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After a decade apart, childhood sweethearts reconnect by chance in New York Times bestselling author Christina Lauren’s touching, romantic novel Love and Other Words…how many words will it take for them to figure out where it all went wrong?The story of the heart can never be unwritten. Macy Sorense

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Author Christina Lauren

Pages 432

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2018-04-10

ISBN 1501128027 9781501128028


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Bethany Gill's profile image

bethany_gill shared a tip "I loved this one! This book made me feel hopeful and nostalgic. The perfect comfort love story 🤍 9/10"

Nikki Nienhaus's profile image

nikki_nienhaus shared a tip "Finished January 15th. A moving story."

Life 's profile image

life62739 shared a tip "5/5"

Katie Harrison's profile image

katie_harrison_9823 shared a tip "Incredible. I did not want to put it down. Such a good love story. Read it. 10/10 would recommend."

Katelynn Smith's profile image

katelynn_smith_4550 shared a tip "also a book i NEVER wanted to put down lol."

Jennifer Weber's profile image

jennifer_weber_962 shared a tip "This is my new favorite book."

Sierra R.'s profile image

sierrastunner shared a tip "This book made me cry😭💕"

jamie_m_6236 shared a tip "Twenty six."

gold-digger 's profile image

acherryqueen shared a tip "Wow! I loved this book so much ugh I can’t describe it. There was one thing I did NOT like but I do not want to spoil it"

Melissa Hudson's profile image

melissa_hudson_8331 shared a tip "April 13"

Maren McGuire's profile image

maren_mcguire shared a tip "PERFECTION!! Loved this book!!"

Angela Lemke's profile image

angela_lemke shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ & .5"

Alexandra Montenegro's profile image

alexandra_montenegro_ shared a tip "4.5/5 ⭐️"

nicole_kolbinson shared a tip "Very sweet second chance romance story. Very similar to Every Summer After."

soph 's profile image

sophia_florentino shared a tip "cried 🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️"

sabrinasreadingjournal shared a tip "Really cute short read. Very shallow but fun."

Angel 's profile image

angelmichelle shared a tip "Left me crying of sadness and happiness all at once"

steph_5653 shared a tip "Loved this book from the beginning. Super cute and enjoyable!"

MB 's profile image

MattyBRaps shared a tip "good."

Maribel 's profile image

mac.xo716 shared a tip "Finally a childhood best friend to lovers that didn’t make me cringe 🥲🥲🥲"

nicole 's profile image

nicolesotorodz shared a tip "macyelliot you will always be famous"

New 🫶🏽's profile image

preemoereader shared a tip "Cute book, easy read. The events are fast, it won’t have you crying but it’s sweet."

Molly Sullivan's profile image

molly_sullivan_6439 shared a tip "I would die for Elliot"

love_book shared a tip "LOVE!!!! Literally loved this book so much. Best book I’ve read in a long time. 10/10"

Samantha 's profile image

samanthah shared a tip "Wholesome"

Mariana Lafuente's profile image

mariana_lafuente shared a tip "SUCH A SLAY BOOK FAVVVV 5/5"

Essence Heckstall's profile image

essence_heckstall shared a tip "I absolutely LOVED this book! It was so good and the ending was so good! I wish it kept going!! Definitely recommend this book."

Noel S. 's profile image

Anoel_7196 shared a tip "Okay, I’m maybe about 50% in and i absolutely LOVE this book. 🥰 well written, with very likeable and relatable characters 👏🏼"

Noel S. 's profile image

Anoel_7196 shared a tip "Loved!"

maddie_covington shared a tip "New favorite book!!"

Kim Bouma's profile image

kim_bouma shared a tip "Such a good book"

Cheyenne Fellows's profile image

cheyenne_fellows shared a tip "it was wonderful and beautiful."

Allison Hartman's profile image

allison_hartman_9167 shared a tip "So good! Loved the way the chapters were laid out between the past and present."

Kylah 's profile image

kylah_love shared a tip "❤️❤️"

Brittnie Burkett's profile image

brittnie_burkett shared a tip "Loved it! Easy read and just great feel good book."

Tully ann's profile image

tellybelly shared a tip "My favorite word “you”!!! 💕💕Eliot is so sweeet!!!"

alaina_ridenhour shared a tip "i loved the pov and the character development was good. i wish the ending could have been stronger though."

