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Ender's Game Nebula and Hugo Award Winner -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From its first publication in January 1985, Ender's Game quickly became a classic in the science fiction field. It was greeted enthusiastically by the Science Fiction Writers of


Pages 256


Published Date 2010-06-03



kat_5327 shared a tip "Great book! Works good as a stand-alone if you don’t want to read the rest"

mandy_4945 shared a tip "One of my all time favorite books."

lord_ruler shared a tip "Just about anything feom Brandon Sanderson"

maria_cass shared a tip "Made me like sci-fi"

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jake_chant shared a tip "Similar in what way"

JimTheMighty 's profile image

JimTheMighty shared a tip "Good Book. Made me cry. I am not an easy cryer. Very Good Book."

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mike_anino shared a tip "Card may kind of a trash person, but this book rocked my world when I read it as a teenager."

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philishia_grey shared a tip "Hmm, not any that are in the same genre."

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mike_williams_7843 shared a tip "This is one of few books I've read more than once. Phenomenal book all around."

megan_rust shared a tip "Realistic Sci Fi with relatable character arcs and an incredible plot"

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tony_rodney shared a tip "Definitely, it's a classic."

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mikki_really shared a tip "Child soldiers in space was fun to read."

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natalie_bencivenga shared a tip "by far my favorite sci fi book. this isnt talked about enough!!"

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sarah_frichette shared a tip "An awesome adventure story full of complex societal structure and surprises."

madeline_rodgers shared a tip "Exciting and well written. Captures you attention"

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sun_spark shared a tip "Ender's Game is one of my all time favorite stories!"

joshua_ward_7405 shared a tip "Speaker of the dead would probably be my favorite out of the series"

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priscilla_welsh shared a tip "Good quick read, skip the ending."

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