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“A total closet nerd” - My HS history teacher “A little awkward but nice” - Girl I met in the bathroom of a bar “Provider of food” - My dog


Stunning psychological thriller. Just DON’T watch the trailer!

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Movies | Drama

Another well written book by Riley Sager. I did guess the ending as one possibility but it’s only because I was suspicious of almost every character. 9/10

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Final Girls

Books | Riley Sager

First of all, Stuart Turton is a phenomenal writer. He writes in a way that makes it feel like you’re watching a movie in comprehensive detail opposed to reading. However, only read this if you enjoy the theme of the book, not because you enjoyed his debut novel, The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. I found the 1600’s nautical theme was hard to follow, despite Turton’s literary skill. But, if you enjoy a sailor/pirate-esque/supernatural/historical novel, you’d love this.

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The Devil and the Dark Water

Books | Stuart Turton

I read this for the first time shortly after it came out (2013) and revisited it this year. It is very well-written and easy to follow. However, there are many aspects of this book that may not be suitable to read for some people (TW- SA, Abduction, abuse). With that said, this book is an amazing account of survival and is absolutely worth reading if you can. One last thing to note- the end of the book has important statistics and links related to SA, body image, and self defense.

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Books | Cheryl Rainfield

This is an absolutely fantastic book. It covers the experiences of a former white nationalist who is the son of the creator of Stormfront, a racist white supremacy website, and the godson of David Duke, former KKK grand Wizard. As he reaches college, he experiences new people and develops new beliefs. This is the story of someone undoing generational biases and learning to care for others despite their family’s deplorable beliefs/actions. Absolutely worthwhile for anyone to read.

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Rising Out of Hatred

Books | Eli Saslow

I appreciate the open conversation and educational benefits of learning various scientific topics. There is something for everyone here, I highly recommend it!

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Nature Podcast

Podcasts | News & Politics

Sharing truth in history is extremely beneficial and is done exquisitely in this movie. The majority of people will be able to learn something new from this movie. 10/10

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Movies | Drama

A touching collection of poems that many people will find easily relatable

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Pillow Thoughts

Books | Courtney Peppernell

Great collection of poems by R.H. Sin (as usual!)

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She's Strong, But She's Tired

Books | R. H. Sin

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