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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Book Lovers and Beach Read comes a sparkling novel that will leave you with the warm, hazy afterglow usually reserved for the best vacations.Two best friends. Ten summer trips. One last chance to fall in love.Poppy and Alex. Alex and Poppy. They have

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Author Emily Henry

Pages 384

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2021-05-11

ISBN 1984806769 9781984806765


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Meredith shared a tip "2/5- I loved Beach Read so had high hopes for this one, but just didn’t like it that much"

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Jackie.Davidson shared a tip "A perfect time to read a book about vacation is when you’re on vacation. A fun and bumpy romantic tale. Enjoy!"

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brenna_luevano shared a tip "So sweet!! It also had me cackling multiple times!"

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jennifer_weber_962 shared a tip "I loved this book so much."

jamie_m_6236 shared a tip "Five"

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angelicashley shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2"

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lexy_writes shared a tip "I thought that this book was good"

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eloshik shared a tip "This book brings such comfort ahh. It’s beautifully written, has immersive scenes, and likable characters <3"

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abby_swisher_2660 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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essence_brown_1771 shared a tip "4/5"

nicole_kolbinson shared a tip "Loved it! Devoured in 2 sittings. Would recommend to anyone that likes a light read. Perfect beach read."

★𝘨𝘪𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘢 𝘣𝘢𝘤𝘬𝘶𝘴★'s profile image

giaxnna shared a tip "Haven’t read this yet..on my shelf atm.."

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emyonina shared a tip "not a book for me 🤷‍♀️🙁"

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leticia_cormier shared a tip "Found this book so boring. Got halfway through it. Couldn’t finish it. Too slow. No thrill."

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Lnewz8411 shared a tip "Didnt love it. It was okay. Funny at times and I liked the characters. Just thought the story line was dull 🤷🏻‍♀️"

penelope_bee shared a tip "Fun, sweet, sexy summer read. Nothing too serious but also not filled with too much fluff."

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mary_ann_justus shared a tip "Loved loved loved this book!"

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oxana_sheridan shared a tip "Another wonderful book, where a man falls first! Loved it … the stories and each vacation count down…🔥❤️🫶"

love_book shared a tip "It’s was a good read. Kinda long. But I love stories that go back I forth in time. 7.5/10"

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bobbyhannafey shared a tip "ROMANTIC & FRESH! Filled with emotions and love, and a perfect summer read!"

natasha_mueller_341 shared a tip "Simple lil love tale"

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hayleyr shared a tip "Loved this book and loved the ending"

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gianna_s_534 shared a tip "It’s good, but so slow. Cute at the end, but so so slow"

jordan_conger shared a tip "Love Emily Henry’s novels!"

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micaela_lagdameo shared a tip "It was pretty good had a few problems with the ending tho"

celine_johnson_6293 shared a tip "Fav read of the year. I love this back and forth style of writing, it keeps me hanging on for more. Such a good story."

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isabella_myun_900 shared a tip "No I loved it all"

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brooke_lee_8183 shared a tip "10/10"

laura_9507 shared a tip "Read this book in one night. I just couldn’t go to sleep before finishing it. Absolutely loved it."

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a_c_t_x_i_i_a shared a tip "SOOOOOOO GOODDDDD 100000/5"

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fiona_k shared a tip "There's a bit of build up with the non-linear timeline. Definitely predictable though, but an enjoyable read none the less."

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brenda_salvatierra shared a tip "Loved it! It did take me a bit to really get into it but the last few chapters were amazing and definitely pulls at your heart!"

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aisha_moreno shared a tip "A good summer read. Wasn’t my favorite due to it being so prolonged but definitely a good read. 3/5 stars"

emily_elmendorf shared a tip "Incredible characters with a sweet sweet storyline. Loved the plot line of this"

abbie_plaisted shared a tip "Couldn’t even finish it…."

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paige_pieroni shared a tip "Loved this book so much. Very slow burn but soooooo worth it. I could not put it down for the life of me."

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harper_brayy shared a tip "So so good!"

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kelly_radzaj shared a tip "Not what I expected from the title but it was a love story that I enjoyed."

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josie123 shared a tip "5/5 stars!"

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jordyn_mcmullen_3243 shared a tip "I am not a fan of the switching perspective of the timelines in this book. It makes the book really drag on and hard to finish."

