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Now an Original Series on Prime Video! Belly has an unforgettable summer in this stunning start to the Summer I Turned Pretty series from the New York Times bestselling author of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Jenny Han.Some summers are just destined to be pretty. Belly measures her life in summ

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Author Jenny Han

Pages 304

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2010-12-21

ISBN 1416999175 9781416999171


Google 3.5


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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "The perfect beach read!"

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life62739 shared a tip "This book is addictive."

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maren_mcguire shared a tip "Super fun summer read!!!"

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maren_mcguire shared a tip "A really good read for the beach!! Team conrad forever whoop"

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vanessa_a.h. shared a tip "felt like a thirteen year old wrote it"

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amelia_schaefer shared a tip "amazinggg"

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cosmicfariess shared a tip "it’s perfect written literally I’m in love with Jenny Han’s writing"

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tristan_taylor_8205 shared a tip "It was such an emotional rollercoaster but I loved it! I can’t wait to read the next two books and watch the show!❤️"

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taylor_dhooge shared a tip "nothing happened.. it was so bad and so boring i just cannot. i do not get the hype. solid 0/10"

angelina_kaur_7832 shared a tip "Great Book, almost impossible to put down."

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ava_bridges_7302 shared a tip "I loved the movie so I think I will like the book to#teamconrad 💗"

natalie_dummer shared a tip "Can’t wait to read the other two! Light hearted, and a quick read ❤️"

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aurorap shared a tip "Was missing depth and plot"

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samantha_blitzer shared a tip "i loved how real it was will the feeling and the different povs"

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_reagan shared a tip "literally so good & better than the series in my opinion!!"

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ava_chepak shared a tip "GREAT BOOK!!!"

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joy_jennings shared a tip "Very cute YA Romance."

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i_looove_doggies shared a tip "Cute coming of age story ❤️🐚😁"

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emma_yir shared a tip "The tv series was good but books just hit different"

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helloitsfiona shared a tip "Got this for my birthday, can’t WAIT to read it and then judge the TV series lol"

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chloe_moritz_296 shared a tip "team jeremiah all the way"

b_6233 shared a tip "Cute story"

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sunnysadie shared a tip "i loved this book sm it was so cute and the show did not disappoint me!"

meghan_jenkins_9372 shared a tip "best summer book ever!"

vazlucas shared a tip "kept me on my toes"

jacklyn_brett shared a tip "LOVED"

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kandace_carlton shared a tip "one of my favorite books!"

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emily_wilkins_4424 shared a tip "so cute"

brianna_dawn_ shared a tip "This book is so good"

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sam_burger shared a tip "its a must read but obviously read it in the sunmer. Also read the books before watching the show!!"

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madi_hite shared a tip "loved it literally sm"

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aveeline shared a tip "Finished this book in one day (I’m a speedy reader) super good and would read again!"

jennifer_proeh shared a tip "Very good beach read!!"

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aliciakc shared a tip "I re-read (2 times lol) the trilogy after 13 years and am still just and in love with them now at 27 as I was at 15!"

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piaaa shared a tip "#teamconrad"

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jaedyn_mcgalin shared a tip "Love the plot and most of the characters, though the ending is what makes me want to read the others!"

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katie_smith-walker shared a tip "Definitely immature, even for YA. Not good enough to make me read the rest of the series."

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allysa_lewis shared a tip "I loved the description but I’m 100% team Jellyfisher!!"

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rose_bonanno shared a tip "Great book if you're you're 12 year old girl. Not so much as a 35 year old woman. Easy read though."

sammi_pfannenstiel shared a tip "One of my favorite reads this summer!"

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adaline_8011 shared a tip "Teen romance and young adult. What’s not to like?"

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Leafu1352 shared a tip "This was a great book! One of my first and favorite romance books."

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randi_paige_iwanows shared a tip "Super cute! Last time I’ll ever indulge in young adult. I didn’t realize until it was too late. Great for a high schooler."

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sylvia_cole_3753 shared a tip "There's this book named crush and it's amazing"

ally_codelle shared a tip "Is this series worth the buy? I started the first one and I don’t know how I feel about it."

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mackenzie_young_199 shared a tip "💯💯💯💯"

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lor_blunck-yates shared a tip "Watched some of the show on Amazon"

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bjeet shared a tip "conradddd 😍"

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.Bliss shared a tip "It's now been turned into a series on Amazon ❤"

jenn_sto shared a tip "Very different from the tv show- I should have read the book first. Totally recommend!"

