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Claire Randall is leading a double life. She has a husband in one century, and a lover in another...In 1945, Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon—when she innocently touches a boulder in one of the ancient stone circles that

Author Diana Gabaldon

Pages 896

Publisher Doubleday Canada

Published Date 2010-12-22

ISBN 0385674678 9780385674676


Google 3.5


Julie Epprecht's profile image

julie_epprecht shared a tip "Read the whole series and/or watch the show. You will fall in love with these characters and their story."

Jill MacDiarmid's profile image

jill_macdiarmid shared a tip "Haven't read the books but the show is outstanding. Best period drama I have ever watched! Huge fan!"

Edward Dube's profile image

edward_dube shared a tip "very good"

Alejandra Ivanez's profile image

alejandra_ivanez shared a tip "I prefer to have this series in audio format. The narrators voice really adds to the story."

Emilie Lemay's profile image

emilie_lemay shared a tip "OMG!! The 1st book is amazing! Time traveling, love story... and Jamie... A must read"

Tonya Breeding's profile image

tonya_breeding shared a tip "Who hasn’t heard about this series? By now, it’s huge! The time travel, romance, history, hotness... all great."

Joe Garcia's profile image

joe_garcia_9447 shared a tip "If you watched the series,same but in steroids 📖😂good reads"

Susan Feren's profile image

susan_feren shared a tip "Wonderfully written!"

chantelle s's profile image

chantelle_s shared a tip "Brianna - yours?"

Kayla Harrison's profile image

kayla_harrison shared a tip "The rest of the series is good but the first book is the BEST"

Michelle Royce's profile image

michelle_royce shared a tip "The best series of books I have ever read! Highly recommend"

bee_z-j shared a tip "The relationship between the main characters"

sandra_edge shared a tip "This series turned me into reader!"

Lane 's profile image

smallsingularity shared a tip "This series is particularly fantastic on audiobook."

patricia_mills_3483 shared a tip "Liked the history. Liked the time travel novelty"

Emily Hall's profile image

emily_hall_4704 shared a tip "I just really enjoyed their relationship and the ways she had to adjust to living in the past."

Andrea Dove's profile image

andrea_dove shared a tip "Yes very much so"

Stephanie Meredith's profile image

stephanie_meredith shared a tip "I like the outlander series by this author! But it can be very dull at some points."

Jeanine Celentano's profile image

jeanine_celentano shared a tip "Read all the books and watched the show the author does a lot of research for all her books"

bonnie_gentile shared a tip "I watched the show. My coworker gave me the book it's next on my liat to read."

Kelly Westover's profile image

kelly_westover shared a tip "This book series is so much more satisfying than the TV version."

Stevie Elle's profile image

stevie_elle shared a tip "i havent read the books yet but love the tvshow."

tabethia_romer shared a tip "Literally I couldn’t put this down I even got the audio version so I could listen in the car!"

Darcy Richardson's profile image

darcy_richardson shared a tip "I've only read just this one book by her but I loved the storyline and everything. I'm hoping to read more of her books!"

kelly_shingleton shared a tip "I've only read the first book so far, but I really like it."

Tammy Risner's profile image

tammy_risner shared a tip "Trying to read this. With covid, kids are home more, which means less time for this step mom to read#covidsux"

Stephanie Murphy's profile image

stephanie_murphy_279 shared a tip "I loooooooooooove the show!"

Sheri Stookey's profile image

sheri_stookey shared a tip "I’ve seen the first three seasons but like the books so much more!"

Barb Chessum's profile image

barb_chessum shared a tip "Beautifully written, fantastic characters & sweeping adventures"

Elise Martin's profile image

elise_martin_5681 shared a tip "Loved the historical aspect, not so much all the sex."

Christina Diaz's profile image

christina_diaz shared a tip "8 book series, worth the read!"

Tracy Marie Foster's profile image

tracy_marie_foster shared a tip "I sure do! I love both! 😍"

B.B. 's profile image

breckenridge shared a tip "A genre bending, picturesque, adventure fantasy to make every romantic heart explode! (Plus she has a divine writing style.)"

cissy shared a tip "I love this series! Adventure, romance, time travel,"

Natalie Jean's profile image

natalie_jean_7544 shared a tip "Have the series but haven't read it yet!"

debra_gillet shared a tip "Loved this book series! Long reads, but worth it"

Ashley Scott's profile image

ashley_scott_9614 shared a tip "This series has everything in it, drama, mystery, magic, action, and romance, I can't get enough!"

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