Kaylee 's profile image

kayleeanna_gladback shared a tip "❤️❤️❤️"

brown_kenzie22 shared a tip "LOVE"

Danielle Eneh's profile image

danielle_eneh shared a tip "One of my all-time favorites"

kyra_7601 shared a tip "Okay, I didn’t think I’d like it and I read it all in one day. The ending shocked me and made me so emotional"

Ava Lafferty's profile image

ava_lafferty_1195 shared a tip "If you have not read this book you need to!!!"

Emma Casault's profile image

emma_casault_5293 shared a tip "It’s amazing I finished it in 3 days it’s the fastest I’ve ever read one"

hopeless romantic 💗's profile image

dianneyoung shared a tip "Elliot is a sweetheart and I relate so much to Macy."

Melania mendes's profile image

melania_mendes shared a tip "This book was so good. I loved it. I was a bit bored at first but I am with like every other book as well."

Therese DAmbrosia's profile image

therese_dambrosia shared a tip "Probably my favorite out of their contemporary line up."

madeline_lafrenier shared a tip "Such a good book to die for loved every part"

audrey_mills_88 shared a tip "#friendstolovers"

riss 's profile image

faebae shared a tip "i absolutely loved loved loved this book. i seriously couldn’t put it down for a second."

Kelsy Thorndyke's profile image

kelsy_thorndyke shared a tip "9/10 kept me reading, enjoyed and read in less than a week. Very sad, check trigger warnings before reading"

gerlym_xaeliz shared a tip "Im officially in love with this book. Thats all hahahaha top 1 in the list of book that finished this year 💚🖤"

Erika Nozawa's profile image

erika_nozawa_1491 shared a tip "Such a cute book! I loved it, it has become my favorite so far❤️"

Abby Hemphill's profile image

abby_hemphill shared a tip "gosh, i love this book"

Tiff 's profile image

tiff_bee shared a tip "Mildly obsessed with this book! A childhood friend to lovers trope that isn't cringe"

Sarah Heath's profile image

sarah_heath_8045 shared a tip "“I never got to fall out of love. I just had to move on.”"

addison_glies shared a tip "This is my all time favorite book, I’d sell my soul to read it for the first time again 😭😭 100% recommend"

Alana Harden's profile image

alana_harden shared a tip "Beautiful in every way"

hannah_9812 shared a tip "Good but I preferred every summer after- very similar book."

Caroline Benning's profile image

caroline_benning shared a tip "Favorite Book I’ve read yet!!"

Olivia Blum's profile image

olivia_blum shared a tip "Perfect book!! if you’re considering buying and reading it this is your sign to do so!! you will not be disappointed!"

shanice_quick shared a tip "Beautifully written"

michele 's profile image

michele_4577 shared a tip "wish I could read this book for the first time again!"

christina_israel shared a tip "I loved this book. I read it on my kindle and immediately bought it paperback to keep and annotate 💕"

madison_gaiser shared a tip "Best book"

In_ Sight's profile image

in__sight shared a tip "Style and of the writing was fun to read. And the storyline was great."

rose_silver shared a tip "I sobbed so hard to this book, but it was totally worth it. 10/10"

Sarah Erickson's profile image

sarah_erickson_1814 shared a tip "Read this in one sitting. The quick time hops kept me going. Love"

Amanda Carroll's profile image

amandacarroll shared a tip "I couldn’t get into this one. I read it after Every Summer After, which has a similar storyline but I enjoyed much more."

Tye  Piotruchowski 's profile image

tye_piotruchowski shared a tip "There’s something about the way the authors use their words. It pulls you in more. I never wanted to set this book down."

samantha_lang_3083 shared a tip "It's such a quick and cute read!"

Valerie Arredondo's profile image

valerie_arredondo_8768 shared a tip "literally haven’t recovered from this book. fav book atm 🤘"

Will 's profile image

will_9509 shared a tip "@erica_johnson_3115 I guess a romance novel *had* to make the list 🤷‍♂️."

Cassidy Crawford's profile image

cassidy_crawford shared a tip "BEST BOOK EVER"

abbi_mamrcum shared a tip "probably ugly love i still haven’t read it!"

