me cry happy tears."

Jessica Phillips's profile image

xjessielee shared a tip "A heartwarming, wholesome sequel to It Ends with Us."

Sarah Gaviria's profile image

sarah_gaviria shared a tip "IT WAS SO SWEET !! I love atlas"

lexi_pulley shared a tip "i loved their relationship so getting to read more in depth about it kept me going and it was a fairly quick read."

natalie_4745 shared a tip "Loved it!!"

liliana_jacobo shared a tip "READ IN A DAY. THIS BOOK WAS AMAZINGGGGGGG 1938479028377492928368/10"

bethany_bradley_6908 shared a tip "this is the exact ending i needed after the first book :,)"

Allison Charles's profile image

allison_charles_5757 shared a tip "Amazing story that shared a perfect love that remained positive throughout all of the obstacles life offered"

Kayla White's profile image

kaylabo.bayla shared a tip "cute, nothing special but it had a satisfying happily ever after"

Damaris Navarro's profile image

damaris_navarro shared a tip "I really loved It Ends With Us. Did I love this book? No. I thought it was ok but nothing that interesting."

Jenna Allen's profile image

jenna_allen_2821 shared a tip "thanks!!"

Esmeralda Rojas's profile image

esmeralda_rojas shared a tip "Fell in love with the main character Atlas for the second time 🫠😅"

Sophia Valentine's profile image

sophia_valentine_5835 shared a tip "Lacked plot and any character development for that matter. Had to push myself to finish it unfortunately."

Thelittlepotatowhocould shared a tip "* HAVE NOT READ"

Robin White's profile image

robin_white_6500 shared a tip "Jan"

tedra_mendoza shared a tip "Enjoyed this easy read. I’d say that if you don’t care about Atlas and Lily’s story, don’t read it."

Cynthia Adjana's profile image

cynthia_adjana shared a tip "Loved it!!!! CoHo did it again it’s 4,5/5 for me."

shannon_dumont shared a tip "Just got my book yesterday so excited to read it!"

Thiara Balamurali's profile image

thiara_balamurali shared a tip "It Colleen hover what can I say"

Itsel Hernandez's profile image

itsel_hernandez shared a tip "The best book ever super recommended ❤️ love it"

Angie Ricks's profile image

angie_ricks shared a tip "I loved it but I need more!"

Olivia 's profile image

olivia_grein shared a tip "What I needed to read."

Genevieve Rogers's profile image

genevieve_rogers_8094 shared a tip "Amazing follow up on the first book. I was smiling the whole time I was reading."

blanca_urena_6720 shared a tip "It wasn't that good! I was very disappointed!!!"

Strawberry Frapachinø's profile image

strawberry_frapachin shared a tip "Loved this book"

FALLON 's profile image

fallon_2906 shared a tip "Perfect Romance story!! 5/5 Loved it so much."

kennedy_3518 shared a tip "Very slow and I kept waiting for action that never came."

Serena Van Lanen's profile image

serena_van_lanen shared a tip "7.5/10 Great sequel, happy ending"

Kim Boudreau's profile image

kim_boudreau_5895 shared a tip "Beautiful ending to a beautiful love story."

Jada Booten's profile image

jada_booten shared a tip "AAAAAAA!!!! It was SO good"

Victoria Ross's profile image

victoria_ross_8130 shared a tip "Tear jerking continuation of it ends with us, gave me the happy ended I needed"

abigail_siebold shared a tip "Not as intense as the first book but still pulls at your heart strings!"

madi_stimson shared a tip "Gave me the closure that was much needed after “It Ends with Us”"

gabi 🤩's profile image

seventimestables shared a tip "Beautiful"

summer_c_698 shared a tip "Read It Ends With Us before you read this! It’s about Atlas and Lily’s story, but more focused on Atlas and his life. So good"

Rebecca Baldwin's profile image

rebecca_baldwin_7424 shared a tip "The writing was juvenile and it was not at all what I expected, in a bad way."

raegan wessendorf 's profile image

raegan_wessendorf shared a tip "love the dual pov"

Anna Jane's profile image

anna_jane shared a tip "8/10"

Elianna P's profile image

elianna_p shared a tip "I loved this book so much! I just finished today Atlas has my heart😭 definitely made me cry at the end"

Becky Gierke Douglas's profile image

becky_gierke_douglas shared a tip "Good book"

leah_emery shared a tip "eh"

tay 's profile image

taybaum shared a tip "I was so excited for this book to come out. Finally got more of Atlas and Lily. So heart warming."