Jordyn McMullen's profile image

jordyn_mcmullen_3243 shared a tip "I’m currently reading the Elite by Kiera Cass and Where The Crawdads Sing"

francesca_loverro shared a tip "Wasn’t my favorite. Had a very slow start but a nice finish."

mia_roberts_7530 shared a tip "The whole book had me amazed 4/5"

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asoupygaebxtch shared a tip "Absolutely love this book we Stan @emilyhenry"

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santanq shared a tip "It’s a good book but how I wish they knew how to communicate from the beginning."

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amy_corkill shared a tip "Read this book!! I absolutely loved everything about it!"

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laundrya shared a tip "Heat level: sensual. Susanna Carr’s heat level index used to rank:"

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chloe_legrande shared a tip "Well currently I'm reading one called, I Kissed Alice. It's an LGBTQ+ one."

Serena La Rossa's profile image

serena_la_rossa shared a tip "Buttery, warm, and sweet."

mary_1402 shared a tip "Easy read. Hooked from beginning"

cristina_pennell shared a tip "This book felt a little slow but it was still very good."

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abbey_turner shared a tip "YES YES YES!! This is probably my top summer read that i’ve read so far! I will always recommend this book!!"

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tellybelly shared a tip "Pretty good not my fav out of the other two books she’s wrote."

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aliceontop shared a tip "finished 1.14 — ⭐⭐/5"

whitley_lands shared a tip "10/10 Alex and Poppy🥹❤️"

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sarah_hall_924 shared a tip "Super cute quick read"

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maureen_webb_motte shared a tip "So funny and cute. A great modern day romance?"

elizabeth_carey_9749 shared a tip "too slow and predictable."

liv_trowbridge shared a tip "im obsessed with it, I LOVE slow burn friends to lover trope, nothing can beat it."

deanna_young_3854 shared a tip "So so cute!!!"

chloe_haynes_6795 shared a tip "Who doesn’t love a good friends to lovers trope"

abiah_powell shared a tip "I’m not a big romance fan, but this was AMAZING!!!!!"

jillian_cusick shared a tip "Fun but I was hoping for just a little something more for the ending. Good summer binge read ⛱🏝🔥🚕"

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carsen_cowman shared a tip "This was a really good book I read it in two days and the spice was great"

brooke_dawson_9064 shared a tip "just picked up “iona iversons rules for commuting “ by clare pooley, super excited about that one!"

lilika_orahovats shared a tip "adorable! i loved it so much"

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stacey_lahr shared a tip "Excellent. Couldn’t put it down"

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kim_marinelli shared a tip "you’re welcome!"

sarah_furtado_9292 shared a tip "At first I found this book a bit hard to get into, but once I reached halfway I got completely sucked into it!!!🫶🏻"

baylee_furlow shared a tip "Cute love story vacation vibes"

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julia_jarrells shared a tip "Literally SO cute 👍"

lauren_taylor_4277 shared a tip "I just read it ends with us and loved it"

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alinic shared a tip "Haven’t read it yet but it’s one my list haha"

chase_9439 shared a tip "Absolutely loved it so cute"

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freedom_mihas shared a tip "I cried knowing these two should have been together from the beginning."

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stefania_2371 shared a tip "So beautiful"

maria_c_3592 shared a tip "This book is SO CHARMING. Loved all the dialogue and the story of course. They really felt like real people"

c_beno shared a tip "Took so long, hard to get into the book but the ending was actually nice…"

ellie_lord shared a tip "My first forray into romance and I was not disappointed! So cute and funny with a bit of depth that I didn't expect."

Makenna Merlo's profile image

makenna_merlo shared a tip "finally got around to reading this book. all thoughts aside i am officially a die hard emily henry fan."

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sarina_zelch shared a tip "I read it in like a week ( I’m 14 so I thinks it appropriate for 13+)"

chanceystef shared a tip "slowest of the slow burns but fell in love with the characters and their friendship"

lina_pno shared a tip "Scythe by Neal Shusterman"

Allison D's profile image

allison_d_2861 shared a tip "Cute little story of long time friends. I enjoyed it"

Therese DAmbrosia's profile image

therese_dambrosia shared a tip "A slow burn that drove me crazy. But liked it. The audio gave it another star!"

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galaok shared a tip "need me a boy best friend"

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amber_flannery shared a tip "This book was so sweet. A breath of fresh air"

audrey_mills_88 shared a tip "#friendstolovers"

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monica_penner shared a tip "I love this book with my whole heart. Alex and Poppy 💚"

caroline_cohen_7585 shared a tip "I’m working on Song of Achilles right now. Might go for Colleen Hoover next."

