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Legendary marshal Wyatt Earp, now a weary gunfighter, joins his brothers Morgan and Virgil to pursue their collective fortune in the thriving mining town of Tombstone. But Earp is forced to don a badge again and get help from his notorious pal Doc Holliday when a gang of renegade brigands and rustle

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 1993-12-25

Runtime 130 minutes

Budget $25m

Revenue $57m


TMDB 7.6


Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "Timeless movie"

Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "Love this movie"

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Drainyou42x shared a tip "One of my favorites"

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elizabeth_sanders_5655 shared a tip "I love western movies this one made me cry but i loved it so much i own the movie"

Tamera Allen's profile image

tamera_allen shared a tip "Every.. Single.. Time.. this comes on my husband will quote the movie word for word!!"

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just a fun western movie!"

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shari_goddard shared a tip "Watch it for so many reasons, but Val Kilmer’s performance is the legendary!"

Charles Cadwallader's profile image

charles_cadwallader shared a tip "I'll be your Huckleberry"

Ray Bucalo's profile image

ray_bucalo shared a tip "The best western ever made in my opinion"

taj_hayden shared a tip "Val Kilmer steals the show."

Emily Heisler's profile image

emily_heisler shared a tip "Terrific western"

Jillian 's profile image

jillian_36107 shared a tip "One of my favorite western style movies. Wonderful cast! Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday just makes it!!"

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c_young shared a tip "One of my all time favorites, everyone should see this movie. Classic."

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i_5394 shared a tip "coolest bunch of cowboys"

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shayne_fergus shared a tip "Love this movie. I'm your huckleberry."

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mitchell_nickolson shared a tip "Val Kilmer plays the best Doc Holiday ever, and Kurt Russell is the denition of cowboy. ****/5"

Kait Brannen's profile image

kaitiejayne shared a tip ""Whose you're Huckleberrt?"

Aneesah Mahasin's profile image

aneesah_mahasin shared a tip "Awesome film! The best Wyatt Earp i have seen yet! (5/2/21)"

Tabitha Sullivan's profile image

tabitha_sullivan shared a tip "The Best"

Maurice Franklin II's profile image

maurice_franklin_ii shared a tip "One of my favorite westerns"

frances_morris shared a tip "In my top 10."

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angie_b shared a tip "My favorite movie of all time."

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steven_hendrickson shared a tip "IF you don't know this movie..... WATCH IT"

sara_ann_knight shared a tip "Best 90's movie"

Christina Ratcliff's profile image

christina_ratcliff shared a tip ""I'll be your huckleberry". I own the dvd and I watch it every time it's on. This is in my top 10 guilty pleasures."

apral shared a tip "Classic! You'll watch it over and over again."

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dara_butler shared a tip "This is a favorite in my house. We know every word"

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marcella_ramirez_1220 shared a tip "Just watch this movie!!! Then you can be my huckleberry"

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jeanette_robinson_8247 shared a tip "My favorite"

ann_whisenhunt shared a tip "One of my husband's favorites, of course. It's a good one."

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inkydarkabysd shared a tip "I absolutely loved this movie, watched it right after visiting Tombstone. The movie did the town justice."

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blkpower_7 shared a tip "1 of the top ten western ever made"

Tushar Saxena's profile image

tushar_saxena shared a tip "Don't you ever put your hands on a cowboy..."

Jennifer Yarbrough's profile image

jennifer_yarbrough_7207 shared a tip "My all-time favorite movie. I loved Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday, I think he did an amazing job."

danni_hixson shared a tip "Val Kilmer is a damn legend."

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petrine_cerri shared a tip "One of my favorite movies, Val Kilmer is excellent!!"

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princess_vegeta shared a tip "I’ll be your huckleberry"

jack_cox_9148 shared a tip "One of the best Western movies ever made!!"

rod_3804 shared a tip "Great action"

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james_scimonelli shared a tip "Amazing movie! Great for thrill seeking suspense movie lovers. #ValKilmer #KurtRussell #Suspenseful #action"

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artleen_salvador shared a tip "I really underestmated this movie but trust me it one of the best movies ever!!! :)"

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jvsd shared a tip "One of my all time favorite westerns!"

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amanda_young_2741 shared a tip "Love this movie. Lots of eye candy for the ladies and action for the men."

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Squatch shared a tip "The best western of all time."

Teresa Simpson's profile image

teresa_simpson_3239 shared a tip ""You gonna do something about it, or just stand there and bleed?" I love this movie!"

corey_whitney shared a tip "Not a huge western guy, this one is an all time favorite of mine"

Lacey Layton's profile image

lacey_layton shared a tip "One of my favorite movies! So many iconic lines and some of my favorite acting. So good!"

tara_wentzell shared a tip "I'll be your huckleberry"

chris_short shared a tip "One of the best movies of all time. Period."

Marie Thomas's profile image

marie_thomas_3985 shared a tip "One of the best westerns ever made"

Marie Thomas's profile image

marie_thomas_3985 shared a tip "One of the best westerns ever made!"

Marie Thomas's profile image

marie_thomas_3985 shared a tip "One of the best westerns, blood, love, humor and true brotherhood"

Dennis Tegethoff's profile image

dennis_tegethoff shared a tip "Up there w/ 'Unforgiven' & 'Silverado' as one of the greatest modern Westerns"

Jenny Miller's profile image

jenny_miller_3737 shared a tip "Best western ever filmed."

Cirrus Macleod's profile image

cirrus_macleod shared a tip "The best Doc Holliday movie. Oh, and Wyatt Earp’s there too."

Tiffany Boynton's profile image

tiffany_boynton shared a tip "Rough and tumble western- awesome cast"

Christin Spangler's profile image

christin_spangler shared a tip "Love this movie!!!!"

doug_tabner_817 shared a tip "Great acting/cast, from what I’ve read about the actual events, it’s also fairly accurate."

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erin_johnson_4734 shared a tip "I'm not big into westerns but I love this movie 😂"

Andrea Van Der Linden's profile image

andrea_van_der_lind shared a tip "Great movie #classic"

Zombo MadWag's profile image

tombgoon13 shared a tip "One of my favorite movies of all time. Just watched it too many times."

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jessie_law shared a tip "Val Kilmer makes this movie phenomenal."

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tyler_hansen_2836 shared a tip "Classic! The boys and I get together and watch it once a year as tradition"

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jessica_gray_7262 shared a tip "One of my all time FAVORITE movies!"

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jennifer_gibson_5998 shared a tip "Fried Green Tomatoes"

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chuck_smith_5268 shared a tip "Great Western. Loved Cal Kilmer as Doc Holiday."

tetchjan_simpson shared a tip "Stellar cast and intense story line. #watchit !!!"

sonyetta_pyles shared a tip "“I’ll be your Huckleberry”"

Patricia Webber's profile image

patricia_webber shared a tip "Love this movie"

Aniah Fountain's profile image

aniah_fountain shared a tip "It was hilarious and so action packed! It was awesome, I loved the style of the movie was beautiful outfits."

Lewis Taylor's profile image

lewis_taylor shared a tip "Excellent Cast Val Kilmer steaks the show but the whole cast is superb and the story and acting to boot also!"

Clynn Korney's profile image

clynn_korney shared a tip "I love westerns and Val Kilmer is great. This is a very good movie."

Arrvis shared a tip "Such an amazing movie. Great acting, casting choices, scenery, music…EVERYTHING!"

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