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Author Laura Dave

Pages 320

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2021-05-04

ISBN 1501171348 9781501171345

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Google 3.5


Sue Anderson Iverson's profile image

sue shared a tip "Easy read, great characters, and interesting thought processes to uncover a mysterious disappearance."

Olivia Huie's profile image

olivia_huie shared a tip "I wouldn’t necessarily call this a thriller, but it was an interesting story line."

Sher Free's profile image

sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2"

jessica_kaminsky shared a tip "Read it in a day! Easy to read, interesting storyline with some twists and turns along with some heartfelt moments"

Rebecca Mulford's profile image

rebecca_mulford shared a tip "AMAZING! Couldn’t stop reading it, great twists!"

Jennifer Willoughby's profile image

jennifer_willoughby_5415 shared a tip "I read this in one day and I never do that!!"

Dave 's profile image

dsa_sj shared a tip "An absolute page turner, though less thriller and more of family suspense drama."

tracey_smith_8827 shared a tip "Exciting twists at the end."

Julia Close's profile image

julia_close shared a tip "Too many to pick from 😂"

Katy Nomani's profile image

katy_nomani shared a tip "Great quick read with interesting turns."

melanie_jaeger shared a tip "Quick read that pulled me in! The ending was somehow not as satisfying as I expected but the story overall was great"

Marjorie Elliott's profile image

marjorie_elliott shared a tip "Great weekend read - seamless storytelling and a great plot"

lynn_kuzneski shared a tip "I love so many different books. Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese stands out for sure. Have you read it?"

Kendra Nichole's profile image

kendra_nichole shared a tip "LOVED! Gets you hooked on page one and keeps you guess g until the very last page!"

Susan Randlett's profile image

susan_randlett shared a tip "Good quick read. Unique plot, well-developed characters. I really enjoyed this one!"

Melody Gamble's profile image

melody_gamble shared a tip "Really good book!"

marilyn_parkinson shared a tip "Want to read this."

Meghan Liddle's profile image

meghan_liddle shared a tip "Had me hooked from the first chapter!"

Maria Arevalo Perez's profile image

typeone_mariaa shared a tip "Smallish read. Loved the mystery."

Ambreen Sayed's profile image

ambreen_sayed shared a tip ""Not a"can't put it down" thriller but a very believable and interesting storyline. Worth a read."

rylee_price shared a tip "Reminiscent of Gone Girl, but with a bit more romance.#"

dana_lancaster shared a tip "Loved"

karen_kurgan shared a tip "Page turner"

mia_maiden shared a tip "A possible sequel to follow? Really good read and wanting more at the end."

Barbara Mckee's profile image

barbara_mckee_6050 shared a tip "This was a great book. Read it in a day"

sherri_cuddeford shared a tip "A favorite in 2021 so far! Listened on Audible and the narrator is perfect for this book."

Erica Summers's profile image

erica_summers shared a tip "Already read"

Marcia Malone Bell's profile image

marcia_malone_bell shared a tip "Loved this book!!"

Jen Dombeck's profile image

jen_dombeck shared a tip "Good twist!"

meghan_mccumber shared a tip "An engaging quick read."

Natassia Brusewitz's profile image

natassia_brusewitz shared a tip "Ever? Jo’s Boys and the Giver have always been my favorite books."

elliette_malcom shared a tip "Amazing! Shows growth within each character and has many plot twists. Couldn’t put it down!!"

mary_756 shared a tip "It was an exciting page turner without being too creepy or scary!"

tasha_frey_7191 shared a tip "Great beach read!"

Rachel Palumbo Sgroia's profile image

rachel_palumbo_sgro shared a tip "Fantastic read!"

Olivia Meadows-Knouff's profile image

olivia_meadows-knou shared a tip "Really good story, ending a little sad"

pippa_edwards shared a tip "Loved it. Read it in two days, if that."

Sue Herbert's profile image

sue_herbert shared a tip "Really good book!"

