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Soon to be a streaming series in Summer 2022! Belly has an unforgettable summer in this stunning start to the Summer I Turned Pretty series from the New York Times bestselling author of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (now a major motion picture!), Jenny Han.Some summers are just destined to be pr

Author Jenny Han

Pages 304

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2010-12-21

ISBN 1416999175 9781416999171

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Google 3.5


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serena_4586 shared a tip "THIS IS NOW MY LITERAL FAVORITE SERIES!! fast paced summer romance with brothers… reminds me of kissing booth"

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "The perfect beach read!"

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eliseisthewayyy shared a tip "Such a good book... lmao ion wanna be that person but, I was so exciting when reading it"

kodi_hutchinson shared a tip "Short and sweet! Puts you in a summer mood but definitely a younger read"

emily_8493 shared a tip "It’s going to be an Amazon prime show soon!! Loved it and it was an easy read"

amber_hair shared a tip "It was a great summer read !"

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shamma_boya shared a tip "A good girls guide to murder , definitely one of my favorite books. What about you ?"

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michaela_reed shared a tip "It tells the story of a young girl with a long time crush... So cute"

madeline_carpenter_3778 shared a tip "A great story of a girl trying to navigate the waters of love"

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rachl shared a tip "super good! the romance is amazing 😩😩"

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belly. shared a tip "i rwad this book in judt a few hours. i love summer so this really made me happy. im so excited to finish the trilogy!"

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yasmine_mayberry shared a tip "Anything by Kasie West! I've read all her books at least twice and I still can't get over them!!!"

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rose_lovenbury shared a tip "The fault in stars or this song will save your life"

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rose_lovenbury shared a tip "Love fault in our stars"

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bella_guthrie shared a tip "So good! My favorite trilogy ever!"

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reid_goudeau shared a tip "got me out of a reading slump!"

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kate_henderson_944 shared a tip "love"

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gtretton shared a tip "A series I read every year to remind myself how amazing it is!"

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gabrielle_faucher shared a tip "I love this book! The Perfect book to read on a chilly night or on vacation 😊😊"

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nataleegrover shared a tip "such a cute book and easy read!! the writing style is so fun to read & the story is so heartfelt and beautiful."

lillie-flower- shared a tip "One of the best books I have ever read"

raega shared a tip "i think i liked this better than the second one. a good romantic book for summer ovbi"

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mia_patrick_8412 shared a tip "it is such a great summer read!"

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tlinden shared a tip "this series brought a ton of emotions for me, and is one of the main reasons i started to enjoy reading. i highly recommend."

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tracy_chartrand shared a tip "Good question! I’ve read hundreds of books over the years and I still can’t choose a favorite!"

ayo_1533 shared a tip "CUTE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS TO LOVERS"

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eraj_iftikhar shared a tip "My favorite part was when Conrad was getting jealous of belly’s date and how he couldn’t do anything about it"

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campbell_k shared a tip "<3’s forever"

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alicia_faugno shared a tip "GOOD"

darion_spencer shared a tip "My favorite series but not my favorite author! Really great though"

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madison_pierce_4404 shared a tip "it’s a trilogy so ends on a cliff, but you could stop after this and not feel obligated to read the second or third."

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tyreal_kovars shared a tip "she wrote to all the boys ive loved before series too. I have yet to read that"

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rosaria_loguercio shared a tip "I absolutely love it ."

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emily_goldman shared a tip "Best book #teamjeremiah"

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ahhcorinne shared a tip "literally kept me hooked the whole series and i went back to annotate all three books"

Semarah Croghan's profile image

semarah_croghan shared a tip "um just finished this series and OMG literally my favorite 100% worth reading might even re-read them!!"

love_book shared a tip "Very cute and touching. 10/10"

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kayla_lopez_3449 shared a tip "I love the book "To all the boys ive lovers before""

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savysav shared a tip "SWEET BABY JESUS THIS MY NUMBA 1 BOOK"

Kate Beckemeier's profile image

kate_beckemeier shared a tip "Literally fell in love with this series!!!"

raia_morgan shared a tip "this whole series is so beautiful. perfect for people who love teen unrequited love w a satisfying ending"

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danielle_mills_7734 shared a tip "@jeff_lenz i dont have favorite books. I either love them or hate and there are very few books I hate."

