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"It's a fun, frothy quintessentially British romcom about a certified chaos demon and a stern brunch daddy with a heart of gold faking a relationship."—New York Times bestselling author Talia HibbertAMAZON BEST BOOK OF THE MONTHNamed a best book of the year by Oprah Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, G

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Author Alexis Hall

Pages 432

Publisher Sourcebooks, Inc.

Published Date 2020-07-07

ISBN 1728206154 9781728206158


Google 4.5


Bethany Gill's profile image

bethany_gill shared a tip "Yes!! I liked it. Very sweet and endearing:) cute cute cute cute 9/10"

Nikki Nienhaus's profile image

nikki_nienhaus shared a tip "Finished Jan 2"

Hannah 's profile image

bananatheidiot shared a tip "This was literally so cute and gives me the same vibes as rwrb"

Erin 's profile image

erin_6781 shared a tip "It’s ok I guess not my first choice though."

ani_schneiderhan shared a tip "Good story progression"

Michael 's profile image

Michaelbee shared a tip "Cool I haven't read it yet"

Sydney Wearing's profile image

sydney_wearing shared a tip "I loved this book. So good."

Julia 's profile image

julia_jarrells shared a tip "READ THIS BOOK IT WAS SO GOOD"

Maya Bouleris-Duarte's profile image

maya_bouleris-duarte shared a tip "The beginning was kind of boring for me but it git good later on"

Anni 's profile image

anni_3092 shared a tip "this book was just so confusing, they didn’t make sense, one of the characters just had bad daddy issues & didn’t make sense"

Anthony is quirky's profile image

anthony_is_quirky shared a tip "Thank You! If you’re into romance, “Swimming In The Dark” by Tomasz Jedrowski is a favourite of mine :))"

Luna Alcantar's profile image

luna_alcantar shared a tip "OMGGGGG this. This book everyone is absolutely amazing and hilarious 🫶🫶"

lindsay_3055 shared a tip "Hard to put down! Short chapters, compelling characters."

emmitt_dougherty shared a tip "❤️"

Rayn Ryan's profile image

Rayn._.Cloud shared a tip "Such a sweet and fluffy book. Can't wait for book 2."

Tiff 's profile image

tiff_bee shared a tip "Such a great book. Honest, emotional and absolutely hilarious."

Emily Lane's profile image

emily_lane_9512 shared a tip "I looooooved this book!"

Emily Gross's profile image

emily_gross_7619 shared a tip "OH MY GOD SO FUNNY AND CUTE AND AMAZING"

Whitney (she/her) 's profile image

whitneynicole shared a tip "Fake dating mm adult romance"

Liz 's profile image

liz._.ard shared a tip "This book was so funny and cute, and also made me want to scream at times. I might have cried. Finished it in under two days"

cat 's profile image

catlikesbooks shared a tip "sobbing."

Chezzy 's profile image

chezzy_8748 shared a tip "Yet another LGBTQ+ story I enjoyed reading."

Cami Salazar's profile image

cami_salazar_6042 shared a tip "✨✨✨💙💙"

Blank 's profile image

newname shared a tip "Too cliche and not engaging"

Mackenzie Davis's profile image

mackenzie_davis_2780 shared a tip "so excited for the sequel."

Janel Hernadez's profile image

janel_hernadez shared a tip "Gid"

ιѕαвєℓℓє <3's profile image

treatyoshelf shared a tip "This will always be my favorite book."

Katie Nonayurbeeswax's profile image

katie_nonayurbeeswax shared a tip "LOVE LOVE LOVE LUCIAN AND OLIVER"

Sierra Portillo's profile image

sierra_portillo shared a tip "Yes I highly recommend it!!"

Abby Clarke's profile image

abby_clarke_3539 shared a tip "This is by far one of the best rom coms I have ever read."

Lori E Carroll's profile image

lori_e_carroll shared a tip "Love that the communication was very open. That they talked about transitioning the relationship rather than dragging it out."

