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When the doors of the lift crank open, the only thing Thomas remembers is his first name. But he's not alone. He's surrounded by boys who welcome him to the Glade - a walled encampment at the centre of a bizarre and terrible stone maze. Like Thomas, the Gladers don't know why or how they came to be

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Author James Dashner

Pages 334

Publisher Chicken House

Published Date 2013-12-05

ISBN 1908435488 9781908435484


Google 3.5


Ghostie Gal's profile image

ghostie_gal shared a tip "Nothing better than a good dystopian. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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val_9015 shared a tip "had the fattest crush on minho"

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zamora_miller shared a tip "YES YES YES YES YES. That’s it."

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jennalyn_clow shared a tip "Dystopian, series"

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natalie_de_groot shared a tip "Different from the movies in all the best ways."

Holly Dolly's profile image

holly_dolly shared a tip "Iron Widow - tho there's only one book so far, and Shatter the Sky Duology are the last ones I devoured. Good luck!"

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jason_green_7725 shared a tip "The fight through the Maze"

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jonl_leautaud shared a tip "it’s a good read for sure!"

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wilsonb shared a tip "8.8/10"

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hannah_m_9435 shared a tip "If you like dystopian you will love this book series. That's all I have to say it was amazing."

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alaina_k_7304 shared a tip "Loved it!! It was super engaging, there’s humor, there’s love, there’s sadness, it’s a great book if you love dystopian‘s"

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hannah_bell shared a tip "I highly recommend. I read one chapter and I knew I loved it."

Isabella Beilfuss's profile image

isabella_beilfuss shared a tip "I absolutely LOVE this book I've read it so many times def recommend"

lexi_251 shared a tip "I have not yet read this book if you have leave a comment please"

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hannah_7831 shared a tip "The book. Always and forever."

sarenna_lapp shared a tip "Just so good and filled with suspense"

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desiree_white_5762 shared a tip "My best friend showed me the book and I was hooked"

IsaBelle Stull's profile image

isabelle_stull shared a tip "Yes I do"

peyton_grafton shared a tip "The first one, gotta love the originals"

Kaylin Taylor's profile image

kaylin_taylor shared a tip "Loved the books hated the movies that was expected though"

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aryel_weseman shared a tip "Cinder by Melissa Meyers"

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kristina_zakharova shared a tip "I have not. Have you? Will you recommend?"

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ariel_dickman shared a tip "Amazing series always a classic like Harry Potter, and hunger games❤️"

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natasha_bauer shared a tip "I like all of them"

Nicole Jozefiak's profile image

nicole_jozefiak shared a tip "It's engaging but I was able to walk away every so often"

Katie Etheridge's profile image

katie_etheridge shared a tip "The most memorable was when he rescued the other boy and tied him to the wall and climbed up to stay hidden! What about you?"

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mikayla_martinez_1116 shared a tip "I haven’t read anything else by this author but I hope to, any suggestions?"

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lily.wyck shared a tip "The end left me reeling, it was incredible. I really enjoyed the ending, and the book altogether!"

michael_kearney shared a tip "I’m reading the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Excellent."

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brad_searing shared a tip "Yes, I love a good dystopian series."

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reanna_dell shared a tip "I just read the shatter me series and I loved it! Another book I really loved was the darkest minds"

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horse_freak shared a tip "This book was soooooooo good"

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bailee_mcpherson shared a tip "Do you like the app so far?!"

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ayden_9014 shared a tip "this and hunger games will always be my favorite dystopian books <3"

ayiana shared a tip "Unique plot line"

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laura_jones_7506 shared a tip "Enjoyed the first 2 books DNFed the 3rd"

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water_plant shared a tip "yes!"

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kim_657 shared a tip "I am into natural disaster apocalyptic and reading the Bunker series by Jordan Rivet"

abigail_christian shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve read"

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vraj_patel_7967 shared a tip "Yep. They weren’t as good but the first one was really entertaining."

_mini bang_'s profile image

_mini_bang_ shared a tip "Watch the movies or the books first, it's a crazy journey. The origin and the!"

brie_8860 shared a tip "So good!!!!"

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rachel_saleski shared a tip "Definitely the first and second!"