Paloma 's profile image

literarylola shared a tip "I will never be able to move on from this book"

caroline_7185 shared a tip "very romantic and keeps you entertained. love this book"

izzy_doggett_8192 shared a tip "EVERYTHING"

caryne_burton shared a tip "I just finished the Seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo! Not sure what’s next!"

Anna Price's profile image

undeniablyanna shared a tip "Omg this book will take you on a complete emotional rollercoaster 😭 but in the best way ❤️"

Jessica McAllister's profile image

jessica_mcallister shared a tip "Cute story between Macy and Elliot! Almost cried at times. But loved the book!"

jennifer_pursel shared a tip "Such a great book"

lex 's profile image

bookishtho shared a tip "UGHHHHHHHHH 5 stars from me i just. so good"

dara peterson's profile image

dara_peterson shared a tip "SO SO SO GOOD. I’m a sucker for alternating timelines and this one is amazing. The love story is heartbreaking and incredible"

hannah_9421 shared a tip "This book made me fall in love with reading!"

Amaia Shah's profile image

amaia_shah shared a tip "then chapters of Macy and Elliot <3"

Natasha Ballard's profile image

natashaB14 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Maria Prastos's profile image

maria_prastos shared a tip "I SOBBEDD!!!"

Jessica Espindola's profile image

jessica_espindola shared a tip "Favorite book"

Isis Gobeil's profile image

isis_gobeil shared a tip "I loved the way the chapters were going from now to the past. Also unexpected stuff happening."

Beth Tovar's profile image

beth_tovar shared a tip "Thanks. I'll definitely be adding this to my tbr list. ☺️"

nadya_hill_1341 shared a tip "Such a special book. Love the strong connection Macy and Elliott have."

Lindsey Emmons's profile image

lindsey_emmons shared a tip "Absolutely perfect. Couldn’t stop reading!"

tess_mayer shared a tip "So gooood!!! Love these 2 authors!"

Kayla Deroest's profile image

kayla_deroest shared a tip "So far, my FAVORITE book!"

Audrey Goh's profile image

audrey_goh shared a tip "Found it a bit overkill been there done that. Def some good parts tho."

Lottie Gagnon's profile image

Lottie_Gagnon shared a tip "One of my favourite books so far"

Diane 's profile image

deechieng shared a tip "This book tugged my heartstrings sooo badly"

Danielle :)'s profile image

danielle_fp shared a tip "YES YES YES"

Elise Lubs's profile image

elise_lubs shared a tip "SO GOOD! easy read & pretty spicy🌶"

Grace Romanelli's profile image

grace_romanelli shared a tip "favorite book"

Megan Little's profile image

megan_little shared a tip "Cutest love story."

Stephanie Leann's profile image

stephanie_leann shared a tip "I’m FINALLY reading The Hating Game lol. Been putting off many books because of the reading slumps I’ve had recently"

Vanessa Vee's profile image

vanessa_voisard shared a tip "Grabbed me and I couldn’t put it down."

Claude Charisse Guechou's profile image

claude_charisse_gue shared a tip "It is so good I found myself not being able to put it down and ended up finishing it in one day. You should definitely get it"

Elle Vills's profile image

ii_xlle shared a tip "Highly recommend this book!In my top 5 romance novels for sure!"

Emma Huerta's profile image

emma_huerta shared a tip "Wow. Once I started, I could not put it down. One of my favorite friends to lovers books!! 😭"

Kimberly Preuitt Wallace's profile image

kimberly_preuitt_wa shared a tip "Has all the feels! Love, loss, rejection, and some spice. Highly recommend!! Will definitely reread this one."

Kateri 's profile image

kateri_tooley shared a tip "Read this in 5 hours. Definitely in my top 5 best romances list."

Skylar Keahey's profile image

skylar_keahey shared a tip "Just an all time favorite of mine the first book I really enjoyed and got into. ❤️"

Elena Blakeman's profile image

elena_blakeman shared a tip "The plot twists were amazing I wish I could read for the first time again"

Sarah Arias's profile image

sariasly shared a tip "This is probably the BEST romance, childhood best friends to lovers book I have ever reas."