Zachary 's profile image

zachary_5780 shared a tip "Bought for LGBT, haven’t picked up for any reason. It sounds like a great book, just have no desire for it. Yet."

Jose Palomera's profile image

jose_palomera_1410 shared a tip "My personal favorite lgbtqia+ book!"

ivor_novello shared a tip "Artful character development; hilarious dialogue; delightful slow burn romance"

Rizzi 's profile image

rachel_rizzuto shared a tip "HILARIOUS."

Buzzzzzzz Buzzzzzz's profile image

wylans_left_kidney shared a tip "slaps less"

Blake lehr's profile image

blake_lehr shared a tip "So far I like it the comedy is funny I don’t know why people don’t like this book 🧐"

kate_pittman shared a tip "Overdrive"

Reidiny Aguirre's profile image

reidiny_aguirre shared a tip "It was devastatingly good and I need more in my life"

Justin Wilder's profile image

justin_wilder shared a tip "It’s a great read. Much deeper than I was anticipating."

Crowley Malfoy's profile image

crowley_malfoy shared a tip "10/10, I enjoyed reading it so much."

Aisha Conwell's profile image

aisha_conwell shared a tip "This book was so funny to me."

Valeria Chavez's profile image

valeria_chavez shared a tip "It has comedy and romance which i loved. I was a good book in general."

feliz shared a tip "Great story line. Wonderful and realistic story that touches on real issues that are seldom talked about in romance novels."

Erica Ulrich's profile image

erica_ulrich shared a tip "#humor #gay #romance"

Maddie Cook's profile image

maddie_cook_9478 shared a tip "this is one of the cutest, funniest love stories i’ve ever read. definitely reread"

Chelsea Walker's profile image

chelsea_walker_1024 shared a tip "I'm about to read it, I'll definitely let you know!"

El Weave's profile image

simmithaviolet shared a tip "Really great read!!"

Alexus C.'s profile image

alexus_c. shared a tip "Definitely, I really liked this book and how it dealt with more than just romance."

meredith_klika shared a tip "I love Oliver. Instant bond."

Mimi C's profile image

mimi_c_1662 shared a tip "Wonderful romance. Everyone needs an Oliver."

Wendy 's profile image

wendy_darling shared a tip "It is one of those books that drags your emotions everywhere but you can barely put it down. Truly an amazing book!"

Kayla.1854 's profile image

Kayla.1854 shared a tip "Amazing Amazing Amazing."

Carolina Gomez's profile image

carolina_gomez_6064 shared a tip "Loved it!, loved them from start to end"

tanushka_bhatnagar_5537 shared a tip "It’s quite cute :) A light rom-com"

Kerry Finnamore's profile image

kerry_finnamore shared a tip "Meant to read last year - bonus"

Shawn Ortiz-Turner's profile image

shawn_ortiz-turner shared a tip "100 pages left. Loving it. #lgbtqia"

Hannah Thomas's profile image

hannah_thomas_3927 shared a tip "A little saucy but super sweet and relatable"

Amanda Koppel's profile image

amanda_koppel shared a tip "Loved it! Literally just finished it. Couldn’t wait until they got back together. Took way too long!"

grace_miller_3931 shared a tip "The humor was so witty and British and amazing. Fell in love with these characters!"

gayboy 's profile image

occasionalwatcher shared a tip "very good"

Gabriella Resendiz's profile image

gabriella_resendiz shared a tip "I loved this one and I'm so excited for the sequel! ❤"

Cecely White's profile image

cecely_white shared a tip "Couldn't stop reading it."

Megan Flanary's profile image

megan_flanary_9747 shared a tip "Pretty good. It was cute and some moments made me laugh out loud! Not overly spicy."

kat_1180 shared a tip "Adorable"

brooke_forsyth shared a tip "Absolutely. Yes. 100%."

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