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isabel_rondo shared a tip "Awesome."

patty_sommer shared a tip "You know,i got this confused with the kite runner. Sorry."

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luke_johnson_153 shared a tip "Not a tip but a question can you read books on here or bbn is this like a suggestion app ?"

emma_thiara shared a tip "This books keeps you on your toes with great twists and an amazing plot. The characters are well written."

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kylee_hernandez_2667 shared a tip "@chrisflores28 my personal favorite is the Death cure"

Nevaeh Hernandez's profile image

nevaeh_hernandez_6755 shared a tip "One of the best fiction books I’ve read"

Olivia Myers's profile image

olivia_myers_2816 shared a tip "My favorite part is actually at the beginning of the third book. Major spoilers so I won't say just in case!"

aria_8410 shared a tip "really well written"

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patrick_morris_5720 shared a tip "I enjoyed it a lot, it definitely was a staple for me when I first got into reading!!"

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wolf_the_neko_dad shared a tip "I'm currently reading House of Leaves I'd 100% reccomend"

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kory_huskins shared a tip "Right now I'm reading The Shining by Stephen King and I'm loving it!"

Jakya Ellison's profile image

jakya_ellison shared a tip "In this series, The Scorch Trials is definitely my favorite!"

katie_edick shared a tip "Yes. The whole series is well written."

aneleise_bland shared a tip "You should try the testing series! &The lunar chronicles by Marissa Meyer"

melvin_8565 shared a tip "You should! It has a very unpredictable plot and great characters."

N0vyncia shared a tip "It’s great!! Amazing story line and action packed. u should definitely look into it :)"

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xander_lewis_2569 shared a tip "I know it’s not right in the same genre. But I’m loving Shadow and Bone series. Just read the first one"

Natalie Blayney's profile image

natalie_blayney shared a tip "Just started The Turn of The Key by Ruth Ware!"

caitlin wardle's profile image

caitlin_wardle shared a tip "Mostly loved all the runner scenes with Thomas, they really did great world building with the maze"

haley_g_9595 shared a tip "Silent patient!! So good"

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anecia_brown shared a tip "Definitely. I personally loved it so so much."

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a_bunni shared a tip "my favorite dystopian book by far <3"

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bella_amey shared a tip "Totally 👍🏼"

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nallely_rosado shared a tip "Its a good series! I hope you enjoy it"

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liberty_potter shared a tip "I love this book it's amazing so when I saw it here I was so surprised since I have the real thing!"

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lillian_ashley shared a tip "Yes, yes, yes, 100% yessss and u ahve to read the other ones after also"

Lillian Ashley's profile image

lillian_ashley shared a tip "yesss it’s so worth it"

Mikaila S's profile image

mikaila_s shared a tip "Yes! Absolutely"

mikaela_hallowell shared a tip "There’s 5 book and the first 3 have movies to them the other two are just extra detail to help the reader understand."

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karry_taylor shared a tip "My all time fav is Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury"

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julie_balazs shared a tip "Currently reading the Matched series by Ally Condie."

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OHeyChrissy shared a tip "I actually haven't read this book but it's on my list! Right now I am reading Revealed by Kristen and P.C. Cast"

tess_rodenberger shared a tip "100%!! if you’re into sci fi, it’s an amazing series."

Marie Irizarry's profile image

marie_irizarry shared a tip "No worries a great book hands down!!"

sher_5867 shared a tip "probably every last word!"

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lydia_wright_7990 shared a tip "I have read this book so many times. It's a great read for in-between-book times, and I love it sooooo much."

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athanasios_death shared a tip "It was good not the best not the worst kinda average"

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diya_johny shared a tip "I don’t actually. I like a lot of books. do you have a favorite?"

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alex_edwards_7020 shared a tip "Oh yes - quick read, fast paced, keeps you on the edge along with the main character"

katie_r0257 shared a tip "I read this entire series in less than a week. I liked it a lot, but the first one is best."

etika_abazi shared a tip "The movies and books were both amazing"

darren_hagenson shared a tip "City of bones series"

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olivia_vaughn_5615 shared a tip "Definitely."

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austin_west_7905 shared a tip "Are you a real person?"

jackson_canfield shared a tip "100%"

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