Presley Pennartz's profile image

presley_pennartz shared a tip "it was ok in my opinion"

Jenifer Hoffman's profile image

jenifer_hoffman shared a tip "I loved this book! Poppy and Alex are both such likable characters. The way the story unfolded was wonderful."

katie_mulcahy_1233 shared a tip "One of the best and most relatable romances I’ve read- and I absolutely loved it."

amber_yusko shared a tip "Not nearly enough spice for my liking. This was a cute and fun read but once was enough."

Vero H.'s profile image

vero_h. shared a tip "Boring."

michale_mueller shared a tip "It was okay very drawn out. I was ready for it to be over with."

kyliegatz 's profile image

kyliegatz shared a tip "i recently finished “love and other words” by christina lauren! i also read two others by emily henry. love her work!"

robert_johnson_8269 shared a tip "I actually like this one better than Beach Read but I think I am in the minority on that one"

natalie_pitts shared a tip "This book brings out all the feelings! Love, family ties, and women empowerment. I give this one a standing O!"

maddie averett's profile image

maddie_averett shared a tip "the ending was great and the relationship between poppy and alex was great!"

brooklyn_howlett shared a tip "Bleh"

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alianah_lands shared a tip "9/10 almost 10/10 it was amaizng! the tension was there i am in love with this book"

lyndsey_co shared a tip "Love it"

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katelyn_ford_4082 shared a tip "Slow starting. Took me a while to get into. PAY ATTENTION TO CHAPTER TITLES. Over all I like it though!"

julia_miller_5323 shared a tip "Nothing happened. So boring. Predictable and characters are not likable."

Danniella Ongmanchi's profile image

danniella_ongmanchi shared a tip "Such a wholesome ending & if you’re in love with your best friend it’s definitely a read"

Pooja Jain's profile image

pooja_jain shared a tip "Favorite book ever"

krista_partin shared a tip "Loved this book!!! A real page turner. ❤️"

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faith_i._5531 shared a tip "In general, “They Both Die At The End” by Adam Silvera. Still can’t find one that tops that for me. How about you?"

cathy_ratedreads shared a tip "Loved it. Love Emily Henry."

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natalie_sullivan_8863 shared a tip "#love"

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redate_zelalem shared a tip "👍"

kristen_pennington shared a tip "A fun, cute, easy read"

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madison_sullivan_4462 shared a tip "Emily Henry has two other books: beach read and book lover that are similar to this and are a must read!"

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peylawless shared a tip "Couldn’t really get into it! Not a huge fan."

caitlin_evers shared a tip "10/10"

brittany_mcenroe shared a tip "Loved this book!"

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shawna_monroe shared a tip "I really enjoyed this book. I read it in 2 days and enjoyed every minute."

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ellie_dixon shared a tip "Very fun and fast paced. Friends to lovers trope."

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lauri_davis shared a tip "Cute, lighthearted read"

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fitch0813 shared a tip "it was a little slow but i enjoyed the ending"

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tori_muscolino shared a tip "Witty humor. Easy read. Fun main characters"

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kailynn_ketelson shared a tip "Slow burn, cute story and was told well"

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emily_rodriguez_4545 shared a tip "It was too long of a romance!"

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melody_olson shared a tip "This book is so funny and relatable 😶"

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melody_olson shared a tip "I love this book its the first book I read that made me laugh outloud uncontrollably 😂"

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faith_pouliot shared a tip "I loved it! It was a quick read and I got invested so quickly."

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clara- shared a tip "literally best book i ever read omg i read it super quickly and loved everything about it emily henry never misses"

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WaleskaV shared a tip "Loved it so much!!!!"

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chantal_carrington shared a tip "Poppy irritated me the entire time but the ending was sweet and I loved it!"

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emmalymmusic shared a tip "Out of all the books I’ve read by Emily Henry so far, this one is my favorite!"

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jessica_burgess_7713 shared a tip "I loved this book!"

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natalie_carrizzo shared a tip "if you love the movie when harry met sally you’ll love this book!"

cindy_halifax shared a tip "Slow burn"

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vixyrach shared a tip "Genuinely funny, caught myself laughing out loud while reading this book."

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kalena_medina shared a tip "The wit and travel tie-in got me with this. Will they or won’t they? Has you going until the end."

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kimi_harrison shared a tip "I liked it a lot thought it was cute :)"

Sophie Henkle's profile image

sophie_henkle shared a tip "Such a sweet love story"

Evi Oaks's profile image

evi_oaks shared a tip "such a good friendship to lovers book!!!!!"

