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 From strip clubs and truck stops to southern coast mansions and prep schools, one girl tries to stay true to herself. These Royals will ruin you… Ella Harper is a survivor—a pragmatic optimist. She’s spent her whole life moving from town to town with her flighty mother, struggling to make ends mee

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Author Erin Watt

Pages 379

Publisher Time Out LLC

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Angel 's profile image

angel_kuhlmann shared a tip "This is one of my favorite series! If you want a romance book that you can't put down, then read this."

Mia Valdez's profile image

mia_valdez_6629 shared a tip "Loved the plot twists that kept coming - not a typical YA romance."

Tierra Bratcher's profile image

tierra_bratcher shared a tip "I loved this series!"

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natashaB14 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

lindsay_shugar shared a tip "one of my all time favorites !! its so sad that it’s so underrated"

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sarah_s._939 shared a tip "Fantastic book. It can get very steamy so it's not great for a younger audience."

Ginamarie Guerron's profile image

ginamarie_guerron shared a tip "I love when a series continues you like this one if you're a of this check out Tijans books."

Serena Gatlin's profile image

serena_gatlin shared a tip "It was such a delicious book. I loved every second. Especially Reed.... who now owns my heart."

emily 's profile image

emilyytibbetts shared a tip "ending was a PLOT TWIST but a good one didn’t expect it 7/10"

carof shared a tip "I love this series! Great plot and they ate fun to read!#romance #drama"

Justine Lemay's profile image

justine_lemay shared a tip "THIS BOOK. AHHHHHHH. Ella is such a good protagonist and the ending? amazing. I just love this book so much!"

hannah english's profile image

hannah_english shared a tip "Really good book. ****, but it isn’t too detailed if u are against it"

 lynden  lynden 's profile image

awesome_user_480825 shared a tip "sooo good!!!"

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c_richards_3943 shared a tip "ITS AMAZING"

Elyse Elliott's profile image

elyse_elliott_1135 shared a tip "best book ever! so much entertaining drama!"

Steffi Pillai's profile image

steffi_pillai shared a tip "You’ll love this series"

madisan_hendrickson shared a tip "Huge plot twost at the nd of the series also 10/10"

ciara_4342 shared a tip "Really cute!"

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paola_rivera_2304 shared a tip "Super cute storyline"

 's profile image

bbgarcia shared a tip "So many twists in the series."

awesome_user_248145 shared a tip "I loveeeed it"

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lee_reyes shared a tip "I'm kind of all over the place into alot of self help recently but would love to hear a recommendation 😀"

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hajima shared a tip "first one🥰"

tommi_760 shared a tip "Not something I would normally read but I really liked it and will be reading more books like it from now on"

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alexis_reiner shared a tip "I am currently rereading sweet dandelion by micalea sweltzer"

Emily Sansalone 's profile image

emily_sansalone shared a tip "This series was amazing! I loved Reed and Ellas story and all of their drama! I can’t wait to read Gideon and Eastons!!!"

Lauren Elise's profile image

lauren_elise_6196 shared a tip "Literally never went to high school, so the real thing cant ruin my expectations"

Sasha Rose's profile image

sasha_rose shared a tip "EVERYTHING"

prisylla_mitchell shared a tip "Make sure you have no plans when you pick this book up!"

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imani_fulmore shared a tip "It was fun to read."

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yasreadz shared a tip "enemies to lovers!!"

ruchis writing bussienes shakira's profile image

ruchis_writing_buss shared a tip "It had so much drama felt like a show"

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