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Austen’s most celebrated novel tells the story of Elizabeth Bennet, a bright, lively young woman with four sisters, and a mother determined to marry them to wealthy men. At a party near the Bennets’ home in the English countryside, Elizabeth meets the wealthy, proud Fitzwilliam Darcy. Elizabeth init

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Author Jane Austen

Pages 401

Publisher C. Scribner's sons

Published Date 1918



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jemma_morel shared a tip "This is a gorgeous book. I loved the story, the feel, the time period, the characters, everything"

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leo_pigeon_edwards shared a tip "lol <3"

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mustreadallthebooks shared a tip "Book 💯 but the 1995 series with Colin firth as Mr Darcy I also love. The newer movie is ok."

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tristine_fleming_2860 shared a tip "Written with humor and grand opulence, this novel satisfies the soul in every way possible."

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emma_pimer shared a tip "congrats we live in a society!"

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "Read the book twice but I like the 2 part series with Colin Firth better than the book!"

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bee_morgan shared a tip "Love this book Jane Austen is one of the best 18oos writer I know besides Charles Dickens"

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yasmineguroluk shared a tip "READ THIS IT’S INCREDIBLE!!!"

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rachel_6526 shared a tip "“Just your everyday romance novel.”"

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clara_hall_4926 shared a tip "I love the history and enthralling relationships."

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mapimalu99 shared a tip "My favorite of all time"

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roger_zans shared a tip "very good"

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addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "My all time favorite since I was little. So funny and fun!"

candice_a. shared a tip "Jane Austen is such a wonderful author, I wish her books were more popular in American public education."

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anna_lima shared a tip "Her rejection to darcy's proposal. It's the burn of the century."

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holly_b_9668 shared a tip "P & P is my favorite book 😂"

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tav_luvs_roses shared a tip "I love when people are ahead of their time."

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sarah_auger shared a tip "Favorite book of all time !"

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evie_09 shared a tip "A love story that focuses on the innocents of falling in love."

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evie_09 shared a tip "An Extraordinary romance with a heart stopping end between two people locked in a prejudice society. #romance #drama #oldEngland"

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doris_qamar shared a tip "Darcy's second proposal for sure. How about yours?"

adriane_kane shared a tip "This is my favorite of all time I recommend the annotated version."

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julia_przygocki shared a tip "All the books I have liked"

donna_korb shared a tip "Perennial favorite. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy reign!"

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amy_albert shared a tip "The dialogue is my favorite part. There are some great lines and underhanded insults that are so funny to me."

poisonedivy shared a tip "I love love love this book"

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eva_wild shared a tip "The movie is not as good"

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denise_puckett shared a tip "Beautiful historical..dark and romantic..*****stars"

justin_curtis_9756 shared a tip "Yes! Great dialogue hahaha"

megan_lunsford shared a tip "Love this so much! It’s my go-to comfort book!"

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zoenightshade23 shared a tip "My all- time favorite book!!"

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KeiraKnightley shared a tip "[Source:]"

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michael_nace shared a tip "Never seen it"

deborah_wilson_1595 shared a tip "It’s a classic. I’ve read it 7 times."

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janet_robinson_7897 shared a tip "Definitely the part where he proposes and she says no!"

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lillian_patrick shared a tip "Yes! Many versions!"

roshy14 shared a tip "Really good classic."

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heather_cadieux_9882 shared a tip "When Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy first meet"

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liza_radley shared a tip "Yes, very much."

catherine_2601 shared a tip "Yes I did! Good movie but always better in book!"

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tripksh shared a tip "I love the entire thing! It's a very nuanced read so I've read it multiple times and picked up different things everytime"

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jennifer_m_2090 shared a tip "Sorry, I've only read the book so I couldn't tell you."

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samantha_collins_7682 shared a tip "Of course it is good, classic can't go wrong"

tori_h shared a tip "Exactly everything you’ve heard... witty, romantic."

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rachelle_barney shared a tip "I can’t pick just one. I have multiple"

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katie_johnson_8920 shared a tip "Elizabeth’s prejudice of Mr.Darcy is exposed to be love. ❤️"

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caroline_2139 shared a tip "phenomenal love story"

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Bbyn_Writ shared a tip "No problem! Lmk how u like it"

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sunny_miao shared a tip "A great read!"

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miranda_choi shared a tip "Who doesn't want Mr. Darcy?"

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robyn_kohlmeyer shared a tip "All-time favorite book for a million and one reasons..."

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pj_miller shared a tip "More than one lesson can be learned from this story."

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pris_lee shared a tip "The best romance story I have read...very realistic and logical"

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isabel_rondo shared a tip "Beautiful classic"

nancy_workman shared a tip "Definitely not just another romance novel"

nancy_workman shared a tip "Love everything Jane wrote!"

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sarah_s_ shared a tip "Tried and true romance tale"

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KRen shared a tip "Classic romance"

kayleen_cabrera shared a tip "hand down one of the best classics!"

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tirza_navarro shared a tip "Yes. Love it."

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becca_vanhouten shared a tip "I have not read anything else by her."

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lulu_m_3762 shared a tip "One of my favorites! 💞"

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candace_smith_6008 shared a tip "Because Jane Austen."

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ashley_ward_4168 shared a tip "I love Jane Austen but you really have to be able to sit down and read her work. Its not something to do in a day."

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lexie_ross_8002 shared a tip "fav book"

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molly_purnell shared a tip "I love Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility....I love them all really."

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carmen_cordova shared a tip "An absolute classic"

marylou_lynn shared a tip "I love this book - a lifetime favorite I think everyone should read."

ty_6943 shared a tip "One of my favorites."

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esther_hernandez_4973 shared a tip "Great story, great characters."

tokyo_8824 shared a tip "Mr. Darcy, he’s a good enough reason to read this."

tammy_martin_5228 shared a tip "Love the connection of Lizzie and Darcy throughout the book! Such a good slow burn."

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jennifer_mccann_4442 shared a tip "Best story of all time"

Marie-Helene Porras's profile image

marie-helene_porras shared a tip "It’s a really classic love story. I love Jane Austin writing too."

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teresa_long_432 shared a tip "I just read The room on Rue Amelie it was good"

paige_messenger shared a tip "Mr. Darcy has my heart.❤️"

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jenn_ryan shared a tip "Absolutely! Give it a few chapters and you'll walk away thinking about the characters."

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SacreBleu shared a tip "I really loved this novel, and it's a classic, but I admit the writing can be dry. But you should try it!"

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avery_wetten_363 shared a tip "I really enjoyed the movie and the book was also amazing and one of my favourites!"

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madison_7001 shared a tip "An all time favorite, obviously!"

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gabriela_8030 shared a tip "It changes a lot but right now I'm loving Fahrenheit 451."

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jennifer_perz shared a tip "Favorite Book of all time! This book and 1995 mini series changed my life."

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lacy_wallace shared a tip "I could never pick just one! :)"

SHADI MASHAYEKHI's profile image

shadi_mashayekhi shared a tip "Oh my god i absolutely loved it ...i love the classic period#prideandprejudice"

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jenna_dudley shared a tip "Just a classic love story."

katherine_gariety shared a tip "A true classic."

laura_1727 shared a tip "One of my favorites!!! #love #classic #timeperiod"

jane_5668 shared a tip "My favorite book of all time."

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peggy_bracey shared a tip "Just finished the Guncle and Loved it!"

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jill_miesen shared a tip "Hmmmm. Where she turns down the marriage proposal!"

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