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halle_leiser shared a tip "Definitely the Spanish Love Deception"

Sutton_reads 's profile image

sutton_reads shared a tip "5 star read for me!"

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SpeedyGonzaLiz shared a tip "Cliché, but cute."

Julie McClung's profile image

julie_mcclung shared a tip "Good, not great."

brecken_1166 shared a tip "I really liked the middle of the book but once you start getting to the end it sorta disappoints. (Not everyone)"

rachel_morris_4444 shared a tip "9/10 I loved it. Awkward love and cute little stories"

ashley_magnuson shared a tip "Easy read. Cute."

denise_iacobacci shared a tip "Awesome!"

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hadiatou shared a tip "Can’t wait to get this book!"

nicole_cheek_9314 shared a tip "5/5!"

cadence_guidry_5373 shared a tip "love emily henry and all of her books"

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heather_harmon_1347 shared a tip "Cute story!"

emma_webb_7680 shared a tip "literally could not put this book down. loved it."

sydney_knisely shared a tip "It’s sooo good! @ellaanderson"

Gioia Duenas's profile image

gioia_duenas shared a tip "The love hypothesis, the Spanish love deception, the subtle art of not giving a f*ck (to name a few) how about you?"

mariah_sarmiento shared a tip "Finished Such a great book!!"

stephanie_clark_8982 shared a tip "A little slow in the beginning, great ending"

dyamond_hutton shared a tip "it’s a bit of a slow start for me but once i got into it, i really enjoyed it"

amanda_sipovac shared a tip "It was a great read. Light hearted, fun, cute. I loved it."

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shannon_webster_2733 shared a tip "I really enjoyed it! Im trying to read the rest of Emily Henry’s books now lmao"

amy_blomendahl shared a tip "The perfect summer getaway"

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ashley_mccardle shared a tip "Great book with a love story!!"

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hunter_goudy shared a tip "Too many to choose from! I’m a huge Nicholas sparks fan though. What about you?"

audrey_gauthier_2662 shared a tip "It's actually the next one on my list after im done It ends with us 😍 apparently it's good! Let me know if you read it!"

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maya_ellis shared a tip "favorite book rn!!! so good"

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maddie_hobbs_8373 shared a tip "This book was very slow. It did get my attention towards the end, but there was a lot of fluff between the beginning and ending."

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ashley_harvey_4875 shared a tip "Easy, feel good book!"

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mia_hernandez_8797 shared a tip "I’ve recently been reading it and so far it good #cantwaittoseeiftheresaplottwist"

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liz_parcell shared a tip "LOVED IT"

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emily_rosequist shared a tip "The romance was just my speed 🙌🏻"

lisa_delaney shared a tip "Cute easygoing read."

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gabrielle_6884 shared a tip "Such a contemporary romance, and explained two friends love for each other so well. Had me on the edge of my seat the whole time"

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heather_sevier shared a tip "Very great character development. Wonderful romance!!"

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ali_beth shared a tip "loved"

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jack_gasmena shared a tip "Definitely recommend it! If you love rom-com, You might like this one."

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lucy_reid shared a tip "Loved the characters! I related to Poppy a lot. Def a fun read!"

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airon_pritt shared a tip "It was a good one for sure!!!"

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susan_daley shared a tip "It was ok, but I felt like it went a bit slow and jumped around a lot."

annali_mejia shared a tip "I’ve read! Truly Emily Henry’s writing makes me feel apart of the characters growing love !"

Sarah Bearden's profile image

sarah_bearden shared a tip "Amazing just great"

zuzia_wargala shared a tip "love love love the structure of the past vs present and the slowwww buildup of the main relationship"

bette_2117 shared a tip "Loved friends to lovers was sad with what Poppy said to make Alex leave but luckily it had a happy good ending and made me cry"

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squidfreely shared a tip "I just finished the entire 5th wave series, they're all really good books if you enjoy dystopian and apocalyptic worlds."

cate sherman's profile image

cate_sherman shared a tip "3/5"

Morgan Moore's profile image

morgan_moore_3851 shared a tip "Beach Read, The Unhoneymooners, Book Lovers, and 99 Days are all amazing books!"

