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I'm a Pisces, so, sorry in advance. 🏳️‍🌈Queer Enby🏳️‍🌈


This is really the epitome of movies you watch for the experience. Dunkirk is as bare as a Hollywood film story can be and still be released, it's entirely focused on visuals and putting the audience in the boots of the main characters, and it succeeds splendidly. There are so many memorable aspects; specific shots that stick in my head, tiny character actions, the feeling of being moved by war from the sound alone. In its simplicity Dunkirk manages to be one of the most impactful war films I've ever seen.

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Movies | War

Is Spring Breakers Good or Bad? Who Knows! You Decide! Either way you chose you're wrong!

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Spring Breakers

Movies | Drama

Bill Murray at peak Murray. Literally one of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

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What About Bob?

Movies | Comedy

I believe there’s a great film in here somewhere — it’s an impressive debut. However, director Julian Higgins tries to pack in way too many themes, with an increasing lack of subtlety. I do think it’s worth seeing for Thandiwe Newton’s astonishing performance, and for the cinematography. I love those continuous takes.

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God's Country

Movies | Thriller

After a time loop lasting "several" days, it is finally February 3rd and thus Phil's shadow (both the groundhog and the protagonist) is no longer relevant; the dark part of Connors' former self is no longer following him around wherever he goes, and he has learned a valuable lesson about courtesy and kindness. What a beautiful film. This is what I call a comedy with lots and lots of heart. Rest peacefully, Harold Ramis... you were an excellent filmmaker, but above all else, an excellent human being with valuable advice to share with all others.

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Groundhog Day

Movies | Romance

One of the most interesting films of 2022 by far. It's one part horror and two parts romance, and I love how it captures both. Maren and Lee traverse an 80s Midwestern landscape that feels more post-apocalyptic than it does modern. Everything is in a state of decay. In this world, they feel like logical beings — people destined to consume other people. It's like society, in its death throes, has nothing else to consume but itself. It feels like a vampire movie, but the cannibalism aspect brings a new level of shock to the film that vampire movies lack. The film explores the ethical problems of this lifestyle and existential fears of what is good and what is evil torments the characters. The cinematography of the film is absolutely stunning and it's got a killer soundtrack, paired with great lead performances from Chalamet and Russell, as well as an eerily creepy turn by Mark Rylance. It's one of the most beautifully directed movies to have come out in years and solidifies Luca Guadagnino as one of my favorite working directors. No one makes films like his.

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Bones and All

Movies | Drama

P0rnographically explicit in the most disarming and empowering manner, this is by far one of my favorite films of 2020. As a Brazilian gay arthouse delight, it details a juicy story about a gay love triangle gone wrong, paired with high level of artistic demonstrations. The neon-dominated color palette is blinding, the soundtrack is apt and soothing, with Chromatics' cover of "I'm on Fire" being the absolute pinnacle, and the supposedly amateur cast members all gave a surprisingly mesmerizing and daring performance that draws you in with every blood pumping unsimulated sex scene. Director Daniel Nolasco definitely provides his own unabashed version of gay male gaze, fixing his camera on the naked male bodies every chance he gets. Despite its p0rnographic nature, what's most impressive about Dry Wind is its honesty in the depiction of hidden gay desires that every queer individual could find a piece of reality from. It's a sexually charged journey of self acceptance and discovery filled with effective humor, extreme sex, visual treats, and social consciousness. Highly recommended.

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Dry Wind

Movies | Drama

Has good performances from Nicolas Cage and Ethan Hawke, along with direction, some dark humor, and tension, but the sometimes-weak script, slow pace, and long duration also makes it forgettable at the same time.

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Lord of War

Movies | Crime

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