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* Instant NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestseller ** GOODREADS CHOICE AWARD WINNER for BEST DEBUT and BEST ROMANCE of 2019 ** BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR* for VOGUE, NPR, VANITY FAIR, and more! *What happens when America's First Son falls in love with the Prince of Wales?When his mother became President,

Author Casey McQuiston

Pages 432

Publisher St. Martin's Publishing Group

Published Date 2019-05-14

ISBN 1250316774 9781250316776

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auri_love26 shared a tip "I loved this book and I really want a sequel"

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jenna_blake_9916 shared a tip "@turnergray1 Im loving “All The Bright Places”. !!!"

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jenna_blake_9916 shared a tip "@turnergray1 Im loving The Upside Of Falling!!"

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gigi shared a tip "Lives up to the hype absolutely amazing!!!!!"

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hannah_lowenthal shared a tip "This one is so good. I literally have no words to express how much this book blew me away with the chemistry."

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chezzy_8748 shared a tip "A very enjoyable read, would recommend to anyone who loves a complicated love story. 8.5/10"

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alex_donat shared a tip "I enjoyed this book. I liked getting to know the characters and having the story unfold."

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katie_adcock shared a tip "Great nonconventional read."

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anna_lima shared a tip "I finished this book in January and haven't stopped reading it ever since.... Hah"

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LizzieR shared a tip "This is 100% one of my favorites"

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julia_abraham shared a tip "This book is hilarious"

adrienne_reed shared a tip "If you like any sort of LGBTQ+ book then this is a great one for you!"

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marcus_parks shared a tip "I adore this book beyond measure. It's sharp, well written, funny and engaging."

lisa_gonzalez_5837 shared a tip "Such a great book! Sweet and funny! Loved it!"

lisa_gonzalez_5837 shared a tip "Super sweet and funny. Great book!"

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sonia_chi shared a tip "This book was amazing😭"

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sky_lark shared a tip "This book was an amazing romance. I loved the plot and the enemies to lovers trope"

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lara_VN shared a tip "Listened to this book with my friends, made us cry, laugh are ass off, and just had a really great time!"

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mia_arenson shared a tip "This is so well-written, funny, and is genuinely one of my favorite romance stories of all time."

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addisyn_hi shared a tip "The family hug after everything came out was just so sad but also happy I couldn’t take it but 100% my favorite part!"

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cynthia_wiley shared a tip "Just plain fun to read. You get lots of laughs and it's a really cute love story."

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natalie_9540 shared a tip "Read this in two days, was so good! Favorite book so far!"

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isabelle_ware shared a tip "I loved this book so much. Almost every page made me laugh and the romance is so cute. 10/10 would recommend."

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mary_kate_4583 shared a tip "very good, but kind of predictable"

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amy_johnson_5050 shared a tip "I love these characters and the shift from frenemy to lovers is such a fun ride!"

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addison_the_bookworm shared a tip "Totally! Amazing book"

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moonlight_blossom shared a tip "ART"

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hailey_humphreys shared a tip "Has swearing and some intament scenes but they can be skipped if wished and you won't miss anything."

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thomas_litchev shared a tip "It’s such a charming story!"

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emily_allen_9179 shared a tip "Oh hell yes... by the end of it you will be grinning ear to ear🤣"

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all_multanwala shared a tip "No have u"

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daniel_bartholomew-poyser shared a tip "Very, very much!"

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areo_moha shared a tip "actually its her first book i think, she has another coming out in 2021"

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ashton_summer shared a tip "An incredible mix of fluff, self-discovery, inclusiveness and sticking it to the man! Love, love, LOVE!!! Highly recommended."

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scarlett_bloom shared a tip "Probably my favorite book of all time"

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alyssa_munro shared a tip "This book is absolutely amazing!"

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mar_1057 shared a tip "this book was SO GOOD and so cute! I've reccomended it to everyone i know!!!"

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marquala_basnight shared a tip "This book is amazing. I would pay money to read this again for the first time. 10/10."