Randi Carpenter Weatherly's profile image

randi_carpenter_wea shared a tip "Such a fun quick read! Emily Henry did a great job with this book!"

asliweiss shared a tip "It’s a fun summer read. Makes you want to go on a vacation and have adventures 👍"

casey_luostari shared a tip "It was funny!"

cameronas shared a tip "my favs are the seven husbands of evelyn hugo and the perks of being a wallflower"

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jilly_reads shared a tip "This book made my heart so happy , finished it in 2 days"

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indra_yunen shared a tip "Great book! 3.5/5⭐️"

Mia Raymes's profile image

mia_raymes shared a tip "Wonderful contemporary romance! Gave me all the feels! #contemporary #romance"

em fila's profile image

em_fila shared a tip "LOVE they style of writing from this author. Funny and witty!"

Djeyna May's profile image

djeyna_may shared a tip "#romantic_comedy"

Jennifer Liriano's profile image

jennifer_liriano shared a tip "So good! Her other book Beach Read is also great"

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rendifer05 shared a tip "Loooooved this book. Loved the writing and truly fell in love with the characters!"

ashley_tabotabo shared a tip "I just started reading this book and so far so good!"

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norah_paige shared a tip "Such a chill read. I love the characters and enjoyed reading."

Audrey Tercero's profile image

audrey_tercero shared a tip "It was a good book! But I didn’t like how slow the book was and the ending was not the best."

Cynda House's profile image

cynda_house shared a tip "I really loved this book! It was a classic when Harry met Sally book and it was fun and sweet."

Alex Popa's profile image

lexiipopa shared a tip "Couldn’t put this down! Would 100% recommend if you’re looking for a light, fun read."

ava johnson's profile image

avajohnson shared a tip "i just loved it"

Chloe Crosson's profile image

chloe_crosson shared a tip "It took me a while to get into it, but eventually ended up loving it! Such a good read!"

Grace Minich's profile image

grace_minich shared a tip "Finishing this now. You have to read."

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ydnic19 shared a tip "Love, love, love! So cute and loving ✨"

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HoneyVee shared a tip "So cute!!!!"

dakota_whiting shared a tip "Definitely!! Such a good read!"

holly rose's profile image

holly_rose24 shared a tip "steamy romance, thought it was amazing! perfect for chilling by the pool."

Ishani Trzaska's profile image

ishani_trzaska shared a tip "I loooove this read! It allowed me to just relax and unwind without working up my anxiety lol 💖 just chill vibes and cute"

gracie_gatewood shared a tip "A great read by a great author. Loved so much!"

erica_fannin_4918 shared a tip "loved the chemistry and quick wit"

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_lillianblair_ shared a tip "sobbing"

kate_pittman shared a tip "Yes"

jay_3012 shared a tip "Amazing love story, soooo good gets u in the feels keeps you hooked"

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theladymay shared a tip "This was an easy read and I enjoyed it, but didn’t love it. You can get it on the Libby app if you have a library card."

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slime_unicorn shared a tip "Loved!!"

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kelli_vasquez shared a tip "I love the funny quick wit of Emily Henry’s books! This and beach read had me loving and relating to the characters!"

Sharon Tinsman's profile image

sharon_tinsman shared a tip "Fun read"

tracey_winkler shared a tip "I love this book. The characters are what makes it so outstanding."

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savannah_swindle shared a tip "So good, so wholesome, so steamy! Love it!"

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luann_caesar shared a tip "Loved the characters"

Lauren Dwyer's profile image

lauren_dwyer shared a tip "Loved the “will they, won’t they?” tension in this book!"

Mackenzie Freas's profile image

mackenzie_freas shared a tip "A great read! It had me laughing out loud and on the verge of tears. A really feel-good book."

Tabitha Minor's profile image

tabitha_minor shared a tip "I enjoyed reading this book. It took me a little bit to get into the story but it ended up grabbing my attention."

Mai-Lia Vang's profile image

alenavxo shared a tip "The perfect summer read! Such a beautiful story between two friends come lovers. Must read."

Grace Viland's profile image

grace_viland shared a tip "4.5/5, love this one!"

belize_combs shared a tip "loved just as much as beach read. the characters are great and just all goods 5/5"

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mell_a. shared a tip "Loved!"

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kendall_lucas shared a tip "Fun story and easy read! Loved it!"

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kelly_hammond shared a tip "Emily Henry does it again!! Great character development and description of true friendship."

kimberly_montgomery_7180 shared a tip "Happy, light hearted… perfect for summer reading poolside!"

