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J.R.R. Tolkien's classic prelude to his Lord of the Rings trilogy...Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who enjoys a comfortable, unambitious life, rarely traveling any farther than his pantry or cellar. But his contentment is disturbed when the wizard Gandalf and a company of dwarves arrive on his doorstep o

Author J.R.R. Tolkien

Pages 256

Publisher HarperCollins

Published Date 2012-02-15

ISBN 0547951973 9780547951973

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Google 4.5


Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Classic fantasy novel, that's all I can say!"

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lizalizard shared a tip "This was fantastic! Funny and very quick to get into. I think it is a great way to get young and older readers into the genre!"

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emma_pimer shared a tip "I love the detail put into world building & the character development. :)"

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shelby_johnson_5081 shared a tip "Bilbo’s wild adventures 🪨"

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Vicki_S_WolfsDen shared a tip "#fantasy #epic #dragons #dwarves"

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ava_15 shared a tip "It’s a rlly good book it had me hooked"

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taylor_crowell_2165 shared a tip "My favorite 😍"

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joshua_smith_3234 shared a tip "Classic, but not as good as Lord of the Rings. That is the best of Tolkien."

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faebae shared a tip "Absolutely loved the world building and storytelling. Couldn’t put it down."

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alexander_yaitanes shared a tip "I liked this book. The story and descriptions were great. High fantasy is very fun to read."

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amaya_sturge shared a tip "The beginning, for sure"

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thea_wirkus shared a tip "I am just reading a court of frost and starlight"

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faylee_favara shared a tip "Gandalf and you?"

Kai Kees's profile image shared a tip "A classic adventure novel for all ages"

Despina Manolukas's profile image

despina_manolukas shared a tip "Very good book ! Different careacters! You mite like it!"

ulysse_tetreault shared a tip "It's awesome! I find it's way less boring than Lord Of The Rings and really captivating"

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scott_ragland shared a tip "The whole interaction between Bilbo and Gollum, and how he outsmarted him."

bwilson shared a tip "A great place to start if you have never read Tolkien. Shorter than Lord of the Rings, but every bit as good."

susan_8184 shared a tip "Oh yes. Very well done"

bradley_farley shared a tip "Yes. All of them."

kelly_holleman shared a tip "Loved the Lord if the Rings trilogy better"

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alex_widrow shared a tip "Bilbo Baggins"

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alex_widrow shared a tip "Bilbo"

sierra_cook shared a tip "Personal favorite for life"

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maddie_walker shared a tip "Very good fantasy read, however is very long and slow moving"

seth_anderson shared a tip "It was just one of my all time favorite books. One of those that just sucks you in."

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crystal_silva_9101 shared a tip "I like it but found it very hard to read until I was in university."

rachel_ireland shared a tip "It’s worth it! :)"

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amy_paine shared a tip "Love this series!! Fantasy world"

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rev_rob007 shared a tip "Really for all ages. An introduction to an amazing world."

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EsmeraldaMarquez-Jackson shared a tip "Yes, I've also read his Lord of the Rings series."

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alicia_addis shared a tip "Yes, I've seen all of them."

sara_anderson_7082 shared a tip "This is as wonderful and magical as Lord Of The Rings. If you loved that you will love this prequel."

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killer_hotpocket shared a tip "If you're haven't read any #brandonsanderson Sanderson I'd definitely say pick one up."

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jordyn_olafson shared a tip "I'm really into this murder mystery called moonflower murders!"

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kelly_zakany shared a tip "I thought it was unexpected but fitting. You?"

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rob_wantz shared a tip "Yes."

linda_johnson_9672 shared a tip "Yes"

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ahmet_ahin shared a tip "Legolas your ?"

