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Currently reading Looking for Alaska by John Green. Not one novel written by him disappoints.


A unique movie with a good plot. I love how everything came together at the end. (I read ‘The Secret Life of Addie L’arue’ before I saw this movie and I thought they’d be really similar but they’re not and that makes me happier)

The Age of Adaline imageThe Age of Adaline image

The Age of Adaline

Movies | Fantasy

I’ll be honest, It’s thought this movie would be kinda choppy but i actually really like it. The romance between the character is so cute and believable and I just love the story.

Purple Hearts imagePurple Hearts image

Purple Hearts

Movies | Romance

John Green never fails to impact his readers

Looking for Alaska imageLooking for Alaska image

Looking for Alaska

Books | John Green

I loved watching this movie and the actor chosen to play Elvis was literal perfection. #elvis #drama #music #recognition

Elvis imageElvis image


Movies | Drama

I get why it was revolutionary for its time but it did feel sort of pointless when I read it.

The Catcher in the Rye imageThe Catcher in the Rye image

The Catcher in the Rye

Books | J.D. Salinger

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