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courtney_magee shared a tip "Fun beach read"

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dana_bisbee_9066 shared a tip "I loved this book! I wish I could read it for the first time all over again."

awesome_user_90019 shared a tip "Best book I have ever read"

jr_6398 shared a tip "I adored this book! So fun and it was neat how the story was laid out in pieces of time!"

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gracie_strohm shared a tip "The perfect summer read!"

shannon_watson_7869 shared a tip "Perfect beach read"

Allysa Mabanta's profile image

allysa_mabanta_216 shared a tip "Cute book."

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hannah_carey_7473 shared a tip "One of my favorite Emily Henry books."

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julie_preston_2270 shared a tip "I just loved this book. The characters could be infuriating, but that is what kept me rooting for them."

Gabby Haire's profile image

gabby_haire shared a tip "It was a beautiful book."

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samantha_shelenske shared a tip "Great summer read!"

tasha_frey_7191 shared a tip "Great weekend beach read!"

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ashlin_enright shared a tip "LOVED this book! 100% recommend!!!"

hayden_agee shared a tip "such a good book so worth it"

marisa_howell shared a tip "Funny, lighthearted and engaging."

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madison_hagar shared a tip "Loved this book! I flew right through it. Great story and an easy read. Very funny, too."

Nicole Marie's profile image

nicole_marie_9696 shared a tip "Friends to lovers trope, lovable characters, well written."

nichole_154 shared a tip "loved it! favorite book!"

Bonnie Delratez's profile image

bonnie_delratez shared a tip "Love the connection and fun banter between main characters!"

stefanie soy's profile image

stefanie_soy shared a tip "Loved this one! Have you tried the hating game by Sally Thorne? You might like it"

Brittany Martinez's profile image

brittany_martinez_7619 shared a tip "Hilarious and sweet, had me in the feels. Really great story"

Molly Neill's profile image

molly_neill shared a tip "Fast & fun"

Caira 's profile image

thelibraryofcaira shared a tip "One of the best contemporary romances I’ve ever read!! Good for all romance lovers <33"

Emily Davis's profile image

emily_davis_3320 shared a tip "So cute"

Caitlyn Szymkowiak's profile image

caitlyn_szymkowiak shared a tip "Fabulous Character Arch. You'll laugh through the entire storyline."

Audré Anne Bgs's profile image

audr_anne_bgs shared a tip "Can’t wait to read it, currently reading The Deal by Elle Kennedy 😊"

Hannah Mackler's profile image

hannah_mackler_5501 shared a tip "THE BEST ROMANCE BOOK"

Carter B's profile image

carter_b_3993 shared a tip "great love story"

Kasey Reynolds's profile image

kasey_reynolds shared a tip "This book was so good. I can't wait to read more by this author."

Beth Rosepal's profile image

beth_rosepal shared a tip "SO STINKING CUTE! I loved that it helped my travel itch along with my need for a romance!"

sara_gomez_4152 shared a tip "I would die for Alex."

Sue Craynon's profile image

sue_craynon shared a tip "Not in library"

alison_butcher shared a tip "This book was absolutely adorable 🏖"

Tiffany Johnson's profile image

tiffany_johnson_9366 shared a tip "Yes, it is such a good book. You will enjoy it if contemporary romance is your thing!"

justine_buongiorno shared a tip "Friends to lovers"

emma 's profile image

emmaforrey shared a tip "This book was such a cute read!! You would love this book if you like slow burn friends to lovers tropes."

Alyssa O's profile image

alyssa_o12 shared a tip "Yes I definitely think it's worth the read."

katherine sawyer's profile image

katherine_sawyer shared a tip "go read this right now it’s the cutest thing ever my new fav contemporary"

amber_lepla shared a tip "This was a fun read! I loved all the past vacation stories and how it all wrapped up in the end. I would give this a 4/5."

superman_eason shared a tip "Best friends to lovers is my fav!"

Claire Van Wely's profile image

claire_van_wely shared a tip "So relatable! Readable and Swee"

faith_olsen_5969 shared a tip "AMAZING"

brandi_pond shared a tip "Finished in two days…I was obsessed! ❤️"

Brisaes Mitchell's profile image

brisaes_mitchell shared a tip "I love this so much; would rate 9.5/10 def recommend to anyone who hasn’t read it"

bella maddox's profile image

bella_maddox_7443 shared a tip "A must read for romance lovers. Made me wonder if Enemies to lovers was really my favorite trope"

Meaghan Lamberton's profile image

meaghan_lamberton shared a tip "I really didn't want it to end 😭"

Diana Kloboves's profile image

diana_kloboves shared a tip "Quirky and fun"

Talia Schueller's profile image

talia_schueller shared a tip "Cute Rom-com 🥰"

Betsy J's profile image

betsy_j shared a tip "So cool. Long awaited. Loved loved loved it."

luminita_corkery shared a tip "THE BEST"

madyn parkey's profile image

madynp shared a tip "love emily henry, this slow burn romance was so great!#romance #romcom #friendstolovers"

Sophie Agbonkhese's profile image

sophie_agbonkhese shared a tip "It was perfection."

