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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER – OVER 3 MILLION COPIES SOLDDo you ever suspect that everyone else has life figured out and you don’t have a clue? If so, Rachel Hollis has something to tell you: that’s a lie.If you have ever said any of these things to yourself . . .Something else will make me happy.I’

Author Rachel Hollis

Pages 240

Publisher Thomas Nelson

Published Date 2018-02-06

ISBN 1400201667 9781400201662

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Maria Hess's profile image

maria shared a tip "Inspiring, relatable, raw and real...I dig Rachel and her message. Just saw her documentary and loved it too"

meghan_m_8153 shared a tip "Yes, just yes. Such a great, necessary read!!"

alyhope232 's profile image

alyhope232 shared a tip "Inspiring!"

Shannon McManus's profile image

celticgirl shared a tip "A good reminder that you were made to be extraordinary."

Haley Niesz's profile image

haley_niesz shared a tip "Great book, easy to read!"

Chantal Carrington's profile image

chantal_carrington shared a tip "Inspired me to do more!"

Alissa serra's profile image

alissa_serra shared a tip "If you need some positivity, this is for you."

Jennifer Martin's profile image

jennifer_martin_5689 shared a tip "Such a good book! I give as a graduate gift to my nieces."

Jayla Metzler's profile image

jayla_metzler shared a tip "Ver very good."

awesome_user_817038 shared a tip "I’m reading Where the Crawdads Sing next, what about you?"

queenofegypt shared a tip "Humorous, relatable, and lightweight in a good way. Read for some affirmation of how to meet struggles in your life."

Ashley Alexander's profile image

ashley_alexander_1546 shared a tip "No, I haven’t yet! Have you?"

Jazmin Stanfa's profile image

jazmin_stanfa shared a tip "i more into romance so i read different genres when i take a break. did you read her 2nd book. girl stop apologizing"

kyra_kantaris shared a tip "(11/28/18)"

mary_klump shared a tip "Yes..her second book Girl quit apologizing is also good.."

Hannah L Davis's profile image

hannah_l_davis shared a tip "Incredible! Any woman should read this. Definitely one of my top favorites of all time."

Mark & Jennifer D's profile image

mark__jennifer_d shared a tip "It's like a self-help book. I liked it!"

The 1 Who's profile image

the_1_who shared a tip "I have not read anything else by her unless you count her IG lol"

Charity Coleman's profile image

charity_coleman shared a tip "Too repetitive"

Kimi Huston's profile image

kimi_huston shared a tip "Make sure to read her other book that comes after this: Girl, stop apologizing"

courtney_wales shared a tip "Wanted to like it. I found it cheesy, boring, and obvious. Could barely finish reading honestly"

jennifer_kohlhepp shared a tip "Yes! She is an amazing motivational speaker as well!"

The Meech's profile image

dawn_meechin shared a tip "I love this book!!!!"

laura_j_8541 shared a tip "Really uplifting and motivating"

Elizabeth Espina's profile image

elizabeth_espina shared a tip "I want to read Girl, Stop Apologizing."

Jenn Nay's profile image

jenn_nay shared a tip "I have not read anything else from her. I listen to this audiobook and it was all really great."

Heaven Snow's profile image

heaven_snow_2931 shared a tip "Depending on your interest, yes"

micaela_mackintosh shared a tip "Yes! It was such a good read! Super helpful!"

misty_rogers shared a tip "Great book! Very honest look at womanhood."

Jessica Tolliver's profile image

jessica_tolliver shared a tip "yes!"

Esther Todd's profile image

esther_todd shared a tip "This is such a great book for learning to support other women and to feel supported by another woman!!"

Autumn Littlebrant's profile image

autumn_littlebrant shared a tip "Easy read but filled with amazing advice!"

andrea_adams_6795 shared a tip "Love it!!"

Jamie Parton's profile image

jamie_parton shared a tip "It’s a good light read...the things us girls know but sometimes need a gentle reminder of."

Alex Major's profile image

alex_major_65 shared a tip "In my top best books list, that changed my life, thank you Rachel ❤️"

Rebecca Bennett's profile image

rebecca_bennett_1016 shared a tip "Was such a great book!!"

desiree_johnson_7839 shared a tip "Yes great book"

Katie Richards's profile image

katie_richards_2797 shared a tip "I like to switch up between these types of books and thrillers! I just read the cellar and the good girl and I loved them!"

Danielle Spinella's profile image

danielle_spinella shared a tip "A good book to build confidence"

Marcia Malone Bell's profile image

marcia_malone_bell shared a tip "Well in the middle of my edit, I must have hit post...."

bonnie_beitel shared a tip "Reading lots of grishman right now👍🏻"

Lyndi Quintana's profile image

lyndi_quintana shared a tip "I enjoyed it"

Julie Davis's profile image

julie_davis_6847 shared a tip "Real life and so much fun! This book was an amazing pick me up when I needed it most!"

nanci_beaupre shared a tip "I'm reading the slight edge by Jeff Olson. So so good!!!"

Mary Benbenek's profile image

mary_benbenek shared a tip "Hmmm...good question. It's been a while since I've read it, but I think I appreciate how she kind of normalizes being a human."

Jenna Dudley's profile image

jenna_dudley shared a tip "Candid and relatable"

Khloe Mac's profile image

khloe_mac shared a tip "Mine too!"

Monica 's profile image

ontothenextpage shared a tip "2⭐"

mollie_macdonald shared a tip "Such a good book. Made me cry multiple times."

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