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“A dizzying, intimate romance.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “Funny, tender, and romantic.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) The Hating Game meets Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist by way of Morgan Matson in this unforgettable romantic comedy about two rival overachievers whose relationship

Author Rachel Lynn Solomon

Pages 384

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2020-07-28

ISBN 1534440240 9781534440241

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Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just a whole lot of fun to read, makes you think and feel!"

Skye Edelson-Bennett's profile image

skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "This was a cute book. I listened to it on audiobook. Enjoyed the main characters relationship."

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rebeca_reyes_208 shared a tip "I really enjoyed this book it was great and I loved the Harry Styles part"

E.K.reads shared a tip "This book was FABULOUS! I’ve reread it so many times. It’s an all feels, heartwarming, enemies to lovers romance."

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katierey shared a tip "super cute story. kind of slow at some parts but it was really sweet."

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DancingDino shared a tip "This book was absolutely amazing! I loved the hilarious teasing and the romance. It is one of my favorites!"

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alaina_bright shared a tip "absolutely loved it"

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gabi_4970 shared a tip "3.5/5"

adi_gomez shared a tip "Super cute!!"

danielle.nicole shared a tip "really cute, i can’t stop thinking about the characters/the book days after finishing"

brwnits 's profile image

brwnits shared a tip "definitely this one or the seven husbands of evelyn hugo it's just written so well and i love the plot"

cayla🧿 's profile image

m4cay1a shared a tip "SOOOO GOOD."

josie miller's profile image

josiemiller shared a tip "LOVED IT. i really recommend it."

hannah_banana 's profile image

hannah_banana_305 shared a tip "Omg not what I was expecting at all. I highly recommend reading it if you want a good teenage love story!"

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jessicarowan shared a tip "Just about the perfect YA romance. Can you fall in love in one night? If you read this book, you just might."

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book_queen shared a tip "This is the best enemies to lovers book I've ever read. 10/10 recommend 🥰"

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toholdandforget2 shared a tip "academic rivals to lovers. spice. seattle landscapes. 'never have i ever' vibes"

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hope_jayne shared a tip "Cute, a fast read for sure"

dbernfeld shared a tip "Hi! I wanted to know if this book has any spice??"

laylah_rogers shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down such a sweet story"

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lizzy_hicks shared a tip "Oh my god. Read this book. That is really all that needs to be said #romance #jewish #enemiestolovers #highschool"

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dawn_younger_2436 shared a tip "Has language, but a GREAT story!!"

Stella Mai's profile image

stellamai shared a tip "super good academic rivalry book :)"

Cassie Pignataro's profile image

cassie_pignataro shared a tip "LOVE 🤩🤩🤩"

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lilyan_gibson shared a tip "This is such a cute book, 4/5 stars!"

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terra_9350 shared a tip "Perfect book slump read"

hannah_fisher_5214 shared a tip "super quick read and really cute:) i totally recommend"

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lucero_correa shared a tip "I loved it so much😍!!"

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emily_fisher_1190 shared a tip "One of my fav YA romances. The main character was super relatable and beautifully oblivious. Academic rivals 🙌🏼"

kayla_johnson_5612 shared a tip "reading ugly love rn!"

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trinity_robbins shared a tip "Best book ever. I read it in one day!!!"

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kenna_wigley shared a tip "it was so cute!"

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kelsey_brider shared a tip "Loved it"

ava verb 's profile image

ava_reads.23 shared a tip "The character development and mini plot twists make this book worth a read. The enemies to lovers theme made me love it. 4/5"

Jaiden Nearing's profile image

jaiden_nearing shared a tip "Took me awhile to like it but at the end I wanted more"

taitym_byrne shared a tip "i just love neil and rowan together"

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dakota_young_8777 shared a tip "This is the next book on my tbr and I was wondering if it is any good? Also what is the age rating?"

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avajack shared a tip "LOVEEE didn’t want to put down!!"

Katherine Vega's profile image

katherine_vega shared a tip "This book made me scream so many times it's really good #jewish #enemytolovers #romantic_comedy #young_adult_fiction"

katie_5320 shared a tip "I have butterflies"

Maya Hansen's profile image

maya_hansen shared a tip "This was the first book that got me into reading and it was so good!! My favorite is enemies to lovers and this was perfect!"

Amanda Beard's profile image

amanda_beard_8857 shared a tip "Audible"

Jacquelyn Tang's profile image

jacquelyn_tang shared a tip "sweet enemies to lovers story. the style of writing was super fun and i couldn’t put the book down."

kate_pittman shared a tip "Yeah"

 Jermelys! Jermelys!'s profile image

jermelys shared a tip "Such a great book, love the enemies to lovers"

XxChristianXx 's profile image

xxchristianxx shared a tip "SOOOOOO GOOD"

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augustin_chua shared a tip "Good book"

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shahead_said shared a tip "amazing book if your looking for an epic romance! #enemiestolovers #friendship #booklover"

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ariel_a shared a tip "Beautiful"

Brooke Hunnicutt's profile image

brooke_hunnicutt shared a tip "Couldnt stop reading #romance #comedy #drama"

nyasia carcamo's profile image

nyasia_carcamo shared a tip "cried because i loved it so much. #enemiestolovers"

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stephanie_hernandez_1534 shared a tip "Rivals to lovers and high school romance"

Olivia Hartmann's profile image

olivia_hartmann shared a tip "THIS WAS SO GOOD PLEASE READ IT"

Eliana Palmer's profile image

eliana_palmer shared a tip "great romance book! always left me on edge because it started off with rivals! love hate relationships are my fav 💗"

Kayden M's profile image

ffirefliess shared a tip "I have to say, this was a great book. Made me want to never stop reading it!"

Kayla.1854 's profile image

Kayla.1854 shared a tip "I loved how this book just progressed with their relationship. Definitely one I’m going to have to read again."

Ariel Landau's profile image

ariel_landau shared a tip "Great summer read I loved it! So cheesy but good!"

Ashley F's profile image

ashley_f_4896 shared a tip "Adorable and sweet! #seattle #yaromance"

harlie toolson's profile image

harlie_toolson shared a tip "I hooked me on the first chapter. I wish the went longer."

Emily Salazar's profile image

emily_salazar_3437 shared a tip "It’s adorable! I love how fun and flirty it was and the dynamic throughout the novel just fits perfectly! 10/10 recommend!"

Autumn Raimondi's profile image

autumn_raimondi shared a tip "My most favorite book of all time. A wonderful, exciting enemies to lovers story. I adore this book ❤️#romance"

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devin_griffin shared a tip "best read with a something warm its very sweet."

Kayla Stretch's profile image

kayla_stretch shared a tip "READ IT!! #slowburn #rivalstolovers"

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jayden_fitzgerald shared a tip "so cute! i love the assassin aspect and the enemies to lovers where the boys falls first. 7/10"

an_c_4189 shared a tip "Rowan Roth + Neil McNair: Enemies to lovers as they graduate high school by playing Howl 4.5/5"

Nidrizzles !!'s profile image

nidrizzles_ shared a tip "Ahhhh sooo cute! I couldn’t put it down!"

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chloe_jay27 shared a tip "I liked this book it was very easy to read, a cute enemies to lovers :)"

Carrie Clayton's profile image

carrie_clayton_8776 shared a tip "Very sweet story. I really connected with the characters."

molly_kate_3960 shared a tip "i absolutely loved this book. a beautiful romance with some deeper moments. ps i am so in love with neil"

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rileylongo shared a tip "I LOVE GHIS BOOK."

ava_minogue shared a tip "Better than I thought it would be"

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