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ariel_bennett_6741 shared a tip "Really fun story! Not the best writing but it’s still enjoyable!"

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paula_briceno shared a tip "Can't wait to read the next one (Its not summer w out you) by Jenny Han. #bonrad #teamconrad"

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angie_kash shared a tip "Watched the show!"

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bella.martinez0323 shared a tip "my absolute favorite summer read!! great story about teenage romance, friendship, and adventures!!"

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quiera_lampkins shared a tip "It was an easy read. A little immature, but nonetheless decent books."

ana_keshav shared a tip "Literally amazing! It’s a work of art! Team Conrad!"

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ara_burgett shared a tip "Super good, loved it. Idk what else to say. I read it in one day."

chloe_morcilla shared a tip "very quick read, short and enjoyable, perfect for summer!"

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allison_munnerlyn shared a tip "I'm starting this book right now! What are your opinions on it?"

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allison_munnerlyn shared a tip "This was the best book I have ever read. #teamconrad"

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kamri_rose_ortiz shared a tip "10/10 i love this book and the series"

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jocelyn_wright_ shared a tip "I am about to finish reading this book and I love it"

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alyssa_de_courcy_6159 shared a tip "Because it very romantic. The emetion are clear."

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daisy_fesperman shared a tip "I read this book after watching the show. Personally, I liked the show better but it’s still a good & quick read!!"

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eg_clark shared a tip "I liked this book because it made you feel like you were there in the moment with belly"

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sofia_caltagirone_8739 shared a tip "Amazing book"

braelyn_schake shared a tip "Verity"

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tori_hadden shared a tip "Very teenager-ish but a cute & quick read."

lily_hunsberger shared a tip "The inheritance games series. Haven’t read the last book but I just finished the second one."

jerelin_benavides shared a tip "The romance the esthetic of the mood"

camila_montano shared a tip "The romance between her and Conrad and also the different point of views"

yenifer_mailin_reyes shared a tip "I loved the book although I’m confused because in the show I’m team jelly but I’m the book I’m team Conrad"

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georgia_w shared a tip "Best book ever!"

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caroline_2981 shared a tip "It was ok but I felt like I would like it more if I was a teenager."

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skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "Really loved this book. I enjoy the way Jenny Han writes. Can't wait to read the next two!"

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fionat.26 shared a tip "SUCH AN AMAZING BOOK! Haven't read the other two yet, but I know they'll be just as good!"

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k8thegr8 shared a tip "I read this as a preteen and enjoyed it but I'm kind of surprised that it had enough traction to make a tv adaptation of it"

jamie_m_6236 shared a tip "Seventeen."

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hasini_ambaty shared a tip "I liked the first book, didn’t really like the rest, it was boring. Still would recommend! It’s a nice read!"

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serenity_punsalan shared a tip "LOVE THE BROTHER TROPE"

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jane_morgan123 shared a tip "Must read for summer time"

jessicaaaaaaa shared a tip "I loved this book!! Read it so fast, couldn’t let go of my book!! 😍"

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nataleegrover shared a tip "such a cute book and easy read!! the writing style is so fun to read & the story is so heartfelt and beautiful."

mattily_brumley shared a tip "Good summer read!"

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peppered.gravy shared a tip "Currently reading the rest of this series, but this book is good! can't wait to see what happens next."

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kendall_warwick shared a tip "4/5 ⭐️"

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sariah_gutierrez shared a tip "this is so good i love the drama in it it’s amazing and cute"

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katelyn_andersen_3208 shared a tip "It was good perfect for a new reader fast paced"

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jennalyn_clow shared a tip "I usually hate love triangles but i absolutely loved this book."

j_heck shared a tip "Easy read. The characters didn’t have much depth. Belly’s immaturity made me not root for her and not much to love about Conrad."

love_book shared a tip "Very cute and touching. 10/10"

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luz_maria_ shared a tip "Loved this book it had me in tears towards the end. 5 stars"

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emmichelle shared a tip "good summer story, cant wait to read the next ones"

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bryanna_dohner shared a tip "My fav"

theblizzardbooks shared a tip "Is this book clean?"

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ur_localswiftie shared a tip "I really should’ve read it sooner!! I truly loved the book I think it’s perfect beach read!!"

tifftaff shared a tip "Super innocent and sweet book. Great summer reading. Light read with some heavy topics. Definitely makes you wait for the feels."

francesca_tesoro shared a tip "Love the confusing feelings, the display of real teenage life, and anything to do with family friend romance I’m a sucker for."

