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Batman raises the stakes in his war on crime. With the help of Lt. Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to dismantle the remaining criminal organizations that plague the streets. The partnership proves to be effective, but they soon find themselves prey to a reign of chaos u

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2008-07-14

Runtime 152 minutes

Budget $0.2b

Revenue $1b


TMDB 8.5


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dylanjs shared a tip "Epic, just terrible about Heath Ledger though. He made an incredible joker"

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jim_woehr shared a tip "1."

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jim_woehr shared a tip "1."

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samyak_jain_818 shared a tip "@Likewise"

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zach_gallegos shared a tip "Heath Ledger gave us some of the best acting I’ve seen"

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kathy_clyne shared a tip "I like this movie and I think Heath Ledger did a great job at playing the joker"

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john_stevens_6932 shared a tip "Suspenseful"

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Dasher shared a tip "Two words... Heath Ledger"

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moriah_deatley shared a tip "When it's a compromise movie night this one isn't that big of a compromise."

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regina1026 shared a tip "Love Christian Bales Batman. This reboot of the series really goes into a gritty dark place."

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charles_h._piatt shared a tip "One of the best superhero movies ever made."

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grover_man shared a tip "My inspiration"

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "One of my favorite superhero movies of all time!"

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jason_morrison_7743 shared a tip "This is too notch DC universe"

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sidney_johnson_8395 shared a tip "my favorite movie in the dark knight trilogy, heath ledger is brilliant"

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dsa_sj shared a tip "The gold standard"

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ernest_bailey shared a tip "Good"

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sean_green_7753 shared a tip "5/5. Obviously this one stands above the rest, but the whole trilogy was perfectly Batman, and I enjoyed them all."

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cathy_mazz shared a tip "Me too especially the Dark Knight series."

damon_larkins shared a tip "The best comic book movie of all time. Nolan’s masterpiece."

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i_i_s shared a tip "I think a lot of the Marvel movies and Dc movies are similar on the hero aspect but none as good as this one."

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isaiah_1689 shared a tip "This movie tricks you so many times that it is ending and it does not and that what makes it great. Best joker of all though..."

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isaiah_1689 shared a tip "This movie tricks you so many times that it is ending and thats what makes it great. Best joker of all though."

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sarri_koziol shared a tip "It showed a little darker side to Batman."

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tammy_cunningham shared a tip "Great movie"

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chiya_amin_2149 shared a tip "A really good, dark DC movie."

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robert_ramos_8423 shared a tip "One of the best superhero films ever made, hampered only by Christian Bale trying too hard"

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carisa_haber shared a tip "This movie got me into DC shows honestly."

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erin_matthews_7562 shared a tip "Loved it! It's my favorite by far!"

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robert_myatt shared a tip "Heath Ledger carries this film so hard, but my god is it wonderful to watch."

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kevin_brown_2328 shared a tip "Shawshank redemption"

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turbo_killigrew shared a tip "Its definitely a movie everyone should watch!"

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michelle_leann_1021 shared a tip "It’ been awhile since I have seen the movie, I cannot remember what my favorite part is."

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tim_dykens shared a tip "Gets better every time I watch it."

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mittal_trivedi shared a tip "I liked it very much. The action and the graphics are pretty good. I would watch the Batman Begins before coming to this."

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adam_tetreault shared a tip "THE BEST INTRO TO A VILLAIN EVER"

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raeanne_franks shared a tip "When the joker dresses as a nurse and blows up the hospital"

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faye_pinkerton shared a tip "Yes indeed I have. With the exception of Batman vs. Superman."

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bella_ratnest shared a tip "Great movie! Movie: Batman dark night"

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julie_cronan shared a tip "Amazing"

olivia_mooney shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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ram_ny shared a tip "DC really got it right with this trio of films. They did well with the first WW and then --------------- (beep) no pulse"

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phalanges_l shared a tip "The movie before batman begins and the sequeldark knight rises are great. Check them out if you haven't."

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vanessa_cloutier shared a tip "I love the fifth element !"

isabella_strong shared a tip "I found it really interesting and fun to watch. To me it's a really good movie 🍿🎥"

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sharla_hargis shared a tip "There's so many its hard to tell! My top two would have to be The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Departed. What about you?"

