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"A romance writer who no longer believes in love and a literary writer stuck in a rut engage in a summer-long challenge that may just upend everything they believe about happily ever afters. Augustus Everett is an acclaimed author of literary fiction. January Andrews writes bestselling romance. When

Author Emily Henry

Pages 384

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2020

ISBN 1984806734 9781984806734

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Google 3.5


Cassie Sandberg's profile image

Cassie shared a tip "A classic chick lit. Light, enjoyable, and easily consumed."

rebeccaYeti shared a tip "Funny, tears, romance"

Rebecca McFadden's profile image

rebecca_mcfadden_2008 shared a tip "Cute rom com!"

uli_s shared a tip "Fun, easy and cute"

Grace Viland's profile image

grace_viland shared a tip "5/5 my favorite summer read!!"

Caroline Lewis's profile image

caroline_lewis shared a tip "Made me fall in love with writing fiction again, absolutely loved this book"

cathy_ratedreads shared a tip "I adore Emily Henry."

Monique Owens's profile image

moniqueo shared a tip "Wow I’m obsessed. This is the best “beach read” I’ve ever read."

Lydia Falconer's profile image

lydia_falconer shared a tip "Perfect Summer read with just enough ****!"

Dorothy H's profile image

dorothy_h shared a tip "Great book! Easy read. Perfect summer beach day book."

Diana Paper's profile image

diana_paper shared a tip "Literary romance with a contentious beginning"

heather_walton_6307 shared a tip "Great, quick read. Interesting characters with a enticing plot. Very poignant."

kate.h shared a tip "Just finished We Were Liars and enjoyed that one as well"

jillmary suarez's profile image

jillmary_suarez shared a tip "Possibly my new favorite book , read it in one sitting."

Logan Reidy's profile image

logan_reidy shared a tip "I really liked it happed one summer by Tessa Bailey"

amanda sinclair's profile image

amanda_sinclair_5366 shared a tip "An easy to get into read"

Taylor Cassell's profile image

taylorcassell shared a tip "*clutches to chest*"

Allison Helmers Hinker's profile image

allison_helmers_hinker shared a tip "Loved the storyline!"

Giovanna Rayeburn's profile image

giovanna_rayeburn shared a tip "it’s one of my favorites! :)"

Isabella Diaz's profile image

isabella_diaz_6506 shared a tip "I read it in like 2 days!!!! Sooo good"

ava_lillesand shared a tip "LOVED IT"

Barb Livingston's profile image

barb_livingston shared a tip "Amazing chemistry. Between characters...finished it in one sitting!"

MarQuett Saflin's profile image

marquett_saflin shared a tip "Witty, charming, and romantic."

 Celine Celine's profile image

awesome_user_635579 shared a tip "Such an enjoyable read."

Charlotte Kelly's profile image

charlotte_kelly shared a tip "good book"

Anneke DeBruin's profile image

anneke_debruin shared a tip "Just finished this book! Had a hard time putting it down, so good!!"

Tori Kincaid's profile image

tori_kincaid shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down! Wonderful enemies to lovers!!"

Sydney O'Hara's profile image

sydney_ohara shared a tip "Could not put it down!"

Marisa Martinez's profile image

marisa_martinez_3348 shared a tip "the perfect feel good book. i fell in love with gus almost instantly."

Hannah Stephens's profile image

hannah_stephens_6749 shared a tip "Loved it!"

eva_3797 shared a tip "Super great book! The characters are so well-written."

Shawna Huremovic's profile image

shawna_huremovic shared a tip "I did yes. I finished in one night I got so sucked in!"

Dorsa Eslami's profile image

dorsa_eslami shared a tip "I haven’t read any of her other work!"

Elena Kharitonova's profile image

ekhar shared a tip "Cute and light hearted. A great fun read"

Mandy Crider's profile image

mandy_crider shared a tip "Sweet, cute read about two people suited perfectly for one another."

Takiesha Watson's profile image

takiesha_watson shared a tip "Easy read with good plot twists."

Amanda Steelman's profile image

amanda_steelman shared a tip "Love love love this book"

susan_clark_7292 shared a tip "This was a good story...better than your average beach read."

Gaby Batte's profile image

gaby_batte shared a tip "I really love mosquito land!"

Shin Kim's profile image

shin_kim shared a tip "Easy read"

Emily Dimond's profile image

emily_dimond shared a tip "SO AMAZING I LOVED EVERY MINUTE"

katrina_covington shared a tip "I bought this for a trip and started it a few days before I left. I finished it in 2 days!!! It’s so good!"

Kavisha Shroff's profile image

BookishKash shared a tip "Fun and easy romance read! ❤️"

erica_290 shared a tip "I love this book. Bought it at the beach"

B Sassy's profile image

b_sassy shared a tip "Loved this book!"

Laine Cammack's profile image

laine_cammack shared a tip "the banter was great"

delaney_7199 shared a tip "Sweet and funny romance that delivers on the concept! I loved the characters and the baggage they had to overcome."

Naomi Ortiz's profile image

naomi_ortiz_2677 shared a tip "Witty banter, enemies to lovers, mature yet comedic. A very enjoyable and relatable read."

Coralis Lopez's profile image

coralis_lopez shared a tip "Cute and funny! East read and happy ending :)"

mary_makuh shared a tip "Nice weekend read"

kelly_boudreau shared a tip "It was okay"

Meg Carroll's profile image

meg_carroll_401 shared a tip "Lovely, a warm read"

olivia_robinette shared a tip "Fun romance with unexpected character depth. Read it all in one sitting!"

tiffany_hess shared a tip "Devoured in one sitting."

Allison Kreut's profile image

allison_kreut shared a tip "Love the slow build in romance"

heidi freeman's profile image

heidi_freeman shared a tip "Very good book I read it in 2 days!"

brinnay_frazier shared a tip "The ambiance is amazing and the story between the two people blossoms in a lovely way"

Gje Greene-Wallace's profile image

gje_greene-wallace shared a tip "Easy summer read. Literally read it in the beach. A good story that has you rooting for the protagonist."

Mary Knotts's profile image

mary_knotts shared a tip "Chef’s kiss"

Greta Sowles's profile image

greta_sowles shared a tip "Super easy read! It goes in my pile of “I just read a grand novel and now need a chick flick.”"

Mia Vega's profile image

mia_vega shared a tip "so sweet <3"

Mariah Spitznagel's profile image

mariah_spitznagel shared a tip "Such a cute story, I really enjoyed. Simple and sweet. Nothing crazy but cute story."

Elizabeth Ledbetter's profile image

elizabeth_ledbetter shared a tip "INCREDIBLE!!!"

Leslie Bell's profile image

leslie_bell_2445 shared a tip "Loved it! Read in a day or two. Couldn’t put it down. Great characters!"

kelsey_haag shared a tip "I’m obsessed with everything about this book. I loved all the characters and plot. 20/10!!"

ABBY REYNOLDS's profile image

abby_reynolds_8418 shared a tip "love love this book"

Jennifer Diaz's profile image

jennifer_diaz_382 shared a tip "It was a cute, very easy to read book that just made me keep turning pages"

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