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madlynn_ann shared a tip "Yeah, a couple of em at least lol"

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r_lukacs shared a tip "Bilbo, for sure. Very relatable how he just wants to go home. Or maybe smaug lol"

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eric_millar shared a tip "Great Book."

mikaela_rae_trevino shared a tip "Yes 😍, its one of my favourites"

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moriah_harrison shared a tip "Lol i lied! I have totally a favorite! It said you commented on something else at friest"

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mysti_kay shared a tip "Oh yes!!! Several time. I ejoyed it as it is...a movie based on a book i loved"

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lauren_munchel shared a tip "Yea, I saw the midnight release actually of the first one"

Blackbird Clements's profile image

blackbird_clements shared a tip "Tom bombadill"

Stacy charnay 's profile image

stacy_charnay shared a tip "I did! I read it years ago but my husband read it to my son recently. That was really fun."

Kayla Ruehrwein's profile image

kayla_ruehrwein shared a tip "Yes!"

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adrianna_schaper shared a tip "Yes I have. Thought it was a little drawn out. Have you?"

Michelle Lafferty-Jeffrey's profile image

michelle_lafferty-jeffrey shared a tip "I dont really have a favorite."

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kimberly_cox_6077 shared a tip "Yes. The first one only."

Nate Infausto's profile image

nate_infausto shared a tip "Definitely the book"

Elena Ivachtchenko's profile image

elena_ivachtchenko shared a tip "I watched the movie I have it in my collection. But it's far from the book."

Carole Geiger's profile image

carole_geiger shared a tip "I think this book is a classic!"

Tera Ross's profile image

tera_ross shared a tip "Yes, but the old cartoon version is my favorite. What did you think of the movie?"

CAITLIN HOBBS's profile image

movietime shared a tip "In my opinion, it was way better than The Lord Of The Rings and it had such a great plot that I've re-read so many times"

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melanie_massinon shared a tip "Yes. I have. I loved it."

Pony Donaldson's profile image

pony_donaldson shared a tip "Couldnt put it down"

Brandi Jenkins-Larkin's profile image

brandi_jenkins-lark shared a tip "A group of friends band together to save their world what is not to like, you even get attached to grumpy Bilbo#fantasy"

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paul_williams_6255 shared a tip "Yes, I have seen both movies, one an animated movie from the 70's and the latest live action one. I prefer the vook."

Lil-Farrah 's profile image

lil-farrah shared a tip "7/10"

Amanda Blacksmith's profile image

amanda_blacksmith shared a tip "This should take you around 8 hours and 2 minutes to read at 200 words per minute."

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mallie. shared a tip "4.5/5 can't wait to read the LOTR series"

laura_puente shared a tip "It’s hard to pick just one! I do love Wuthering Heights & Jane Eyre. Big fan of gothic literature 😊"

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some_dork shared a tip "a great execution of “refusal of the call”. introvert stays introverted and i love him for that"

daniel_3131 shared a tip "Not the greatest, but a good segway"

Lacey Roberts's profile image

lacey_roberts shared a tip "It's great, the most digestible Tolkien, follows the hero journey motifs by campbell perfectly. 10/10"

AMBER Beyer's profile image

amber_beyer_3567 shared a tip "I *LOVE* the movies and my mother was always a huge fan so I grew up on them."

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taylor_allen_5545 shared a tip "Yeah, wasn’t that great IMO"

gord_taylor shared a tip "Yes... it was good but read it first"

James Fogel's profile image

james_fogel shared a tip "Love him. Tolkien's world is absolutely amazing"

Jacob Dillinger's profile image

jacob_dillinger shared a tip "Oh yeah!"

Kendall Powell's profile image

kendall_powell shared a tip "Yes. Loved the movies as well."

John Gill's profile image

john_gill_8139 shared a tip "Every shy Young Boy or Girl that thinks that they are not special should read this book."

Brian XIII's profile image

brian_xiii shared a tip "They hit most of the highlights, but the book has more depth and background."

dennis_coates shared a tip "Debra, there is no comparison...the book is far far superior.."

Derek Turgeon's profile image

derek_turgeon shared a tip "Golum or Gandalf. Had to be between the 2 of them."

