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After her werewolf lover unexpectedly dies in an accident, a woman must find a way to raise the son and daughter that she had with him. However, their inheritance of their father's traits prove to be a challenge for her.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2012-07-21

Runtime 117 minutes

Revenue $55m


TMDB 8.2


Meredith McDonald 's profile image

daniel_duncan_mcdon shared a tip "I love this movie, it's about mother Hood and letting our children grow. ❤️"

Umbra Draconum 21's profile image

umbra_draconum_21 shared a tip "A story of a single mother raising her children and watching them grow into thier own people in a unique light"

Felicia Paine's profile image

felicia_paine shared a tip "A beautiful bitter sweet, down to earth movie about family. One of my favorites ever!"

Lily 's profile image

Pigeonsupremacy shared a tip "sobbed like a little baby, 10/10 amazing animation and great writing 👌"

Michelle Crihfield's profile image

michelle_crihfield shared a tip "I aspire to be this mom!"

Rival 's profile image

Rival_Destination shared a tip "It’s amazing it’s kinda sad but I loved every second of it."

alailah <3's profile image

uraveragereader shared a tip "so amazing, captivating animation and made me cry way too much"

Natalie Hartigan's profile image

natalie_hartigan shared a tip "**** MADE ME SOB"

17 's profile image

reptar shared a tip "nothing will ever fill the void in my heart this movie left me with"

Simon Cyr's profile image

simon_cyr shared a tip "This movie is perfect. SO sweet."

Tiny Miracle77's profile image

tiny_miracle77 shared a tip "It was so sad but it was also so beautiful! Definitely a tearjerker"

Gen Harris's profile image

gen_harris shared a tip "I cried on parts that were so average moments in a movie it was so miniscule to the story but I still cried"

Princess Samuels's profile image

princess_samuels shared a tip "Good"

Mi Mi's profile image

mi_mi_359 shared a tip "Found it on youtube once and loved it"

readalotgirl 's profile image

icyhotsmom_28 shared a tip "This made me cry, but this is also melted my heart. A emotional but heartwarming movie."

Julia R's profile image

julia_r_6977 shared a tip "where can i watch this movie"

ticci toby's profile image

ticci_toby_2411 shared a tip "It is a great"

Brittney Cunningham's profile image

brittney_cunningham_1203 shared a tip "This movie is really sad, but there is a lot of warmth sprinkled throughout."

Josie J 's profile image

josie_j shared a tip "Great! Tearjerker at times!"

Sarah Steen's profile image

sarah_steen shared a tip "Mamoru Hosoda’s best work, my favorite film. Truly an experience!"

anna augustine's profile image

anna_augustine shared a tip "Incredible movie that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster"

BubbleBee 's profile image

bubblebee_2376 shared a tip "I loved this movie so much I just re watched it and the ending still made me tear up"

Zexkrin_7887 's profile image

benevolent.bookreadr shared a tip "It's the perfect emotionally heartwarming animated movie to watch!"

Sarah Snoddy's profile image

sarah_snoddy shared a tip "Very relaxing cute movie"

Kayley 's profile image

kayley_615 shared a tip "ITS A BEAUTIFUL MOVIE OVERALL"

Kennedee Card's profile image

kennedee_card shared a tip "I LOVE Ponyo. Beautiful narration, music, and animation. The characters are also so wholesome."

Frosttie 's profile image

Frosttie shared a tip "Great story with loveable characters."

Jenny Earp's profile image

jenny_earp shared a tip "Such a good movie. The mom in this story is my inspiration for how I want to be when I become a mom."

anna_maple shared a tip "Where do you watch this?"

Kaylee Richards's profile image

kaylee_richards_6409 shared a tip "All I can say is prepare yourself for this movie."

Noelle HS's profile image

nodlle shared a tip "Made me cry, and I never cry."

sarah 's profile image

sarahaha shared a tip "so sweet"

Eli Ferrer's profile image

eli_ferrer shared a tip "It was cute feel good family movie! ❤️"

michelle gan's profile image

michelle_gan shared a tip "i cry every time i watch"

Silver~Chan 's profile image

rebekah_rodriguez_1522 shared a tip "Sad but so beautiful, I remember when I watched it for the first time I couldn't stop crying"

Billy 's profile image

billilliot shared a tip "Very sweet, made me cry :) had a bittersweet ending"

al3x 's profile image

hrtz.al3x shared a tip "Once again I would watch this religiously everytime I get the chance"

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