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lizzy_1229 shared a tip "This is such a cute love story! Definitely a summer book. 5 stars #teamconrad"

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makenzie_turner_162 shared a tip "You couldn't read it.."

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stella_meyers shared a tip "I loved the constant romance and drama!"

abbey_dodgens shared a tip "9/10"

Rachel Howard's profile image shared a tip "I enjoyed this one. It ends cute"

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alexandra_schaeffer shared a tip "I love this book so much. Made me feel like a teenage in love again 🤍"

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hana_hayes shared a tip "Finished 5/25"

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mia_eshelman shared a tip "It was perfect summer vibes and the most enjoyable rom-com read!!"

lexi_4733 shared a tip "Salt to the sea by Ruta Sepeteys"

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jennifer_lopez_9645 shared a tip "great teen summer romance. pretty light nothing too intense."

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rebecca_mclachlan shared a tip "Writing style"

katelyn_surprise shared a tip "Lowkey liked the shows plot more but it was a cutesy read, justice for team jelly belly tho."

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izzy_flowers shared a tip "I LOVED this book I will recommend it to anyone looking for a good quicker summer read without spice!"

addi_allen_9715 shared a tip "A very cute coming of age story 10/10 recommend"

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emily_kurland shared a tip "Such a slay"

alexis_486 shared a tip "Such good romance between both characters."

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measypip shared a tip "9/10 it was good! But I was sad bc I expected more from it"

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rufus_colvin shared a tip "Literally read in less than four days so good favorite currently"

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lilys shared a tip "SOO GOOD"

mia_3505 shared a tip "Just boring, couldn’t get past how annoying belly was."

Lauren_219 shared a tip "Honestly not really,the whole thing was just awesome"

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sabrina_perez_3759 shared a tip "3.5/5"

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sydney_wearing shared a tip "Awesome read."

lineishka_sanabria shared a tip "I loved every book and every part of it , definitely a recommendation !"

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maddie_fisher_930 shared a tip "love. love. love."

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ashlynn_leduc_8242 shared a tip "got through the book so fast, definitely one of my favs"

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jackie_trausch shared a tip "#feelgood #summerlove"

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haley_cude shared a tip "I love the story line and the love throughout it all 10/10 recommend if your a hopeless romantic."

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av.tpwk shared a tip "Absolutely loved it! Just started the second book earlier and i’m almost done!!"

bruna_fernandes_5547 shared a tip "Way better than the series"

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lily_bingaman shared a tip "I loved this series so much!!! Please read it"

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juliana_4431 shared a tip "This is the perfect summer read for teens!"

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aubrey_evans_8526 shared a tip "The kissing booth!!"

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mackenzie_stoll shared a tip "I love the vibe of this book so much!!"

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AshTaylorsVersion shared a tip "Typical love story, kinda boring. The issue might be that I'm too gay for straight romance tho."

anna_mccleary_2075 shared a tip "good book but pretty basic"

awesome_user_127081 shared a tip "I don't know, you got any suggestions"


maude_caissy shared a tip "I liked it"

olivia_1208 shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down!!"

mackensie_gordon shared a tip "So easy to read and very captivating"

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serena_4586 shared a tip "THIS IS NOW MY LITERAL FAVORITE SERIES!! fast paced summer romance with brothers… reminds me of kissing booth"

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emya_studios shared a tip "I loved this book so much. The development of everything is unexplainably perfect."

amelia_lash shared a tip "Yes"

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laney_hammontree shared a tip "I love this book and the season too.This book is a very detailed book with everything being but in do details"

ayo_1533 shared a tip "CUTE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS TO LOVERS"

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lillyanne_smith shared a tip "Amazing book"

Taleecia Stonestreet's profile image

taleecia_stonestreet shared a tip "Cute high school romance, quick read."

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camila_guardado shared a tip "You should totally read it its great!"

Tiff Frantz's profile image

tiff_frantz shared a tip "Reread this series twice now & it’s still a great read"

Esther Owolagba's profile image

esther_owolagba shared a tip "My favourite series"

makenzie_turner_1289 shared a tip "I love romance and it was very in detail and just the way she wrote it was amazing"

Jenna Frye's profile image

jenna_frye shared a tip "I liked how the romance turned out but I also feel like it is very predictable"

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madison_forbes14 shared a tip "This book is one of the best books i’ve ever read 100% recommend."

hanna hancock's profile image

hanna_hancock shared a tip "I think i’m going to start with Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover and All The Feels by Olivia Dade"

Liaaaaa b's profile image

l.brownie shared a tip "I have no words to describe these three books (it’s a trilogy). Team Conrad all the wayyy!!!😚"

brittany_george_3343 shared a tip "Loved the whole series! Was such a feel good, summer vibe, good read!"

