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In this stunning bestseller praised as "our era's Handmaid's Tale," a fierce new power has emerged—and only women have it (Washington Post). In The Power, the world is a recognizable place: there's a rich Nigerian boy who lounges around the family pool; a foster kid whose religious parents hide thei

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Author Naomi Alderman

Pages 416

Publisher Little, Brown

Published Date 2017-10-10

ISBN 0316547654 9780316547659


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sunshine 's profile image

sunshine_4594 shared a tip "Was on the edge of my seat for this one, but it felt kind of meh."

Diane Morello's profile image

diane_morello shared a tip "Women wielding real power, electrifying"

Aviva Downing's profile image

aviva_downing shared a tip "I hear there’s a tv show in the works!"

Victoria Kitirattragarn's profile image

victoria_kitirattra shared a tip "Fantastic. Fierce and captivating. A must read. A historic novel dealing with feminism and power all set in a dystopia."

Pablo Fierros's profile image

pablo_fierros shared a tip "Would be almost perfect if it wasn’t so painfully adherent to gender binaries"

Adelina Prentice's profile image

adelina_prentice shared a tip "The book seems well written I just didn’t like the format."

Julie Mainville's profile image

julie_mainville shared a tip "I really enjoyed this book. Also very good as audio book."

Abby k's profile image

abby_k_6718 shared a tip "A very good sci-fi book with unexpected twists!"

karen_lawrence_8864 shared a tip "Borrowed this book for Dad. Thought you might like it too. It on the library website"

Liz DeBoer's profile image

SpeedyGonzaLiz shared a tip "Amazing book. Fiction, but plays like real life."

Robin George's profile image

robin_george shared a tip "I would recommend “a deadly education” by naomi novik."

flaurie-ve_michel shared a tip "the stories are beautiful"

Elissa Powchuk's profile image

elissa_powchuk shared a tip "The Book if Lost Things by John Conolly is definitely a favorite!"

Liz Martini's profile image

liz_martini shared a tip "Still thinking about it..."

Meagan 's profile image

meagan42 shared a tip "So good! This is the book I’ve been gifting all my women friends."

Christina DiCenzo's profile image

christina_dicenzo shared a tip "Flips the gender hierarchy on its head and makes you realize that we already live in a dystopian nightmare!"

Sharell Belanfante's profile image

sharell_belanfante shared a tip "I hit the wrong button by mistake. I do not recommend this."

Heather Golladay's profile image

heather_golladay shared a tip "A creative adventure into role reversal. The ending cinched it for me"

ellenann_reed shared a tip "The Dictionary of Lost Words"

kelli_venable shared a tip "Wonderful read!"

Cydney Moreno's profile image

cydney_moreno shared a tip "LOVED. This was a quick and intoxicating read with an interesting take on societal power dynamics."

cm_9854 shared a tip "Interesting concept."

alex_prime shared a tip "5/5"

Amanda Bastoni's profile image

amanda_bastoni shared a tip "So good! Makes you look at the world in a whole new way."

Elizabeth Mangiameli's profile image

elizabeth_mangiameli shared a tip "Thought provoking"

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