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Now a Netflix original movie starring Lana Condor and Noah Centineo! In this highly anticipated sequel to the “lovely, lighthearted” (School Library Journal) New York Times bestselling To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Lara Jean still has letters to write and even more to lose when it comes to love

Author Jenny Han

Pages 352

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2019-12-17

ISBN 1534469265 9781534469266

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Cassie Sandberg's profile image

Cassie shared a tip "Great follow up to the first in the series! Can’t wait to read the 3rd! Love a good YA read"

Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "A fun follow-up to the first book!"

maddy_ shared a tip "P.S. I Still Love You is a great book to read!"

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claire_b_7696 shared a tip "I love the unhoneymooners as well by Christina Lauren"

Emma Donvito's profile image

emma_donvito shared a tip "The movie was good. But I think the book will be better."

Emily Magon's profile image

emily_magon shared a tip "I think so! I enjoyed it when I was younger because I could relate a lot more. Reading it as an adult wasn't as fun."

isabelle__ shared a tip "Way way way better then the movie"

paige 's profile image

pa1ge shared a tip "BOOK>>MOVIE"

anna_botz shared a tip "I don’t think I do! Too many good ones to pick from! I loved A Man Called Ove!"

Kaylin Alore's profile image

kaylin_alore shared a tip "Prob five feet apart"

Kira 's profile image

kira. shared a tip "@ellaanderson this is the second book in the series, the first is to all the boys I’ve loved before!"

brooke_lenahan shared a tip "Honestly I have way too many books that I love. I can never pick one."

Lynsey 's profile image

lynsey_8891 shared a tip "It’s a pretty easy, entertaining read!"

Maria Demers's profile image

maria_demers_1158 shared a tip "It’s been so long since I’ve read it to be honest 😅 I do remember binging it in a night though"

Brittany Brown's profile image

brittany_brown_7016 shared a tip "It’s keeps me engaged and wanting to read more #AvidReader #Bookworm #LoveTheBooksAndMovies"

Abrendian Jihad's profile image

abrendian_jihad shared a tip "Well, currently I'm rereading The Fifth Wave. The movie was ok but I'll always just love the book more."

Chiane Gwyn's profile image

chiane_gwyn shared a tip "The ending when Lara Jean kissed John but realized that Peter was the one she wanted to be with and not John"

Anna Perry's profile image

anna_perry_4950 shared a tip "Yes! I loved both movies and I’m excited for the 3rd part."

nicole 's profile image

nicole_9146 shared a tip "Not at the moment, but I’m always looking for easy reads since I don’t have lots of time to read"

nicole 's profile image

nicole_9146 shared a tip "Not At the moment"

Nathalia Arechiga's profile image

nathalia_arechiga shared a tip "same here!"

Taj Hepburn's profile image

taj_hepburn shared a tip "Totally worth it"

Dawn Harris's profile image

dawn_harris_3870 shared a tip "Great book, all and all great read as well."

nichole_8792 shared a tip "I think I like the second one the most from this series. They're great fluffy reads."

Diana Morales's profile image

diana_morales_1742 shared a tip "I absolutely love this series..a must read"

Suganiya Sivabalan's profile image

suganiya_sivabalan shared a tip "It’s such a nice light romance novel."

Ifeakanachukwu Kanebi Iwelu's profile image

ifeakanachukwu_kane shared a tip "No problem!"

liz 's profile image

elizabethburns23_ shared a tip "13+"

kirstin_egan shared a tip "it was soft. definitely my comfort book"

jayla_plett shared a tip "Cute and happy and cozy! #drama"

Chandler Fay's profile image

chandler_fay shared a tip "I think so!"

Christy Quach's profile image

christy_quach shared a tip "So cute!"

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becky_jones_6985 shared a tip "I think so but you do you"

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queen_vee shared a tip "Yes!"

Zebra Anime's profile image

zebra_anime shared a tip "Its really good but it also has unexpected decisions taking and it something that is beautifully unexpected🤗"

Mermaid giraffe 's profile image

mermaid_giraffe shared a tip "Yes I do"

Emol Habtemichael's profile image

emol_habtemichael shared a tip "Yup she's one of my favorites"

elle_smith_4223 shared a tip "I loved the whole thing!!@alicia_williams096"

Heather Karnes's profile image

leah.... shared a tip "The first definitely"

Heather Karnes's profile image

leah.... shared a tip "The first one definitely"

tiffany_obriant shared a tip "I think so read books then they have the movies on Netflix."

Blake Reule's profile image

blake_reule shared a tip "I am reading read white and royal blue and it’s awesome"

Krystyna Zadlo-Howes's profile image

krystyna_zadlo-howes shared a tip "I am picking up a Jill Mansell _ Fast friends book today so I can let you know."

duchess.es 's profile image

duchess.es shared a tip "Yep, Watched the whole series. Great movie and book."

duchess.es 's profile image

duchess.es shared a tip "Yep. Watched the movies and read the books. On netflix btw!"

Nadia Mashrah's profile image

nadia_mashrah shared a tip "So detailed and nice character development"

Eve 's profile image

eve_5669 shared a tip "Yes, the movies are cute but the books are the best!"

Aymee Martinez's profile image

aymee_martinez shared a tip "sweet dreams"

K Ok's profile image

k_ok shared a tip "Yess"

Brittany Alsterberg's profile image

brittany_alsterberg shared a tip "It was a good movie. I actually watched it first"

Ash Nae's profile image

ash_nae shared a tip "Harry Potter all way but the summer I turned pretty series was by far my best summer read."

Ella-Shae Samuels's profile image

ella-shae_samuels shared a tip "It is so intresting and you can telate to the main character."

kristi_norman shared a tip "The first one, I think. I have only read one and two. I am going to read the last one soon."

Shannon Caldwell's profile image

shannon_caldwell shared a tip "I loved the fun and quirkiness of this series! It is just well written! Imo"

Kameka Tate's profile image

kameka_tate shared a tip "No I haven't."

samantha_suazo shared a tip "Love this series"

Sameiya 's profile image

sameiya shared a tip "Yes! It was ok. The books are better 🙊"

Outlets Redesigned's profile image

sonjaaustad shared a tip "It was so good! I loved the book and they did an amazing job on the movie #romance #romcom #psistillloveyou"

Ann Poulose's profile image

ann_poulose shared a tip "It wasn’t by any means amazing. But not bad, I loved the first one a I love John Ambrose so..."

Marcia Breul's profile image

marcia_breul shared a tip "No problem"

lauren pull's profile image

lauren_pull shared a tip "i do love the one of us is lying and one of us is next i have a couple more if you are interested <3"

Maddie Liebl's profile image

maddie_liebl shared a tip "Jenny Han did a fantastic job with this storyline. She tugs at your heartstrings in all the right places!"

claudia_diaz_6084 shared a tip "Mine too ❤"

Alexis F's profile image

alexis_f_8017 shared a tip "I think so. You have to be into romance and it does get boring but then it gets better"

Jayla Wayla22's profile image

jayla_wayla22 shared a tip "This one and the “Black Friend” by Joseph Fredrick"

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