Chrissy Curtis's profile image

chrissy_curtis_3674 shared a tip "Loved it! Very quick read full of twists and turns! 5/5 ⭐️"

Donna Fisher Beaver's profile image

donna_fisher_beaver shared a tip "Thriller, twists and turns, unexpected"

tina_4117 shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book!"

gwen_kalor_6241 shared a tip "Just started today. Story has me hooked!"

sarah_4752 shared a tip "Suspenseful"

Jerica Cleveland's profile image

jerica_cleveland shared a tip "Suspenseful"

lisa_brennan_9512 shared a tip "Suspense"

Rose Dara's profile image

rose_dara shared a tip "Was a heartwarming story, not a very shocking end"

Shima Escobar's profile image

shima_escobar shared a tip "Really liked it!"

dee_4043 shared a tip "I couldn’t put it down. It had a great storyline that just made you want to keep reading. Great book."

jennifer_copeland shared a tip "This was a fun vacation read. I read it’s being made into a movie."

erin_jacobs_6774 shared a tip "Super quick read, riveting until the end."

jennifer_bader_3512 shared a tip "A little slow to start but finished well."

Melanie Milligan's profile image

melanie_milligan shared a tip "It’s a favorite for sure! Don’t pass it up"

Jesse Ney's profile image

jesse_ney shared a tip "Listened on Audible and loved it! Easy listen, great story, never lost my interest."

Shannon Anderson's profile image

shannon_anderson_655 shared a tip "I could not put this book down! Finished it in 2 days!"

Spod 's profile image

spod shared a tip "Page turner!"

beasleye shared a tip "This book was pretty good. I could definitely see this being a lifetime movie. The ending was cute in a heartwarming way."

Alexandra Ameduri's profile image

alexandra_ameduri shared a tip "I really liked the pace of this book. I thought the storyline was engaging. Fast read."

Juliana Ayerza's profile image

juliana_ayerza shared a tip "Loved the mystery aspect and how you could see her brain worked as she found out information."

Kacy Stallman's profile image

kacy_stallman shared a tip "Kept a good pace"

amanda_6648 shared a tip "Great easy read"

Courtney Pyke's profile image

courtney_pyke shared a tip "Was wonderful. Great stakes for a mystery and a compelling relationship arc between Hannah and Bailey. Really great read."

Nicole 's profile image

nicole_04 shared a tip "Hard to put down!"

Jamie Wolfanger's profile image

jamie_wolfanger shared a tip "Just finished it. I loved it⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ it kept me hooked all the way through."

ashley_5062 shared a tip "This was a really good and easy read. Felt like the ending was a bit abrupt though. I would definitely read it again!"

mandy_timboe shared a tip "Loved this book"

Jenny Norris's profile image

jenny_norris shared a tip "Such a great book! I was visiting SFO and drove to Sausalito to see the houses on the harbor."

raquel_murillo shared a tip "I was not able to put the book down! Rumor has it, it’ll be a tv series featuring Reese Weatherspoon and Julia Roberts 🤞🏽"

Julie Walters's profile image

julie_walters_2043 shared a tip "Fast, fun read"

Ally Santose's profile image

ally_santose shared a tip "It was very thrilling and the ending wasn't predictable like a lot of thriller style books can be I highly recommend it!"

elizabeth_clark_9034 shared a tip "Good story line. Page turner. Hard to put down."

lisa_knutson shared a tip "Easy read!"

Melanie Schmitz's profile image

melanie_schmitz shared a tip "I enjoyed this twisted story!"

Janie Wanner's profile image

janie_wanner shared a tip "I enjoyed the suspense and Hannah having to brave throughout the entire book."

Kimberly Sexton's profile image

kimberly_sexton_1757 shared a tip "Grabs you on the first page and doesn’t let you go until the end."

morganw shared a tip "First read for the summer!!"

kathyann_saleem shared a tip "Perfect, quick and easy read. You can read it in 2 days max."

crystal_w. shared a tip "This one stayed with me long after the last page"

Erin Doucette's profile image

erin_doucette shared a tip "Smart, fast paced, unexpectedly sad."