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i_read_books shared a tip "So good! Watch the show, it’s also amazing!! I would recommend reading the book first though."

gabi 🤩's profile image

seventimestables shared a tip "🤍"

sara_hawkins_7906 shared a tip "Amazing, quick read. Can’t put it down!"

hazel_batters shared a tip "Such a good book! Definitely would recommend lol"

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kyla_jones_6875 shared a tip "Absolutely LOVED this book!!"

lillian_craig_477 shared a tip "LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!"

becky dixon's profile image

becky_dixon_9552 shared a tip "It made me cry. And smile. And feel so many emotions"

morgan_ketchpaw shared a tip "made me feel a deep connection with each character; like i was living the story with them."

kelsey_yamauchi shared a tip "Binged the entire series! So good!"

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tracy_chartrand shared a tip "Good question! I’ve read hundreds of books over the years and I still can’t choose a favorite!"

Gabrielle Faucher's profile image

gabrielle_faucher shared a tip "I love this book! The Perfect book to read on a chilly night or on vacation 😊😊"

𝙰𝚗𝚍𝚊𝚕𝚎𝚎 𝚂𝚝𝚛𝚒𝚌𝚔𝚕𝚊𝚗𝚍's profile image

andalee_ shared a tip "love love love this book with my whole heart 1000000/5 ⭐️"

Sophia Abreu's profile image

sophia_abreu shared a tip "Super good the show was a let down compared the the book"

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kelly_adams_7031 shared a tip "It was a very nice easy light read for summer. Fast read that I couldn’t put down"

hayden_laina_wiebe shared a tip "I loved this book because it was romance and plot twist so overall it was a great book"

ava_martinez_5792 shared a tip "It was a prefect summer book with love and unexpected events I loved it so much!!"

isabel_snyder_7717 shared a tip "Read this in 1 day, definitely a page-turner! The perfect fun and entertaining beach read."

Reid Goudeau's profile image

reid_goudeau shared a tip "got me out of a reading slump!"

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madeline_b._3792 shared a tip "I got the first book just in time for the show and read it in two days. I loved it so much!!!"

eliseisthewayyy 's profile image

eliseisthewayyy shared a tip "Such a good book... lmao ion wanna be that person but, I was so exciting when reading it"

gabrielle_hicks_2167 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book & the show. Can’t wait to read it’s not summer without you."

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rachl shared a tip "super good! the romance is amazing 😩😩"

Opal Knowlton's profile image

opal_knowlton shared a tip "This book is absolutely amazing. It’s perfect for you if you like drama romance and fitting in. Highly recommend. #teen_romance"

Tori cetrone 's profile image

tori_cetrone shared a tip "so good I'm in love with Conrad. Good vibes all around. Did indeed cry"

madeline_carpenter_3778 shared a tip "A great story of a girl trying to navigate the waters of love"

kodi_hutchinson shared a tip "Short and sweet! Puts you in a summer mood but definitely a younger read"

emily_5186 shared a tip "I loved Beach Read by Emily Henry and it is probably one of my favourites :)"

gabi_venegas shared a tip "10/10"

brieanna_bacon shared a tip "Love the show now I can read book"

LeeLee 's profile image

baguettes.n.butter shared a tip "Is this the first book?"

emily_8493 shared a tip "It’s going to be an Amazon prime show soon!! Loved it and it was an easy read"

amber_hair shared a tip "It was a great summer read !"

Shamma Boya's profile image

shamma_boya shared a tip "A good girls guide to murder , definitely one of my favorite books. What about you ?"

Michaela Reed's profile image

michaela_reed shared a tip "It tells the story of a young girl with a long time crush... So cute"

ella rose's profile image

belly. shared a tip "i rwad this book in judt a few hours. i love summer so this really made me happy. im so excited to finish the trilogy!"

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kate_henderson_944 shared a tip "love"

Annie Pellegrino's profile image

annie_pellegrino shared a tip "one of my all time favorite series"

Abigail Mazile's profile image

abigail_mazile shared a tip "I’m not sure yet, I’m still looking!"

Sarah McLaughlin's profile image

sarah_mclaughlin_3891 shared a tip "I thought this was such a cute book and full of love."

