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This beautiful hardcover box set includes all three books in Suzanne Collins's internationally bestselling Hunger Games trilogy together with The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlyi

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Author Suzanne Collins

Pages 1712

Publisher Scholastic Incorporated

Published Date 2020-10-06

ISBN 1338686534 9781338686531


krystle_poirier_8968 shared a tip "I have read them all. This author is great."

Lunara 's profile image

Lunara shared a tip "Obsessed! Read these books multiple times."

Jessica Hunt's profile image

jessica_hunt_6740 shared a tip "Still my favorite books of all time."

sofiai shared a tip "Of course these books are incredible. They are written in an easy-to-read way which was very nice. I just love these books."

Hattie Patton's profile image

hattie_patton shared a tip "The 2nd"

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sophia_3978 shared a tip "Everybody what was your favorite hunger games book/movie in the series no including the ballad of song birds and snakes"

Matvei Polt's profile image

matvei_polt shared a tip "Just greay"

becca_hiltz shared a tip "I’m about to start crescent City by Sarah j Maas"

Mannat Raheja's profile image

mannat_raheja shared a tip "Hunger Games👁👄👁"

sara_anderson_7082 shared a tip "A fun distopian series. YA"

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rachel_page_9466 shared a tip "I like the series as a whole, but if I had to pick one I think book 2 is my favorite"

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kinglizzy shared a tip "The books are amazing and a clear page turner. In my opinion, their better than the movies!"

calleigh_strait shared a tip "Because it is amazing! The writing is really good and the plot is just amazing."

Camila Hernandez's profile image

camila_hernandez shared a tip "Easily the best books I’ve ever read. This series has an amazing plot, and is detailed but gets to the point quickly."

Tearsa Tidwell's profile image

tearsa_tidwell shared a tip "I haven't decided yet."

kris_67 shared a tip "I like The Book Theif. But out of all The Hunger Games books,I like the first and 2nd one"

Katy Dachel's profile image

katy_dachel shared a tip "Same"

MaryAnn Sympson's profile image

maryann_sympson shared a tip "I think every part was my favorite... Lol. What was yours?"

Tuti Fruti's profile image

tuti_fruti shared a tip "I love these too"

Olly Olshwald's profile image

olly_olshwald shared a tip "Good books"

darlene_iker shared a tip "Great series"

Adi Haddad's profile image

adi_haddad shared a tip "9/10"

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shaye_maloney shared a tip "@christian_coleman_8081 i think that the first one was my favorite"

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karissa_burns_3940 shared a tip "@marta_burger I liked the first best too I think it's a hard choice though"

alexia_robitaille shared a tip "Yes when Peeta and Katniss were ready to kill their self togheter at the end"

Madison Hemphill-Ramos's profile image

madison_hemphill-ra shared a tip "Probably the original one! It had the best story development"

Susanna Khalil's profile image

susanna_khalil shared a tip "@chrisflores28 no problem!"

audrey_9248 shared a tip "Read them after seeing the first movie. Loved that the heroine is not perfect!"

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breanna_bahrman shared a tip "it is good book to read"

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dominic_i shared a tip "Awesome books, not much else to say."

avery_3695 shared a tip "Yes I loved them all"

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jasper_williams_1225 shared a tip "Great series that keeps you on the edge. Though the main character gets annoying towards the end."

Lauren Santos's profile image

lauren_santos_7109 shared a tip "I couldn’t stop reading all of them, they were too good to set down"

Jacqui Ingle's profile image

jacqui_ingle shared a tip "It’s the best book ive ever read"

Joyce Juarez's profile image

joyce_juarez shared a tip "I would say 13 and up."

Brittany Roberts's profile image

brittany_roberts_7514 shared a tip "Such a good series!"

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emmybos shared a tip "7th Garden, Yona of the Dawn, or Demon Slayer"

audrey_walters_377 shared a tip "I reading the Witcher series and than next the dark tower series."

Tannin Bojarski-Jarrett's profile image

tannin_bojarski-jar shared a tip "Definitely!"

Meener 's profile image

meener shared a tip "Strong female lead"

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