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Immerse yourself in Middle-earth with J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic masterpieces behind the films...This special 50th anniversary edition includes three volumes of The Lord of the Rings (The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King), along with an extensive new index—a must-own

Author J.R.R. Tolkien

Pages 1216

Publisher HarperCollins

Published Date 2012-02-15

ISBN 0547951949 9780547951942

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Google 4.5


Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "A great way to get into the fantasy novel genre!"

rachel_schuh shared a tip "I know this is unpopular but I really didn’t enjoy."

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benjamin_patterson shared a tip "Yes I have, they are great too 😁"

sierra_cook shared a tip "PlEASE READ"

sierra_cook shared a tip "Faramier is my favorite character then of course Aragorn."

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bee_morgan shared a tip "I love the story and songs and bilbo it was great to read"

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verna_wilder shared a tip "I've read and listened to these books several times over and never tire of entering Tolkein's world."

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rosewind shared a tip "1,216 pages"

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joshua_webb_4938 shared a tip "Books are better though. Movie leaves half of it out"

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joshua_webb_4938 shared a tip "Yup"

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hannah_kissinger shared a tip "It's one of those books you just have to read if you love fantasy"

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jacqueline_leonard shared a tip "Literally the best fantasy novel series in existence. #fantasy"

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joel_gafford shared a tip "Absolute classic and must read for everyone"

jody_santhuff shared a tip "My all-time fav"

Ashley Fillingim's profile image

ashley_fillingim shared a tip "That's tough. It changes depending on my frame of mind. I do love the Anita Blake series. Anything by Phillipa Gregory."

rose_judd shared a tip "Two towers, yours?"

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red_one_3803 shared a tip "Mesmerizing, fantastical trilogy"

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glena_osban shared a tip "Love this series!"

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james_veltri shared a tip "Omg if you haven't yet it is worth the time I have read the books before the movies and then after and the book is so much better"

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john_brown_9213 shared a tip "The book that got me into reading. Love this story and the world that JRR Tolkien builds."

lynn_997 shared a tip "Great story line"

lynn_997 shared a tip "Taking a break. Any recommendations?"

breanna_marceniuk shared a tip "An instant classic! One you can re-read over and over. Tolkien is a marvel!"

aaron_wilkinson_1747 shared a tip "A classic"

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sonia_anglica_godoy shared a tip "A classic!"

awesome_user_693310 shared a tip "Return of the king"

awesome_user_693310 shared a tip "You?"

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brie_samuelson shared a tip "The amount of times I have read this book should be illegal"

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erin_warren_3047 shared a tip "The best!"

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nannette_blackwell_7040 shared a tip "I have a book I'm reading but it's not like The Lord of the Rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

grace_bourne shared a tip "Two Towers! You?"

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bailey_jones_9893 shared a tip "Some of my favorite books. 😍"

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