Ella Mirabelli's profile image

ella_mirabelli shared a tip "I loved this book and I’m so excited to read the whole series!!"

melissa_vazquez_9106 shared a tip "Loved it!! also made me know what kinds of books i like. I could not stop reading"

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soph_r_3830 shared a tip "Super cute story"

Fernanda Bautista's profile image

fernanda_bautista shared a tip "Very easy read!!! Great book to start with!!! Also love the characters and the love triangle is so ahhh!!!"

Alyssa Aranda's profile image

alyssa_aranda shared a tip "Loved the whole series! So so good! Heard it’s a show now, so I’m excited to see how that goes!"

abby! 's profile image

abby_4917 shared a tip "just finished and already bought the second book!! absolutely loved."

Yasmine Mayberry 's profile image

yasmine_mayberry shared a tip "Anything by Kasie West! I've read all her books at least twice and I still can't get over them!!!"

Rose Lovenbury's profile image

rose_lovenbury shared a tip "The fault in stars or this song will save your life"

Rose Lovenbury's profile image

rose_lovenbury shared a tip "Love fault in our stars"

bella guthrie's profile image

bella_guthrie shared a tip "So good! My favorite trilogy ever!"

tana 's profile image

tlinden shared a tip "this series brought a ton of emotions for me, and is one of the main reasons i started to enjoy reading. i highly recommend."

Irakoze 's profile image

irakoze_joselyne shared a tip "you should, it’s really good and worth it!"

Jennifer Cornelius's profile image

jennifer_cornelius_9713 shared a tip "I read it a long while ago but it was really fun to read. The writer is great!"

Savannah Burns's profile image

savannah_burns_1334 shared a tip "was bland and boring for my taste"

calista chen's profile image

calista_chen_8917 shared a tip "the inheritance games trilogy!"

Lillian 's profile image

lilliep22 shared a tip "you’ve probably seen this book on booktok, and let’s just say I’m a Conrad girl :))"

Gia Leone's profile image

gia_leone shared a tip "Loved! If you like the beach, a love triangle, and loads of drama and…love this ones for you!!!💗📚"

Gianna Tretton's profile image

gtretton shared a tip "A series I read every year to remind myself how amazing it is!"

lillie-flower- shared a tip "One of the best books I have ever read"

raega shared a tip "i think i liked this better than the second one. a good romantic book for summer ovbi"

Mia Patrick's profile image

mia_patrick_8412 shared a tip "it is such a great summer read!"

Eraj Iftikhar's profile image

eraj_iftikhar shared a tip "My favorite part was when Conrad was getting jealous of belly’s date and how he couldn’t do anything about it"

Campbell 's profile image

campbell_k shared a tip "<3’s forever"

Alicia Faugno's profile image

alicia_faugno shared a tip "GOOD"

___2106 shared a tip "Best book everrrr"

isabella_angelo shared a tip "I loved the love triangle situation in this book!! are you team conrad or team jeremiah?!?"

Colleen Pascucci's profile image

colleen_pascucci shared a tip "This was amazing, I loved it with the show and want to read the next two."

Hailey Rowell's profile image

hailey_rowell shared a tip "Any of the flashbacks were rlly good. I loved seeing their past and getting to see more of their relationship."

isa_577 shared a tip "team conrad"

Mrs.Holland 's profile image

brinlee_conger shared a tip "IN LOVE"

darion_spencer shared a tip "My favorite series but not my favorite author! Really great though"

Madison Pierce's profile image

madison_pierce_4404 shared a tip "it’s a trilogy so ends on a cliff, but you could stop after this and not feel obligated to read the second or third."

Tyreal Kovars's profile image

tyreal_kovars shared a tip "she wrote to all the boys ive loved before series too. I have yet to read that"

Rosaria Loguercio's profile image

rosaria_loguercio shared a tip "I absolutely love it ."

Emily Goldman's profile image

emily_goldman shared a tip "Best book #teamjeremiah"

ahhcorinne 's profile image

ahhcorinne shared a tip "literally kept me hooked the whole series and i went back to annotate all three books"

Semarah Croghan's profile image

semarah_croghan shared a tip "um just finished this series and OMG literally my favorite 100% worth reading might even re-read them!!"

Danielle Brooks's profile image

danielle_brooks shared a tip "Cute story of growing up, learning how to operate with new and old crushes, while dealing with real life hardships."