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charlotte_nichols_2005 shared a tip "THIS IS SO GOOD, NEW FAVORITE 💞💞💞"

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carlos_segoviano shared a tip "if you can get past the obvious millennial humor and dialogue, the romance is cute, not to mention the brief sex scenes"

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gracerenee shared a tip "@l_isabelle this is such a good book"

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raelynn_lopez_9270 shared a tip "Hmm I love alot of books but one book I really like is lost boy by christina henry"

lauren_booher shared a tip "Just bought this, hope it’s as good as the reviews. #drama #romance #comedy"

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kalia_mcmanus shared a tip "Just effing yesssssssssss"

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codenamepeachy shared a tip "#lgbtq #fiction"

reilly_walker shared a tip "Yeah actually, “a song of Achilles”"

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tanukaaur shared a tip "Funny and entertaining! I loved this book"

kiara_moncada shared a tip "currently re-reading the percy jackson series (lol) but another great LGBTQ+ book is they both die at the end by adam silvera"

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jalen_ayers shared a tip "Get this book immediately!! Wow ❤️"

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Just-Stories-In-The-End shared a tip "All I can say is 😍"

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olivia_kastler shared a tip "I love the whole thing, but the segment with them texting back and forth will always hold a special place in my heart"

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daniela_cervantes_6409 shared a tip "This book is sooo good and so sweet! I enjoyed very much and highly recommend!!"

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reelee_v shared a tip "If you’re looking for a book about two boys falling in love rife with political intrigue, this book is for you!"

taetaesrose shared a tip "I love this book. It was an amazing read and I finished it in three days!!! I loved the writing and it was just amazing."

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katrina_zack shared a tip "It’s cute and fun and I couldn’t put it down"

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roxanne_rice shared a tip "I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone who wants to listen!!!"

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nya_phillips shared a tip "My new comfort read for sure wow"

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nope_never shared a tip "Omg I stayed up all night reading this and loved it. It was perfect."

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abby_rice shared a tip "So good i can not even"

erika_4158 shared a tip "Really good book"

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love_opal shared a tip "Soo funny!"

charlene_wyatt shared a tip "Loved it!"

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buenina shared a tip "I loved falling in love with them, and WITH them."

vi_fletcher shared a tip "This book is HILARIOUS! It’s definitely shmut though- *iykyk😂* Definitely recommend this book to literally everyone!"

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jourdan_mendoza shared a tip "When I tell you I pressed this book to my chest and squealed like a damn teenager because my heart was about to burst omg"

emma_hughes_958 shared a tip "I’m currently reading The Vanishing Half. It’s very good."

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natalie_rose_melgoza shared a tip "I’m not a huge fan of romantic books, but this one I couldn’t put down! It’s suspenseful, funny, and sweet. Amazing book!"

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connie_campbell_9277 shared a tip "Favorite book of 2019. I bet I've read or listened to it 50 times now."

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McKinley shared a tip "This book is my absolute favourite book ever! Sure, it’s sorta cheesy sometimes but it’s ******* adorable."

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nomi_cuneo shared a tip "Completely obsessed with this book. I couldn’t put it down, finished it in a couple days and was sad when it was over!"

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dakota_carter shared a tip "Cute book"

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ananjelli shared a tip "If you want unrealistic love standards you should totally read this :D"

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candice_mcmullen shared a tip "Need a pick me up? They this one for all the funny come backs Alex through at you!"

heather_power_8272 shared a tip "One of the best new adult/lgbt books I’ve read! Great romance, great story, great novel!"

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nikita_raper shared a tip "Charming, hilarious! Steamy and engaging, a real page-turner!"

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crowley_malfoy shared a tip "The book is beautiful! I spent multiple days finishing it after immediately being hooked from the beginning!"

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sumaiya_dharsee shared a tip "Favorite book I have read so far. Spicy, amazing, I love it so much"

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cirrus_macleod shared a tip "GAAAAAAAY!"

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book_lover314 shared a tip "Loved it so much. I enjoyed all of it and found it so heartfelt and joyful."

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alison_calle shared a tip "My favorite book ever"

loretta_9182 shared a tip "Romance and optimist politics. All I needed for 2020."

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liana_curtis shared a tip "Fun, easy read. Light and humorous. Nice twist in a typical romance"

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readingK shared a tip "Literally finished this book in a day. I could not put it down! It was a page turner for sure."

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alli_drakulich shared a tip "Such a good romance with great side characters as well."

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villa shared a tip "Recommended this book numerous times on tiktok and I can see why! Couldn’t put it down, 10/10 would definitely recommend."

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weirdemotrash shared a tip "I'm crying"

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simmithaviolet shared a tip "Best book I've read in a while!! Couldn't put it down"

ash_6888 shared a tip "Beautifully written!! Have almost read it three times since I got it!!"