Chris Hanlon's profile image

chris_hanlon shared a tip "I did! Love the book more! But the movie was also great"

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britney_bodie shared a tip "Very much"

Doodlebugs and Dustbunnies's profile image

doodlebugs_and_dust shared a tip "Amazing. Full of adventure and action. Lots of fantasy"

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amy_olson shared a tip "I’ve been binge reading a lot by Darcy Coates. She does a lot of gothic paranormal horror. I recommend most of her stuff"

Amy Olson's profile image

amy_olson shared a tip "I feel like I replied but it disappeared on me 😫"

Lori Vinyard's profile image

lori_vinyard shared a tip "It's hard to say because I loved everything. It's such a fantastic read."

April Brown's profile image

april_brown_8919 shared a tip "It's the best of Tolkien's books, in my humble opinion."

John Brown's profile image

john_brown_9213 shared a tip "Still my favorite book of all time."

ryleigh_hornsmith shared a tip "I love it"

Michelle Sooknanan's profile image

michelle_sooknanan shared a tip "All of it! Hahaha"

Rianne Sarginson's profile image

rianne_sarginson shared a tip "YES"

breanna_marceniuk shared a tip "Amazing."

nancy_anderson_2539 shared a tip "It’s been ages since I read it. I just loved all of it, the adventure, the battles. It’s just magical!"

Lilly Bradshaw's profile image

Spookdra115 shared a tip "It had awesome world building and lore in it."

Whitney Larrimore's profile image

whitney_larrimore shared a tip "Yes! It's the prequel to Lord of the Rings. It's not as complex as LOTR but it is good."

lori_y_dykstra shared a tip "Absolutely! He creates a compelling world that you get to be a part of."

Anita Friedman's profile image

anita_friedman shared a tip "Too many to ever recommend just one. I love any fantasy or post apocalyptic dystopian stuff"

Diane Wonch's profile image

diane_wonch shared a tip "Geraldine Brooks “People of the Book” and John Sanford’s Virgil Flowers and Lucas Davenport Series"

Drew Martinez's profile image

drew_martinez shared a tip "I thijk right now it's "Til We Have Face" by CS Lewis"

Logan Davis's profile image

logan_davis_3883 shared a tip "So if that’s what you are looking for, YES!!"

Patricia Carew's profile image

patricia_carew shared a tip "I would say either Fili or Kili. I am loyal and a fighter. I stick with those I love."

Miss Opinionated's profile image

miss_opinionated shared a tip "I am currently reading Zodiac by Romina Russel and that is definitely one I would check out."

kasey_wheeler shared a tip "Quick read, but very good and can immense you very quickly. I love the wittiness of the characters."

Heather Koski's profile image

heather_koski shared a tip "Yes, definitely!"

jayda_b shared a tip "Beautifully written atmosphere. Wholesome and descriptive world-building with fantasy action."

Samantha Zimmerman's profile image

samantha_zimmerman_526 shared a tip "Um I really don't. I like alot of books but I haven't really found the one yet. How about you?"

Nevin Harshman's profile image

nevin_harshman shared a tip "Yes definitely!"

enbyemu shared a tip "A favorite comfort read. If you like audiobooks, the new version narrated by Andy Serkis is wonderful."

laurie_loewen shared a tip "I've been on a Dean Koontz run lately, but I'm looking for something new. Any suggestions?"

Karine Tellier's profile image

karine_tellier shared a tip "Interesting, light reading"

Cale Stubbs's profile image

cale_stubbs shared a tip "Loved the book a lot"

Jeremiah Burleson's profile image

jeremiah_burleson shared a tip "Perfect story"

sarah_davis_2654 shared a tip "Tolkien is a genius!"

Isabella Oxales's profile image

isabella_oxales shared a tip "An amazing book! Total classic for anyone into fantasy novels. It always has a special place in my heart 🥰"

Eileen Perez's profile image

eileen_perez_9591 shared a tip "I'm more about base in truth stories. What about you?"

No One Important's profile image

no_one_important_7137 shared a tip "I mean it's a classic for a reason. Quick read and with a lovely hospitable protagonist!"

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