Emmy 's profile image

eemmiillyy shared a tip "I really liked this book, but i wish it ended differently! still worth the read though!"

Aurielle 📖's profile image

aurielle_winter shared a tip "❤️❤️"

brianna_deward shared a tip "I adore these characters so much. Loved reading Atlas and Lily’s story continue."

Maddy Windsor's profile image

maddy_windsor_2656 shared a tip "Closure but I need more. I need like 50 pages saying it’s a happy ending forever"

paige_yeatts_8670 shared a tip "Such a great sequel to it ends with us."

Isabella Scott's profile image

isabella_scott_4402 shared a tip "good end to the story of lily’s life."

hannah_d_1883 shared a tip "AMAZING"

kayliesexton shared a tip "I loved this book so much. I think I might like it more than the first."

Melanie Leung's profile image

melanie_leung shared a tip "i loved this book and im in love with atlas corrigan"

Aylin Torres's profile image

aylin_torres_370 shared a tip "a second book wasn’t necessary and it was too rushed"

Caitlin Gudmundson's profile image

caitlin_gudmundson shared a tip "Predictable, but cute!"

Julie Funk's profile image

julie_funk shared a tip "To much foul language"

Lexi Chrisos's profile image

lexi_chrisos shared a tip "Amazing"

kadence_davidson shared a tip "I loved that atlas and lily got their happy ending and they did it with challenges and found some tag alongs on the way!"

Meg Hinks's profile image

meg_hinks shared a tip "I just needed some closure from the first book"

Rolyn Chism's profile image

LunaReads shared a tip "I was hoping for good, but it’s a let down. :("

jessica_giddens shared a tip "I like finishing a series"

Brianna Barton's profile image

brianna_barton_7381 shared a tip "I’m currently reading Ugly Love! I have loved all of the COHO books I have read so far."

Vianca Foster's profile image

vianca_foster shared a tip "Just finished verity last night. I think I’ll start all your perfects next! How about you"

Sara West's profile image

sara_west_8066 shared a tip "This book was amazing! It was the perfect ending for Atlas and Lily!"

Cassie Legacy's profile image

cassie_legacy shared a tip "i need it to be released already"

April Bartel 's profile image

april_bartel shared a tip "Mid"

courtney_s_4523 shared a tip "The perfect ending to a tragic beginning."

Bree Regular's profile image

bree_regular shared a tip "I liked the swapping POVs between Atlas and Lily 😌"

awesome_user_670641 shared a tip "Amazing showcases true love at its finest"

theoneclersbiggestfan 's profile image

theoneclersbiggestf shared a tip "it was amazing"

addie westbrook's profile image

addie_westbrook shared a tip "I loved everything about this book. I love when authors have every chapter a point of view between two characters."

tori_w_2331 shared a tip "This book is a 9/10 it’s so much better than it Ends With Us!!"

kiana_hodge shared a tip "Great sequal. Easy read and keeps you interested the entire time 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽"

roxana_mejia shared a tip "HOLY CRAP"

Studying Sarah's profile image

studying_sarah shared a tip "AHH I CANT WAIT TO READ THIS"

ella_2149 shared a tip "it could have been 5 pages instead of 320. boring and had very little substance."

Airi <3's profile image

official_xairix shared a tip "This book was amazing!!!❤️❤️❤️ made me feel whole"

malissa_haynes shared a tip "OMG MY HEART ❤️ Hoover did it again.. I love this book so much. And the ending!?! Had me crying 🥹 A beautiful book ❤️❤️"

ivana_mariela_lebro shared a tip "It was good. The story gives us more background on Atlas and what he went through."

