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The Grand Budapest Hotel tells of a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars and his friendship with a young employee who becomes his trusted protégé. The story involves the theft and recovery of a priceless Renaissance painting, the battle for an enormous family fortune and t

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2014-02-26

Runtime 100 minutes

Budget $30m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 8.0


Thomas Duncan's profile image

thomas_duncan shared a tip "The film that made me love Wes Anderson!"

Kyle O’Connor's profile image

Kyle.OConnor shared a tip "beautiful cinematography!!! it’s like watching a pop-out book come to life."

Amina Qureshi's profile image

amina_qureshi shared a tip "An all time favorite! Obsessed with the satire and acting! I loved it before it one every award possible!"

Allison F's profile image

allison_f shared a tip "I've probably watched this a score of times, and its never gotten old. Cinematic, tragic, beautiful, lyrical, amazing."

Charles H. Piatt's profile image

charles_h._piatt shared a tip "A great movie. Wes Anderson's finest film."

Julie Bee's profile image

julie_bee shared a tip "This must be one of my favorite movies of all times.. I never tire of watching it ❤️"

Freemon Jackson's profile image

freemon_jackson shared a tip "Yes!"

Lisa Flores's profile image

lisa_flores_8364 shared a tip "Hilarious and charming like all the characters."

shannon_ringle shared a tip "Clue is hands down my favorite."

George Bray's profile image

george_bray shared a tip "One of my favs!! Must watch!"

Alex Flood's profile image

alex_flood shared a tip "Great cinematography, absolutely hilarious. Wes Anderson at his finest."

Adrian Raileanu's profile image

adrian_raileanu shared a tip "The beautiful world of Wes Anderson, a romantic comedy, enjoy the color palette !"

I 's profile image

i_5394 shared a tip "sheer Magic the characters were amazing and well as the story I could watch it a hundred.times and never get tired"

judith_cayton shared a tip "Wes Anderson with a point"

Chiffon 's profile image

chiffon shared a tip "As pleasant as the perfect cup of tea!"

Jonathan Gerhardt's profile image

jonathan_gerhardt shared a tip "Its decent. My parents thought it was okay if I recall and I thought it was kind of fun."

Melissa Hordych's profile image

melissa_hordych shared a tip "More Wes Anderson brilliance."

el_6040 shared a tip "I'd say maybe "S.n.a.t.c.h". But it's older than this."

awesome_user_186347 shared a tip "I recommend any of Wes Anderson’s movies. They’re quirky/dark comedy/dramas and all excellent in my opinion."

Anna Ste.Marie's profile image

anna_ste.marie shared a tip "This is my favorite movie. Love the character development, cute relationships, fast paced story and hilarious plot twists."

Jennifer Phelps's profile image

jennifer_phelps shared a tip "Love it, has a great dry humor"

Erin Pellow's profile image

erin_pellow shared a tip "That seems an impossible question! Maybe The Holiday"

Azahria W's profile image

azahria_w shared a tip "Great Movie"

ellery_bone shared a tip "It's very quirky, wonderful storytelling!"

Clive Chan's profile image

clivec shared a tip "It's really a masterwork of cinematography and production design. The story is fast-paced and interesting too!"

Steve Babcock's profile image

steve_babcock shared a tip "Quirky, well acted, plenty of humor"

Savannah Brown's profile image

savannah_brown_7316 shared a tip "It's quirky and beautiful in all the right places"

Elizabeth Dalton's profile image

elizabeth_dalton shared a tip "Love it"

Troy Pennock's profile image

troy_pennock shared a tip "quirky"

Hadyn Kinder's profile image

hadyn_kinder shared a tip "i love everything about this movie"

Dawn Wyraz's profile image

dawn_wyraz shared a tip "It has been awhile since I’ve seen it....time to re watch!!"

diane_todd_4676 shared a tip "So many to have a fav. Will always love remember the Titans"

Jered Crow's profile image

jered_crow shared a tip "One of my top 3 of Wes Anderson's films alongside The Royal Tenenbaums and A Life Aquatic."

Idrees 's profile image

idrees shared a tip "The closest you can get to a live action Fantastic Mr. Fox"

Sam Martin's profile image

sam_martin_7266 shared a tip "Check out Moonrise Kingdom"

Munir Bashir's profile image

munir_bashir shared a tip "Most Wes Anderson movies have a similar feel to this one, so anything from his catalogue"

Tyler Nietvelt's profile image

tyler_nietvelt shared a tip "Any movie by Wes Anderson is good!"

Candace Messerly's profile image

candace_messerly shared a tip "FUN ABD GREAT CAST."

Manda Wagner's profile image

manda_wagner shared a tip "Best Wes Anderson movie imo. Enjoy it!"

j_m_170 shared a tip "Clever! Artfully cinematic visuals and a timeless feel-good plot :)"

Fernando Orozco's profile image

fernando_orozco_9275 shared a tip "Love this movie. Also "Isle of Dogs" is Amazing!"

James Brantley's profile image

james_brantley shared a tip "@serenabaker it's an acquired taste for sure, very odd and whimsical but if you like Wes Anderson movies you'll probably like it!"

Drew McClellan's profile image

drew_mcclellan shared a tip "This is an underrated film. It’s well done and the humor is subtle in parts but extremely funny."

roger_ebert shared a tip "A Wes Anderson movie! Enough said."

sandi_kaiser shared a tip "Good not great"

shiranvyasa shared a tip "This is quirky and excellent. Great set designs."

Claudia Henry's profile image

claudia_henry_7568 shared a tip "An incredible film. I plan on rewatching it many times."

Jeni Colter's profile image

jeni_colter shared a tip "A sweet, lovely feel good movie"

Nadin Depp's profile image

nadin_depp shared a tip "Deff zero"

Katie Odland's profile image

katie_odland shared a tip "Watch with closed captioning!"

Nicolas Quiroz's profile image

nicolas_quiroz shared a tip "Confusing as the entire movie, but i guess that's the point"

Mariana Irvine's profile image

mariana_irvine shared a tip "Amaz8ng photography"

pat_sternemann shared a tip "It is a favorite of my husband and I."

Angelina Aquino's profile image

angelina_aquino_3324 shared a tip "Loved it."

Hannah Hobson's profile image

hannah_hobson shared a tip "Probably one of my favorite movies. It's so fun to watch."

haydn_farrell shared a tip "Truly an absolute work of art. The shots the scenery the colours the actors, i love every detail of this movie."

Jessica Potak's profile image

jessica_potak shared a tip "Its awesome! Its a wes anderson firm"

Mariane Lindemann's profile image

mariane_lindemann shared a tip "I loved it! It is so much fun and has that Wes Anderson touch to it"

Machie Ravers's profile image

machie_ravers shared a tip "Pretty. Typical Wes Anderson."

John Grenier's profile image

john_grenier_1303 shared a tip "I thought it was going to be too high brow for me but it was quick and funny!"

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