Frédérique Martineau-Grenier's profile image

frdrique_martineau- shared a tip "I adored !"

desiree_5717 shared a tip "Not your average friends to lovers story. A cute read."

ranpreet_ball shared a tip "I couldn’t put this down - so many feels"

Susan Vollenweider's profile image

susan_vollenweider shared a tip "Fun, beach (or in the ‘burbs wishing you were at the beach)read."

rachel_schumacher shared a tip "#mustread"

Cherise Thompson's profile image

cherise_thompson shared a tip "I couldn't put it down!"

madison swift's profile image

madison_baugh_1169 shared a tip "Finished this audiobook in 2 days.. great narration and Emily Henry’s storytelling is awesome!"

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melody_750 shared a tip "Loved"

Rashana Mahamane's profile image

rashana_mahamane shared a tip "5 stars! Def worth the hype. ✨"

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sarah_kurth shared a tip "Would recommend this book. Loved the characters and their relationship from the very beginning. Quick, fun read."

Ashley Lawrence's profile image

ashley_lawrence_1531 shared a tip "I love this book and I love #EmilyHenry."

Kaia Orme's profile image

kaia_orme shared a tip "Super cute romance, thoughtful organization, and brilliant banter"

Stephanie Lindeman's profile image

stephanie_lindeman shared a tip "Slow burn at first, but worth the read!"

Roxanne Krause's profile image

roxanne_krause shared a tip "Haven’t even finished it yet and absolutely love it"

renee_bowen shared a tip "Ok… slow"

hannah_devyor shared a tip "I’ve been thinking about this book for weeks after finishing it"

celia 's profile image

c3lia shared a tip "really cute and easy to read"

Becca McCallum's profile image

becca_mccallum shared a tip "A beautiful story of friendship, love, adventure, & everything in between"

alicia_moore_6024 shared a tip "It showed how people or friends differences can change and how it can effect how communication is also changed by it."

josselyn_hernandez_2495 shared a tip "loved it. starts so awkward and makes you wanna cry but it gets wayy better"

katie_roth_4720 shared a tip "Top notch character banter!"

jessica_russell_238 shared a tip "Super cute and funny. Friends to lovers trope."

Presley Maish's profile image

machomango shared a tip "i read this in one day and i want to re read it again for the next few days lol"

cheyenna_deleon shared a tip "henry was really good with descriptions. i felt i was really there with poppy and alex."

Corrie Salvador's profile image

corrie_salvador shared a tip "It made me laugh. The banter was amazing. Reminds me of me and my husband a bit."

Jessie Weddington's profile image

jessie_weddington shared a tip "It Was ok but not amazing."

Riina Beatriz's profile image

riina shared a tip "Easy and fun read. Couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting!"

Damaris Carreno's profile image

damaris_carreno_2493 shared a tip "I laughed so much. There friendship is so wholesome."

emilee_4951 shared a tip "✔️ Book 3"

Becky Garland's profile image

becky_garland shared a tip "Loved this book! I’m typically a dark and twisty reader, but this was the perfect break! Such an unconventional love story!"

Rebeca Silva's profile image

rebeca_silva shared a tip "my fav book i ugly cried!"

Ayanna Semper's profile image

ayanna_semper shared a tip "Made me feel all of the feelings"

Chloe 's profile image

chlooexx shared a tip "I couldn’t put it down, took me two days! Perfection"

Monica Sattler's profile image

monica_sattler shared a tip "I love their relationship and how their relationship is described."

Melanie Paiva's profile image

melanie_paiva shared a tip "1.17.2022"

ciara_coleman_3114 shared a tip "Loved this book so much!!"

April Scoville's profile image

april_scoville shared a tip "Fast reading, great travel scenes"

Sara Kathryn's profile image

sara_kathryn_7333 shared a tip "Love the main characters. Great writing!"