Kayla Lopez's profile image

kayla_lopez_3449 shared a tip "I love the book "To all the boys ive lovers before""

Savannah R's profile image

savysav shared a tip "SWEET BABY JESUS THIS MY NUMBA 1 BOOK"

Kate Beckemeier's profile image

kate_beckemeier shared a tip "Literally fell in love with this series!!!"

raia_morgan shared a tip "this whole series is so beautiful. perfect for people who love teen unrequited love w a satisfying ending"

Danielle Mills's profile image

danielle_mills_7734 shared a tip "@jeff_lenz i dont have favorite books. I either love them or hate and there are very few books I hate."

Morgan Bradley's profile image

morgan_bradley_5482 shared a tip "These book are one of my all time favorites they make you wish you were belly on a beach somewhere having a wonderful time."

booklover_22 shared a tip "perfect summer book!"

kyndall_marie_mccol shared a tip "My favorite series!!!"

aliya_dicks shared a tip "Best book ever"

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faith_alvis shared a tip "It’s the best for a cute light read!"

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heidi_ervin shared a tip "Great read, very happy for most part keep me engaged"

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tylee_truksa shared a tip "I read it I’m not even a week and could not put it down"

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abby_5451 shared a tip "The  silence between us that’s awesome book I think. 😊"

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irrelevant328 shared a tip "Hmm I'm not sure maybe the first one"

rebecca_baldwin_5867 shared a tip "So good! Binge read this one"

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cali_gordineer shared a tip "I read it so long ago, I can hardly remember 😅 I do remember loving the setting though!"

alexanndria_lillies shared a tip "One of my favourite coming to age books. Deals with big emotions in a beautiful story"

ella_5003 shared a tip "This is such a good book I absolutely loved it along with the other 2 books"

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diana_morales_1742 shared a tip "Loved this series have to read"

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diana_morales_1742 shared a tip "Love love love this series"

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mia_evans_2320 shared a tip "Your welcome"

x_x_9439 shared a tip "So cute but also sad. A great beach read"

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elliott_camper shared a tip "Best book ever!! There are two others after this one! I read them all in a week!"

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stacy_braddy shared a tip "I really enjoyed the whole series. It's a coming of age story and it was so sweet."

robin_8090 shared a tip "Loved it!!!"

nicole_odom shared a tip "It is really good. Honestly it depends on how fast you read I finished the book in like 3 days, there is a little over 300 pages"

oriana_powzaniuk shared a tip "Yesss I do and this series is amazing!"

rachel_frey shared a tip "i absolutely love this book!! it makes me want to go live on the beach!! i couldn’t put this book down!!"

alexis_colson shared a tip "i loved this book so much, i’m in the middle of the second one and i’m so invested. i couldn’t put it down."

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olivia_zisa shared a tip "This book makes you feel so good! PERFECT SUMMER READ! (a show is coming out soon)"

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sophia_fisk shared a tip "read this in 2 days def recommend!!!!#romance #comedy"

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hannah_marie_brister shared a tip "I just finished reading The Midnight Library!!"

sasha_morton shared a tip "Yea the whole series is amazing. There’s also some love triangles."

emily_5939 shared a tip "Definitely!!! Loved it"

mia_borges shared a tip "YES ITS SO GOOD"

carlie_693 shared a tip "this book totally reminds me of kissing book! it is such a fun read."

hope_gilley shared a tip "I loved the teenage feel of this book"

anneliese_bailey shared a tip "Absolutely love this book. If you like this book I highly recommend “between the notes” by Sharon Huss roat as well"

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camryn_streib shared a tip "takes you back to summer as a teen"

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gacha_loser_1 shared a tip "It was amazing definitely would recommend"

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taralin_leigh_potter shared a tip "Mine too!"

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kayla_patton_7582 shared a tip "I haven’t read it yet. It’s on my list."

karina_rojas shared a tip "Right now I’m really into anything by Colleen Hoover. She has not let me down yet!"

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jocelyn_castillo_2798 shared a tip "Ok but like who’s dying to watch the series!!!!"

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lindsey_shambeau shared a tip "Sweet, easy read"

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delaney_naylor shared a tip "i absolutely LOVED this entire series!"

awesome_user_462122 shared a tip "I liked the aesthetic of the book"

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hannah_adams_1852 shared a tip "One of my favorite books series of all time! Definitely worth reading <3"

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terber_metcalfe shared a tip "This was an absolutely amazing book!!!"

nina_gilbert_8979 shared a tip "Tv show"

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megan_morrow_2527 shared a tip "One of my favorite series!"

avery_hall_5155 shared a tip "it was so much better than the show, but the series did bring it to life very well 😍"

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emma_oconnor_9569 shared a tip "the perfect summer book"

katie_hobbs shared a tip "This book is so good and amazingly written"

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