Marie-Anna Morissette's profile image

marie-anna_morisset shared a tip "Im living for this book now-"

sarah_casperson shared a tip "It made me sob man, so freaking good"

YoSoy Elizabeth's profile image

yosoy_elizabeth shared a tip "Do someone know where do l need to press to start reading?"

YoSoy Elizabeth's profile image

yosoy_elizabeth shared a tip "Because l been like 10 min try to figure out how to read the book"

alissa_monday shared a tip "Reading ugly love right now!"

Lily Payne's profile image

lily_payne_304 shared a tip "I need this day to be October 18th already I need atlas’s pov right now"

Alyssa Alig's profile image

alyssa_alig shared a tip "Really loved Verity! But It Ends With Us was one I didn’t see coming, definitely a great, easy read!"

emalia mitchell's profile image

emalia_mitchell shared a tip "i cried too hard"

vea_4197 shared a tip "colleen hoover tried to cover up her son raping a girl … not supporting her anymore"

kchelle_mi shared a tip "💜"

krystal_broadway shared a tip "This book is amazing! Couldn’t put it down!"

Arzoo Pathan's profile image

arzoo_pathan_4840 shared a tip "Read It Ends With Us first and add the sequel :)"

maryse daoust's profile image

maryse_daoust shared a tip "This was the following book of "it ends with us" which was just an easy to read book. I loved it."

fjolla_gashi shared a tip "Don’t think it needed a whole book but I think it was entertaining to get more from the first you also get atlases point of view"

reese_miller_6844 shared a tip "LOVED IT! Such a good book, Atlas is my fav!’"

Georgia Norwood's profile image

georgia_norwood_2635 shared a tip "Ugly love was really good! currently reading the unhoneymooners"

yaritza romo's profile image

yaritza_romo_204 shared a tip "OMG YES I DO ITS CHAPTER 13"

kennedi irby's profile image

kennedi_irby shared a tip "You’re welcome!"

Gely 's profile image

gelyreadzz shared a tip "I couldn’t put it down. I read it in 3 days after its release day. Loved every minute of it"

Avery Grace Owen's profile image

avery_grace_owen shared a tip "THE BEST"

Rennea Gyimah's profile image

rennea_gyimah shared a tip "the perfect ending for lily and atlas <33"

zesty 's profile image

zesty_lemons shared a tip "weird plot line and just kind of fell flat"

athena toole's profile image

athena_toole_5982 shared a tip "This is my favorite book I’ve ever read The way that atlas loves lilly and cares for his little brother and emmy"

Jordyn 's profile image

jordyn_4150 shared a tip "Can’t wait for this book to be released, it’s a Sequel to my favorite book, “It Ends With Us.”"

Chloe 's profile image

chloezbookshelf shared a tip "Can’t wait to read this book when it comes out!!"

Cristina Vasquez's profile image

cristina_vasquez_9924 shared a tip "it comes out in October! I rec the book because it’s Atlas’s POV of It Ends With Us and I loved that book."

Paris Leth's profile image

paris_leth_7661 shared a tip "H"

Cadence🦋 's profile image

dino_saur2 shared a tip "I’m less then halfway through but I am in love with it!! I can’t wait to finish this. I am in love !!"

Ella Pantalone's profile image

ella_pantalone shared a tip "Too much sunshine And rainbows no plot"

kelcie_brda shared a tip "Love,love,love"

emma_2660 shared a tip "I like it because I had both Atlas’s and lily’s point of view and it ended with a good note."

leeann_parrish shared a tip "such such suchhhh a good book"

adwoa_owusu-boahene shared a tip "This book could have been an epilogue tbh!"

Nadine Marie's profile image

nadine_marie_788 shared a tip "Great love story and how one moves forward after trauma and struggles."

sydnee bischoff's profile image

sydnee_bischoff shared a tip "Atlas"

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