Maggie Hale's profile image

maggie_hale shared a tip "This was SO CUTE. Didn’t want to put it down."

Sarah Merkel's profile image

sarahwilmer shared a tip "Nope, just the whole book."

belize_combs shared a tip "the end was really good and emotional, really likes le characters 4/5"

ella_moyer shared a tip "it’s so so so good!"

Michele Sandiford's profile image

michele_sandiford shared a tip "Beautiful writing. Strong emotions"

Emily Davis's profile image

emily_davis_3320 shared a tip "#friendstolovers #emotions_and_feelings #family #love"

amaya_clay shared a tip "This book is everything and more!!😍🥰😩😭😮‍💨❤️"

Maria Salas's profile image

maria_salas_7969 shared a tip "Loved it - definitely one of her best works and one of my absolute favourites"

Maria Salas's profile image

maria_salas_7969 shared a tip "Favourite book ever."

Nadiah ortiz's profile image

nadiah_ortiz shared a tip "read this in one sitting and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. HIGHLY recommend !!"

raschel_pena shared a tip "Loved loved this book. Haven’t read a book that has made me cry like this on a wild."

Tatiana Novakov's profile image

tatiana_novakov shared a tip "It was such a cute and wholesome story. Gave me butterflies"

Tracey 's profile image

tracey_8161 shared a tip "A nice punch to the gut as you travel both back and forward in time with the characters and get heartbroken."

juliana_razo shared a tip "Beautifully written #lovely"

molly_brittain shared a tip "I loved it so much it hurts to close it and be done with it."

annika_oneill shared a tip "Loved it!!"

alyssa goretzka's profile image

alyssagoretzka shared a tip "enjoyed, cheesy at times but was pretty good"

caite_rountree shared a tip "Love the childhood friends to lovers trope and also such beautiful writing!!"

hannah_banana_6217 shared a tip "top books"

Stephanie Choroski's profile image

stephanie_choroski shared a tip "No other word could describe….PERFECT!"

cathy_6120 shared a tip "Could not put it down!"

annabelle_hur shared a tip "Didn’t enjoy how Lauren brushed over Elliot’s SA like that but otherwise it was so good😭"

Estefani Rios's profile image

estefani_rios shared a tip "Such an amazing book! Didn’t know I was a fan of slow burn but omg this was done perfectly!"

Celeste Rodriguez's profile image

celeste_rodriguez_1483 shared a tip "Me too 😊"

Sara Kathryn's profile image

sara_kathryn_7333 shared a tip "Great coming of age love story"

gago 's profile image

gago shared a tip "great chemistry between the characters."

Jordi Damico's profile image

jordi_damico_4339 shared a tip "AMAZING!! I felt all the emotions in this book and I could feel the heart ache!!!"

adriana_estrella shared a tip "Loved this book. It was such a heartwarming childhood friend to loves."

nardoss_yemane shared a tip "best book ever ! omg just everything was so amazing ."

Carson Miller's profile image

carson_miller_6321 shared a tip "Best book i have ever read"

karley_whipple shared a tip "The way this was written was beautiful and was twisty plot."

Chellz Mua's profile image

chellz_mua shared a tip "Beautiful love story"

Andrea Garrison's profile image

andrea_garrison shared a tip "I loved it!! Read it in one day."

jordan 's profile image

jordan_7837 shared a tip "read in 2 days, addicting"

apricotjam shared a tip "beautiful story telling, beautiful characters."

Bella Lisi's profile image

bella_lisi shared a tip "loved this book so much. i’ll always be my comfort read <3"

A Chung's profile image

a_chung shared a tip "a pretty simple romance story, but so complex in the way she explains it."

lindsay_7426 shared a tip "Loved!! 🥰"

Bri Sa's profile image

bri_sa shared a tip "Omg… omg… omg… what a story … it made tear up… so worth it"

megan_senour shared a tip "Loved this book. Great story, we’ll plotted, amazing characters."

catherine_lowry shared a tip "My new favorite book. the sweetest love story ever"

Gigi 's profile image

gigi_cm shared a tip "Loved"

Jasmyne Brown's profile image

jasmyne_brown shared a tip "very sweet book and an easy, compelling read if you’re in a reading slump. a perfect second chance romance book. 4/5 stars"

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