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NOW A NETFLIX MOVIE STARRING JOEY KING AND JACOB ELORDI! Read the first book in the Kissing Booth series for some fun, fresh romance from Beth Reekles. Meet Rochelle “Elle” Evans: pretty, popular—and never been kissed. Meet Noah Flynn: badass, volatile—and a total player. When Elle decides to run a

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Author Beth Reekles

Pages 448

Publisher Random House Children's Books

Published Date 2013-04-09

ISBN 038537867X 9780385378673


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Pip 's profile image

pipchuu shared a tip "wayy better than the movies for sure"

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kseniia_topchii shared a tip "I recommend reading the book first then the movie"

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lauren_rubel shared a tip "I'm going to read As Far as You'll Take Me. Wbu?"

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leticia_perez_6407 shared a tip "Loved book."

emily_williams_2362 shared a tip "It was ok. Nothing earth shattering, but it was an easy read. Not sure I want to read the next 2 though."

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lona_banks shared a tip "It is sad sometimes"

Lizze Lovegood 's profile image

lizze_lovegood shared a tip "Not entertaining and got bored of easily"

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jazpigplant shared a tip "Yeah no"

arianna_orozco_5714 shared a tip "The Spanish love deception 🙃"

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megan_raelyn shared a tip "I like the movie and then I read the book! The book is so diddddd and I loved it so much!"

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megan_raelyn shared a tip "Different **"

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lovingthebooks03 shared a tip "I loved it, I think you would to. That is, if you're interested in a nerd/jock who happens to be the nerds best friend."

Chrisleidy Suero Regalado's profile image

chrisleidy_booklover shared a tip "Kissing booth 😍"

corrine_dorsey shared a tip "I loved love and other words by Christina Lauren! I’m starting the love hypothesis today"

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celine_doutre shared a tip "@ellaanderson A court of thorns and roses!"

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ava_richards_6146 shared a tip "Yes! A book I love right now is Keeper of the Lost cities. It was actually made for younger readers but it’s still pretty good"

Hetvi Prajapati's profile image

hetvi_prajapati shared a tip "I’ve only seen the movie but it’s pretty good!"

nikkita_unique shared a tip "I have been reading this book and it's so good"

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isabelle_moncaleano shared a tip "The last summer of the garret girls is amazing"

ariel_michelle shared a tip "Tuesdays with Morrie. Thank you"

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bella_guthrie shared a tip "So good! I read this one in 6th grade!"

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danielle_laporta_259 shared a tip "I just finished reading It Ends With us and it’s amazing!"

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mehreen_rauf shared a tip "The Bitter Rival by LM Fox"

Aravna Dolisca's profile image

aravna_dolisca shared a tip "No, I don't. There are so many different books to choose from. Do you have a favorite book?"

kailey_neukirch shared a tip "I would! It was great : )"

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carlos_Loves_Girls shared a tip "it was weird an gross"

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mago_ovalle shared a tip "#romance #teen_romance #friendship #emotions_and_feelings"

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mary_william shared a tip "Great for the beginning of school"

michelle_pearce shared a tip "I’ve only read about one chapter so far, I did enjoy the little bit so far though"

etta_williard shared a tip "sadly no"

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riley_flack shared a tip "Yes definitely, the movies are also great"

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floralie_marchand shared a tip "omg same"

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floralie_marchand shared a tip "omg same"

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alexis_franklin_4093 shared a tip "Do you have a favorite part?"

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alyssa.hfk shared a tip "i love it"

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laila_muhammad shared a tip "I didn’t read the book, but I’ve watched both of the movies."

alyssa_dailey shared a tip "Yes!"

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madalyn_burnett shared a tip "@megan_stone Yes. But in my opinion the first one was a lot better that the second💗"

lanamack shared a tip "Legend, Red Queen, Summer of Sloane, and a bunch more"

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lilyandthefenix shared a tip "Yeeeeees!"

makayla_spangler shared a tip "Loved it all"

Nikella Callan's profile image

nikella_callan shared a tip "Super super cute movie, but brings back vivid high school memories that I’d rather forget 😂"

Mia D'Angelo's profile image

mia_dangelo_1211 shared a tip "we were liars!"

Jordan E's profile image

jordan_e_7382 shared a tip "Shatter me is one of my all time favs!"

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eson_hilton_5602 shared a tip "Very it’s so good it’s funny for right reasons and dramatic for the best reasons 10/10"

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kay_gomez shared a tip "ofc!"

elizabeth_mae_tuggle shared a tip "I love the movie"

elizabeth_mae_tuggle shared a tip "How am I supposed to read it"

lily_weingart shared a tip "I absolutely love this movie and book!"

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franny_8136 shared a tip "yes both!"

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deseraye_rex shared a tip "How do I read the book?"

Deseraye Rex's profile image

deseraye_rex shared a tip "How do I read the book?"

tracy_arthur shared a tip "Haven't read anything else by her"

Kathrine Johnston's profile image

kathrine_johnston shared a tip "@ashley_hostetter probably how it is in the movies with keeping her and Noah a secret"

whatspoppin shared a tip "yuh"

whatspoppin shared a tip "@marta_burger yuh i have"

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kyra_lynn shared a tip "Not really"

niah_61 shared a tip "I’m still trying to figure out how to use this app hahaha. I haven’t read this book yet but I want to!"

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michelle_davidov shared a tip "Thanks"

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elizabeth_costanza shared a tip "No! Lol. I thought I was recommending the movie! I haven't read this but the movie was cute."

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marissa_myers shared a tip "Yes"

katie_penegar shared a tip "I haven’t read the book, but the movie is definitely worth the watch!"

katrina_velasquez shared a tip "No problem 🖤"

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emma_badowski shared a tip "To all the boys I’ve loved before"

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paula_rodriguez_6275 shared a tip "Most definitely. It's a basic teenage romance with a little twist to it."

lindsay_gilley_1076 shared a tip "Right now I’m reading The Stepsisters by Susan Mallery. It’s good so far!"

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the_only_nika shared a tip "Oh yea, it's fabulous"

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vickian shared a tip "Thanks & not at the moment, you?"

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jasmine_thrush shared a tip "Definitely!"

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mvoss34 shared a tip "NEED by joelle Charbonneau, harry potter, and the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime"

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annakate_price shared a tip "Hey"

yana_khomits_1224035 shared a tip "Yassseee"

jackie_caban_7858 shared a tip "My husband gifted me The Silent Patient. Just finished it and I really enjoyed it!"

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yolanda_collazo shared a tip "It's highly entertaining!!"

jayden_hall_464 shared a tip "This book is 3 great movies."

jenni_maddox shared a tip "I have not read it yet just watched the movies... I plan to read it very soon though!!"

michelle_rys shared a tip "Definitely teeny but so cute, I really liked it!"

avanikki8 's profile image

avanikki8 shared a tip "Such an adorable love story that I can’t get enough of."

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sat1va shared a tip "soo worth it!!"

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jaisey_sutton shared a tip "I love this book so good and fun for relationships"

Laura Cahill's profile image

laura_cahill shared a tip "I think I just liked the older brother trope haha wbu"

Roaringtigerlily525 's profile image

roaringtigerlily525 shared a tip "Yea sure your welcome!"

isabel_gonzalez_9202 shared a tip "Definitely the Glass Class by Jeannette Walls (A memoir) or every Harry Potter book!"

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anna_palmer_8434 shared a tip "Not specifically.. the whole book is great."

shelby_7626 shared a tip "Beautiful disaster, Olivia and the shack are my favorites"

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darcus_murray shared a tip "Meh. Wasn't a fan."

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