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This book blew my mind! Utterly original and unique.--Sophie Hannah, New York Times bestselling authorA murder mystery novel inspired by Agatha Christie with a dash of Groundhog Day and a hint of Quantum Leap and Downton Abbey.Aiden Bishop knows the rules. Evelyn Hardcastle will die every day until

Author Stuart Turton

Pages 480

Publisher Sourcebooks Landmark

Published Date 2019-05

ISBN 149267012X 9781492670124

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Google 3.5


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Juliet_Castillo shared a tip "Just began this wonderful book. Such a unique and wild ride so far. Is easily becoming one of my favorites. #mystery_mob"

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daro_swee shared a tip "Loved this genre bender of a read. Slow start. I actually thought I had the wrong bookl but stay with it for a fun ride."

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UnlikelyAli shared a tip "So many twists!"

cathy_ratedreads shared a tip "Wish I could find something else like this. So amazing."

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andrew_staples shared a tip "Groundhog day at Gosford Park."

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mommybugofthree shared a tip "This book is mind-blowing. Truly couldn't put it down"

sarah_9469 shared a tip "I liked the plot. Though the characters didn’t grab me.Also major tw for fatphobia"

shannon_reagan_9551 shared a tip "Just finished City of Girls and loved it!"

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stacey_h_1505 shared a tip "Such a fascinating concept."

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america_greenfield- shared a tip "Loved the plot twists"

Elayna Thorsell's profile image

elayna_thorsell shared a tip "I'm currently slowly working my way through Stephen King's "The Stand". I like it, but it sure is taking a while!"

katie_6911 shared a tip "Very different than anything I’ve ever read before."

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abigail_6642 shared a tip "Currently reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier :)"

tess_hay shared a tip "The ending is so unexpected. Couldn't put it down."

katie_moye shared a tip "That's one of them! I also loved the shadows of the wind series"

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kelsie_suxo shared a tip "Constantly on the edge of my seat!"

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a_baker shared a tip "In my opinion yes"

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a_baker shared a tip "I would also recommend the shining girls"

shauna_barnett_1566 shared a tip "So many twist and turns, and a great mystery"

lydia_8496 shared a tip "I just read and loved "Lakewood" and am currently reading/ really liking "Mexican Gothic"."

auston_deeghan shared a tip "Ridiculously intelligent and so admirable for the amount of skill and attention the author put into this masterpiece."

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joohunidonehunnid shared a tip "A bit slow start but really enjoyable!"

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mel_parks shared a tip "So complicated and intriguing."

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jonathan_lent shared a tip "One of the best I've read recently! 10/10"

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suzette_swift shared a tip "Amazing twists"

anthony_rodas shared a tip "This book shook me to my core. its full of twists and just has wonderful characters and story in general. 100% would recomend!!!!"

anthony_rodas shared a tip "Amazing Book. The twist make you wanting more. You will not put this book down."

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jill_lorenz shared a tip "Amazing! Will keep you up all night reading and guessing!"

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allison_nixon shared a tip "Twists and turns throughout. I couldn't figure out the ending so that makes this book a winner in my book. 10/10"

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taylor_smith_908 shared a tip "A lot to follow but so good and very rewarding. Great characters."

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stephanie_whitlock shared a tip "Beautiful #thriller #edgeofmyseat #lovedit"

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hannah_umsted shared a tip "I could not put this book down! It had me guessing right up to the end"

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kimberly_johnson_3999 shared a tip "Most recently-I really loved The Invisible Life of Addie Larue"

macy_mcdonald_5807 shared a tip "The plot twists never stop"

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devin_fox_9731 shared a tip "It was slow to get into but the ending was great"

kayla_hand shared a tip "I enjoyed the unwraveling of it all. There is some things in this book that you’re just thinking “that’s so crazy” 10/10"

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