C Larry's profile image

c_larry shared a tip "i loved this book with all my heart! please read it"

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kourtney_gold shared a tip "I loved Beach Read."

Sabrina Riley's profile image

sabrina_riley_2482 shared a tip "Super cute easy beach read!"

ella_grace_9861 shared a tip "This book is so good omfg."

lindsay_fleming shared a tip "5 stars OMG THIS BOOK WAS JUST AMAZING"

Ahleeya Nicola 's profile image

ahleeya_nicola shared a tip "Definitely a slow burn and it’s really good in the end"

Jude Abzakh's profile image

jude_abzakh shared a tip "The story of friends to lovers I’m obsessed."

Sydney Fitzgerald's profile image

sydney_fitzgerald shared a tip "Easy read, cute story, nice characters"

Amanda Allen's profile image

amanda_allen_5173 shared a tip "So cute! I wish there were 4 more chapters!"

hannah_welp shared a tip "Yes!"

Rachelle Santana's profile image

rachelle_santana shared a tip "I liked it but I expected better from all the good reviews it got honestly I was a little bored 6/10"

Bekha Embrey's profile image

bekha_embrey shared a tip "So cute! Friends, to strangers, to lovers. Such a cute story with witty banter, humor, and plenty of swoon worthy moments!"

jennifer_3486 shared a tip "Sooo good. It made me laugh and ugly cry. What a great read!"

crystal_swain_9968 shared a tip "It is definitely worth it!! Changed my perspective on a lot of things and it’s written very well!"

cameron_skaggs-rowe shared a tip "it was good"

olivia_blankenbiller shared a tip "So worth it!!!! Loved every second"

Claire Ganzenmuller's profile image

claire_ganzenmuller shared a tip "10000/10000"

emma_9654 shared a tip "loved this book!"

Kristy Gomez's profile image

kristy_gomez_ shared a tip "best friends to lovers trope"

Emma Rose's profile image

emma_rose_3365 shared a tip "I liked it. Didn’t like much of the back and forth between summer in the beginning but it had a great ending."

Jocelyn Sanchez's profile image

jocelyn_sanchez_1488 shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down!!"

Kitty Sterling 's profile image

kitsterling shared a tip "So cute!"

kimberly_7745 shared a tip "Slow burn, entwines past & present with the ever present question of “what happened?!” making you want more!"

audrey_parker shared a tip "Love the love story"

Rachel Moore's profile image

rachelmpate shared a tip "Couldn’t put this one down. An easy read with characters who are easy to root for."

Kyla Durand's profile image

kyla_durand shared a tip "it was meh. personally i didn’t like the slow burn plot. i did like the ending and it was worth the wait. 3/5 stars"

Kaelyn Say's profile image

kaelyn_say shared a tip "I have read so many romance books and this is my favorite one by far. It is amazing. Please read this."

nicolette_porritt shared a tip "I didn’t love this as much as Beach Read, but it was a nice and easy read and enjoyed it."

marcy_duquette shared a tip "Good old love story."

Delaina 's profile image

delaina_8375 shared a tip "it was okay, predictable, but cute."

camryn_blume shared a tip "i LOVED this book"

Allison Emerick Burch's profile image

allison_emerick_bur shared a tip "Loved having both the present and back story for the characters."

Erin Diaz's profile image

eringdiaz shared a tip "4/5 stars - Cute casual read but nothing too incredibly special. Follows basic plot of rom-com style books"

Abigail Hall's profile image

abigail_hall_4919 shared a tip "Characters are so well developed, it will make you feel what they felt! Loved it."

courtney_reider shared a tip "Alex and Poppy are one of my favorite book couples"

Maria Andrea Plata's profile image

maria_andrea_plata shared a tip "Endearing and entertaining"

Paige Bernard's profile image

pgb shared a tip "loved this book!!! couldnt put it down"

abi_hulbert shared a tip "Easy and happy read"

Lily Ing's profile image


Allie Brown's profile image

allie_brown_5781 shared a tip "Loved the characters, you really feel like you know them and the romance makes you want to go out and find the love of your life"

Katelyn Kellogg's profile image

katelyn_kellogg shared a tip "This is the perfect summer read!"

beila shared a tip "I would put this in my top 5 list of fav books"

Danielle Ellman's profile image

danielle_ellman shared a tip "So good 😊"

jamison_brown shared a tip "so cute and made me very happy!!"

Melinda Winsen's profile image

melinda_winsen shared a tip "It was VERY slow moving."

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