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Author Michelle McNamara

Pages 352

Publisher Harper

Published Date 2018-02-27

ISBN 0062319809 9780062319807

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Sandy Lopez's profile image

sandy_lopez shared a tip "Michelle’s attention to detail and sincere desire to identify GSK was shown throughout this book."

Amzette Auld's profile image

amzette_auld shared a tip "Yes, I’ve read this as well as watched it on Netflix. It’s a good one. Thank you."

Chaitanya Mankala's profile image

chaitanya_mankala shared a tip "Like it"

Susan Elizabeth's profile image

susan_elizabeth shared a tip "This is her only book. She died before the book was finished. I am a true crime fan so my favorite part really is her research"

Kimberly Dugan's profile image

kimberly_dugan shared a tip "Absolutely"

Kimberly Dugan's profile image

kimberly_dugan shared a tip "Absolutely!"

Bonnie Zadernak's profile image

bonnie_zadernak shared a tip "Really gripping story and investigation"

Alesha Dentoni's profile image

alesha_dentoni shared a tip "I have not, but if you like true crime, this book is quite disturbing."

susan_8184 shared a tip "Great mini series on hbo about the book, by the same title"

lynette_annaert shared a tip "Favorite true crime………..🤔. Prob in cold blood. U?"

Shelly Sigler's profile image

shelly_sigler shared a tip "Thx! I loved it!"

Elvira Granito's profile image

elvira_granito_7594 shared a tip "It was my first time reading her work"

Mel Hornsby's profile image

mel_hornsby shared a tip "Read this in two days. So good. Awesome"

jennifer_johnson_5366 shared a tip "2021"

Anna Wells's profile image

anna_wells_4370 shared a tip "I’m currently reading the A Court of Thorns and Roses series! I had to take a break from reading about serial killers😅"

Briget Mazzetta's profile image

briget_mazzetta shared a tip "Don’t read this alone! 😳"

claire_henry shared a tip "She helped put the golden state killer behind bars. Her work is impeccable"

Carmen Peters's profile image

carmen_peters shared a tip "I haven't read it yet. Im getting it soon"

Rosario Juarez's profile image

rosario_juarez shared a tip "I would definitely recommend this book."

Kim Prisco's profile image

kim_prisco shared a tip "I can’t say that I did. I absolutely want to Re-read it now, having seen the HBO mini."

Angela McNerney's profile image

angela_mcnerney shared a tip "It was really good!!"

Carmi Ruiz's profile image

carmi_ruiz shared a tip "Yes most definitely:)"

Azzy 's profile image

azaeka shared a tip "The audiobook was riveting! I couldn't pause it!"

Tracy Lowes's profile image

tracy_lowes shared a tip "It was good"

corey_somerville shared a tip "Must read for true crime lovers"

Heidi Brooks's profile image

heidi_brooks shared a tip "I know I couldn't, some books are slow at the beginning but this one was crazy intense all the way through"

anne_smith_6015 shared a tip "The author passed away as the book was completed. She had a very successful crime podcast before writing the book."

Heather Stadlwieser's profile image

lashersgirl shared a tip "Still having a hard time going to bed....chilling and yet sensitive to the victims, couldn't put it down!"

Lesley Harris's profile image

lesley_harris shared a tip "Probably one of THE best books I’ve ever read. If you enjoy true crime this is a must read!"

Leslie Randall's profile image

leslie_randall_8696 shared a tip "Probably the best true crime book I’ve ever read."

Allison Fox's profile image

allison_fox_8362 shared a tip "Absolutely! I thought it was beautifully written and loved it."

kaylasavard shared a tip "Hands down the best true crime book I’ve read. The authors earnest desire is felt in each page."

Mary Stevens's profile image

mary_stevens_6659 shared a tip "Very well written."

audra_holcer shared a tip "It is so terrifyingly well done. I hate she couldn’t be here to see him face justice"

Kate Preston's profile image

kate_preston shared a tip "I listened to the audio book. Made for a few tense nights lol. Knowing who the author is made it more poignant."

Melissa Jeuck's profile image

melissa_jeuck shared a tip "Not sure I could pick just one!"

summer_sousa_2029 shared a tip "You know it was all just so shocking…. But I also saw it on TV really eye-opening… "

Mary Baez's profile image

mary_baez shared a tip "I just found C.J. Box so far hooked"

IZZY 's profile image

izzyB shared a tip "Totally!"

Samantha Goncalves's profile image

samantha_goncalves shared a tip "very insightful and amazing how Michelle was able to aid in the investigation"

debra_rini shared a tip "So good! Gave me a couple of nightmares!!"

Deidra Miller's profile image

deidra_miller_4630 shared a tip "Thank you sister,,❤️"

britney_389 shared a tip "I love this book so much. Only took me three days to read it."

camille_thoennes shared a tip "Read it in two days. I couldn’t put it down."

Bekah Hackett's profile image

bekah_hackett shared a tip "It's a staple if you like True Crime IMO!"

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