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After some violent confrontations with his new classmates, Daniel LaRusso learns karate from Japanese handyman Mr. Miyagi, in order to defend himself.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 1984-06-22

Runtime 126 minutes

Budget $8m

Revenue $0.1b


TMDB 7.2


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Likewise shared a tip "Streaming 7/1"

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elizabeth_sanders_5655 shared a tip "Love these movies"

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rachl shared a tip "such a good movie! one of my favorite movie franchises for sure. 200% recommend"

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tara_lacey shared a tip "I had the biggest crush on Ralph Macchio!"

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graff_fuller shared a tip "Recently watched thos movie in prep to watch the TV series on YouTube."

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readingpaigelol shared a tip "love the karate kid, def one of my personal favorite movies"

reece_satter shared a tip "Excatly what you expected"

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kristy_b_9997 shared a tip "One of my all time favorites"

amber_keesee shared a tip "Often referenced in popular culture. If you like it, try the TV show Cobra Kai."

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asia_fletcher shared a tip "Wax on and Wax off had me thinking I was a karate pro 😂🥋"

adalynn_vanhorn shared a tip "Total love this movie!"

gracerogers shared a tip "The first one for sure"

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pandasalad shared a tip "This movies is so good if you only watch the first 15 minutes"

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tori_shew shared a tip "The ending 😂"

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anna_giannicchi shared a tip "One of my childhood favorites"

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shayla_green shared a tip "I love this movie"

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shayla_green shared a tip "I love this movie"

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shayla_green shared a tip "I love this movie"

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katina_wyder shared a tip "Very inspirational"

micah_bailey_8534 shared a tip "This is just such a great and inspirational movie."

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james_hudson_19 shared a tip "Wax on, wax off. This movie helped me figure out how to wash a car! Very helpful 😂"

alissa_376 shared a tip "It’s a classic, kinda. Great soundtrack and nice characters"

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aleksandar_dragojlovic shared a tip "It wasnt that great..Elisabeth shue was a knockout for all you guys loving blondes"

aplab shared a tip "Classic"

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joanne_angulo shared a tip "Cobra kai"

alison_cassanio shared a tip "Yummy"

gracie_huff shared a tip "It was a great watch."

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tyanna_taylor_3596 shared a tip "I love watching this movie"

sophia_1503 shared a tip "this is probably the best movie I have every watched! such a great put together movie!! I love it"

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mrstrina_johnson shared a tip "How do u watch the shows I can't find out how?"

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tyler_hansen_2836 shared a tip "Classic"

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kenna_nelson shared a tip "Favorite movie love it"

diana_andriot shared a tip "Good guy wins against all odds."

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kevin_peters_1579 shared a tip "Classic"

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daniel_turner_2696 shared a tip "Nostalgic feels!"

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angie_weich shared a tip "Classic 80s"

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kimberly_harries shared a tip "A classic. Just watch it ❤❤❤"

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julesthebibliophile shared a tip "It's fun, fluffy, but still has some thought provoking moments. And it's so quotable! "Wax on, wax off, Daniel San.""

anita_clemas shared a tip "It's a good feel good movie"

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kim_steffler shared a tip "Love it"

ariana_fultz shared a tip "It’s just a classic. #ykiyk"

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maria_alejandra_har shared a tip "Love it"

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lorri_barker shared a tip "I really liked the man did his teaching to the young man. To sure of yourself🙂"

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emma_canz shared a tip "One of the best movies of my childhood #karatekid #80s"

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fairysoulz shared a tip "was expecting a better ending Tbh, but it's a fantastic movie overall! def recommend ★: 4.5"

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