Danielle Lavictoire-Perrault's profile image

danielle_lavictoire shared a tip "I finished this book in 2 days it was so good! Story makes you want to keep reading, unputdownable"

Krysta Bender's profile image

krysta_bender shared a tip "It is a hard book to put down. You think you have the story figured out then it surprises you."

Susan Mason's profile image

smalvo shared a tip "So good! Good writing, good drama and good story telling. A real love story!"

rachel_zagozda shared a tip "Great book! Read it in my flight from SC to NE! Super quick read and kept me on my toes!"

marisa_hamby shared a tip "Did not expect the ending."

Michele Bubloni's profile image

michele_bubloni shared a tip "Mystery"

theresa_beebe shared a tip "Couldn't put it down."

Chris Morse's profile image

chris_morse_4936 shared a tip "Great suspense novel"

Dianna Wright's profile image

dianna_wright shared a tip "Keeps you at the edge of your seat from start to finish"

lin_case shared a tip "Great, suspenseful, can’t put down read."

christina_boullon shared a tip "Loved! Couldn’t put it down!"

Sonia S's profile image

sonia_s_4967 shared a tip "Great summer read"

jackie_3486 shared a tip "Good mystery. Good pace"

fran_blanton shared a tip "Couldn’t stop reading !!!!"

emily_2512 shared a tip "So good!"

Carter B's profile image

carter_b_3993 shared a tip "loved the mystery!!"

maria_aguilar_7287 shared a tip "Heartbreaking but loved where the story took me and the style kept me interested."

Maria Griggs's profile image

maria_griggs_4876 shared a tip "Kinda slow.. I’d give it 7/10"

Latoya valentin's profile image

latoya_valentin shared a tip "I really enjoyed reading this one. The beginning grabbed my attention fast."

Nevaeh Nguyen's profile image

nevaeh_nguyen shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book. It a slow kill but totally worth it. Plot twists were astronomical!"

jennifer_rodrigo shared a tip "It was good, but the last quarter of the book fell flat for me."

ana villasenor's profile image

ana_villasenor_217 shared a tip "Not super fast paced but unique"

hilerie_rickman shared a tip "No, I just started reading it. I drive so much that audio may be a good idea."

Carmel Pedroni's profile image

carmel_pedroni shared a tip "Loved it all the way through!"

Elizabeth Wilson's profile image

elizabeth_wilson_2341 shared a tip "It's awesome! Will take you know time at all yo read. Enjoy!"

Mandy Bradley's profile image

mandy_bradley shared a tip "I hope you enjoy it!"

Vera Bruursema's profile image

vera_bruursema shared a tip "So good"

tanya_3053 shared a tip "It’s a fast page turner, I really enjoyed it. Trust is fundamental in a marriage."

courtney_webb_7136 shared a tip "Nice easy read!"

Courtney MacLeod's profile image

courtney_macleod shared a tip "Suspense, emotion, quick read."

Tori Smith's profile image

tori_smith_39 shared a tip "Loved this! I could hardly put it down!"

Luke Shedid's profile image

luke_shedid shared a tip "Awesome book"

nicole_kolbinson shared a tip "Unexpected ending."

Emily 's profile image

emily_8510 shared a tip "The story line was mysterious and the scenery was nice."

avery_scott_1989 shared a tip "I really enjoyed it"

Tiffany Zambrano's profile image

tiffany_zambrano shared a tip "It definitely is. The last page broke my heart"

Jasmine Sollen's profile image

jasmine_sollen shared a tip "Really interesting storyline. A bit of mystery, mostly about discovering a past you had know idea you had."

karla_cuaron shared a tip "Awesome book!"

shellie_frey shared a tip "This was a page turner. Loved this book."

frances_scott_2160 shared a tip "A great mystery. It has layers and a realistic ending."

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