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morgan_bradley_5482 shared a tip "These book are one of my all time favorites they make you wish you were belly on a beach somewhere having a wonderful time."

booklover_22 shared a tip "perfect summer book!"

kyndall_marie_mccol shared a tip "My favorite series!!!"

aliya_dicks shared a tip "Best book ever"

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faith_alvis shared a tip "It’s the best for a cute light read!"

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heidi_ervin shared a tip "Great read, very happy for most part keep me engaged"

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tylee_truksa shared a tip "I read it I’m not even a week and could not put it down"

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abby_5451 shared a tip "The  silence between us that’s awesome book I think. 😊"

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irrelevant328 shared a tip "Hmm I'm not sure maybe the first one"

rebecca_baldwin_5867 shared a tip "So good! Binge read this one"

Cali Gordineer's profile image

cali_gordineer shared a tip "I read it so long ago, I can hardly remember 😅 I do remember loving the setting though!"

alexanndria_lillies shared a tip "One of my favourite coming to age books. Deals with big emotions in a beautiful story"

ella_5003 shared a tip "This is such a good book I absolutely loved it along with the other 2 books"

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diana_morales_1742 shared a tip "Love love love this series"

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diana_morales_1742 shared a tip "Loved this series have to read"

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mia_evans_2320 shared a tip "Your welcome"

x_x_9439 shared a tip "So cute but also sad. A great beach read"

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elliott_camper shared a tip "Best book ever!! There are two others after this one! I read them all in a week!"

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stacy_braddy shared a tip "I really enjoyed the whole series. It's a coming of age story and it was so sweet."

robin_8090 shared a tip "Loved it!!!"

nicole_odom shared a tip "It is really good. Honestly it depends on how fast you read I finished the book in like 3 days, there is a little over 300 pages"

oriana_powzaniuk shared a tip "Yesss I do and this series is amazing!"

rachel_frey shared a tip "i absolutely love this book!! it makes me want to go live on the beach!! i couldn’t put this book down!!"

alexis_colson shared a tip "i loved this book so much, i’m in the middle of the second one and i’m so invested. i couldn’t put it down."

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olivia_zisa shared a tip "This book makes you feel so good! PERFECT SUMMER READ! (a show is coming out soon)"

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sophia_fisk shared a tip "read this in 2 days def recommend!!!!#romance #comedy"

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hannah_marie_brister shared a tip "I just finished reading The Midnight Library!!"

sasha_morton shared a tip "Yea the whole series is amazing. There’s also some love triangles."

emily_5939 shared a tip "Definitely!!! Loved it"

mia_borges shared a tip "YES ITS SO GOOD"

carlie_693 shared a tip "this book totally reminds me of kissing book! it is such a fun read."

hope_gilley shared a tip "I loved the teenage feel of this book"

anneliese_bailey shared a tip "Absolutely love this book. If you like this book I highly recommend “between the notes” by Sharon Huss roat as well"

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camryn_streib shared a tip "takes you back to summer as a teen"

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gacha_loser_1 shared a tip "It was amazing definitely would recommend"

awesome_user_790492 shared a tip "Is this book clean?"

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taralin_leigh_potter shared a tip "Mine too!"

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kayla_patton_7582 shared a tip "I haven’t read it yet. It’s on my list."

isabel_snyder_7717 shared a tip "Read this in 1 day, definitely a page-turner! The perfect fun and entertaining beach read."

karina_rojas shared a tip "Right now I’m really into anything by Colleen Hoover. She has not let me down yet!"

Jocelyn Castillo's profile image

jocelyn_castillo_2798 shared a tip "Ok but like who’s dying to watch the series!!!!"

brittany_george_3343 shared a tip "Loved the whole series! Was such a feel good, summer vibe, good read!"

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