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rob_mccabe_3264 shared a tip "I love the darker aspects of this comic book legendary hero. I also love most comic book film adaptations."

stephanie_jean_4468 shared a tip "Definitely this movie has the best villian of all time. Heath Ledger was an amazing actor!"

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chad_mitchell_3628 shared a tip "Best of Nolan’s series"

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tushar_saxena shared a tip "It's one of the best films made in the last 25 years and by definition the best comic book movie."

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jacqui_momplaisir shared a tip "One of the best!"

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brit_ratcliffe shared a tip "Definitely recommend. Such a great film. Wish more MCU movies could have this dark of a tone."

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mandyd_925 shared a tip "Joker was outstanding! One of my favorite villians"

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james_dunphy shared a tip "I dont like super hero movies, but this was great."

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debbie_spinks shared a tip "The trilogy Christopher nolan did is my favorite in the batman universe"

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piper_hoxie shared a tip "I loved tenet. They were written by the same person and are both so good!"

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sylvain_gosselin shared a tip "Loved it to 😁"

miranda_shrader shared a tip "The joker"

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maurice_franklin_ii shared a tip "The best Batman movie with the best Joker ever"

debi_s shared a tip "My husband & I were extras in this movie. Great fun!"

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caleb_daniel_macias_gomez shared a tip "When the joker blows up that hospital ! Crazyy"

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samuel_supreme_slushii shared a tip "Best Batman moive ever"

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jaimie_julson shared a tip "Withouh a doubt, best Batman movie to exist to date. Best score too."

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scott_smith_9161 shared a tip "Action"

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Rennii_Rose shared a tip "favorite batman movie"

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amanda_lammers shared a tip "Because Batman."

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amanda_buurs shared a tip "Love the whole Dark Knight series."

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superstaric shared a tip "heath ledger and cillian murphy. that's all."

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bennett_decker shared a tip "Hands down the best live action superhero movie of all time and the one of the best acting performances in Heath ledger"

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spencer_pankonin_5120 shared a tip "No superhero movie compared or even comes close."

curtis_torbert shared a tip "It's batman"

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brandy_carmody shared a tip "Very good!"

carl_jacobs_2443 shared a tip "If you are looking for sci-fi thrillers, interstellar is great."

chels. shared a tip "A really good movie. Heath Ledger was PHENOMENAL."

joseph_shaver shared a tip "Soooooo goooooooood joker was perfect"

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rogerfederer shared a tip "[Source:]"

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samuel_l. shared a tip "Not just a super hero movie...a GREAT FILM"

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deven_patel shared a tip "This version of the Joker is the best villain performance of all time!"

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samuel_nachsin shared a tip "Without a doubt Christian Bale"

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francisco_verduzco shared a tip "In my top 10 favorite movies"

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jared_sigman shared a tip "Easily the ending speech from Joker"

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jared_sigman shared a tip "Or the prisoners on the boat"

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tanner_radcliffe shared a tip "Favorite Batman movie hands down"

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delbert_meeker shared a tip "Liked them all but yes"

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jeni_colter shared a tip "Dark, but so well done. Heath Ledger is amazing"

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deleted_user_1604167385695 shared a tip "Joker walking out of the hospital. It’s said that it’s happening but def one of the best scenes"

jack_veasey shared a tip "97"

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israelA shared a tip "Love the bat techs scenes"

aplab shared a tip "Nostagic"

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mona_milen shared a tip "Mona"

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victor_lopez_6476 shared a tip "Great movie R.I.P JOKER aka Health Ledger a true inspiration"

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SanctifyWaffles shared a tip "Heath Ledger has changed the way people look at Joker and it shows, Love it!"

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bjs_life shared a tip "Amazing but superman 🦸‍♂️ is better 🙃"

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emilie_korody shared a tip "Heath Ledger was an amazinh and iconic actor, he portrayed this character well"

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nathan_mcinnis shared a tip "Im a huge batman fan alfred was great to the cape crusader"

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cirrus_macleod shared a tip "HBO Max 1/1"

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steven_stone_2401 shared a tip "Why so serious?""

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sheila_cottingham_4834 shared a tip "Joker is perfect"

jack_9813 shared a tip "The Joker"

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john_vlahos_8554 shared a tip "A thriller delight"

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kelsey_bishop shared a tip "I loved all the Batman movies. The Prestige was also amazing!! What's yours?"