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Due to a genetic disorder, handsome librarian Henry DeTamble involuntarily zips through time, appearing at various moments in the life of his true love, the beautiful artist Clare Abshire.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2009-08-14

Runtime 108 minutes

Budget $39m

Revenue $0.1b


TMDB 6.9


nick karlsons's profile image

nick_karlsons shared a tip "Very good movie"

Katy K. 's profile image

VelvetCardiganKaty shared a tip "Grab tissues this movie is good but it will make you cry."

Joshua Smith's profile image

joshua_smith_3234 shared a tip "Loved the book. While reading the book I couldn’t get these actors out of my head. Pretty good rendition, not as good, but good!"

Monica Hawkins's profile image

mlhawkins shared a tip "🙌🙌🙌"

paula_casey shared a tip "The series was also good!"

Dawn A's profile image

dawn_a_7303 shared a tip "Try Somewhere in Time (1980)"

English-teacher shared a tip "Great book, good movie."

Atlas Leroy's profile image

leroi shared a tip "The first romance movie I remember seeing. Had a lasting impact on me."

Carly Wells's profile image

carly_wells_1195 shared a tip "Beautiful romance, but VERY sad"

Sharlann Leonetti's profile image

sharlann_leonetti shared a tip "Book was 100% better. But this was ok."

Nikole Elder's profile image

brooke_elder_5577 shared a tip "One of my favorite love stories 🥰"

Susana M.'s profile image

susana_m. shared a tip "MUCH better than the book"

Corey Howard's profile image

corey_howard shared a tip "Not great, but it's casual entertainment"

lynn_stockschlader shared a tip "Prepare to cry"

Lexie Jacobs's profile image

lexie_jacobs shared a tip "Not as good as the book, but it was casted well!"

Ashton Zismer's profile image

ashie shared a tip "Loooooove this !!"

Ashley Mccardle's profile image

ashley_mccardle shared a tip "So far I am loving this show!!"

love-a -panda8's profile image

love-a_-panda8 shared a tip "Such a well told story, very moving, and the time traveling was very interesting and not confusing! One of my favorite movies!"

Isabel Zúñiga 🐒🐴🕷🐬🐢🦥's profile image

Isamonkey shared a tip "Perfect romantic movie 🍿"

Julie Cronan's profile image

julie_cronan shared a tip "Ooh yes please"

kathy_spann shared a tip "Yes"

Liz Shanks's profile image

liz_shanks shared a tip "Love this movie, very interesting how he skips thru time."

Kary Smith's profile image

kary_smith shared a tip "Based on my all time favorite time travel romance novel. Very nice adaptation but you should really read the book too."

Dani Hasting's profile image

daniwindscar shared a tip "This is such a beautiful movie and emotional for me. I highly recommend."

Anita Jenner's profile image

anita_jenner shared a tip "Awesome!!"

Lynnette Rasmussen's profile image

lynnette_rasmussen shared a tip "I don't I love it all."

Alicia Hansen's profile image

alicia_hansen shared a tip "If you like time travel and romance this movie's for you."

Nicole Page's profile image

nicole_page_6371 shared a tip "#womenwithtaste"

cheyenne_berryhill shared a tip "my fav movie. so sweet and sad 5/5"

Dawn Olmsted's profile image

dawn_olmsted shared a tip "Not as great as the book, of course, but still, I love the movie"

yasmine_philson shared a tip "It’s definitely between the Hobbit Trilogy and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy!"

Molly Steele-Schrimp's profile image

molly_steele-schrimp shared a tip "The book was much better."

Shenan Mooring's profile image

shenan_mooring shared a tip "Loved this, so sweet❤️"

Steffy Manny's profile image

illumined shared a tip "For a good cry!"

angie_e_9778 shared a tip "I’m a sucker for romance movies. This film was great."

Amber Cobbs's profile image

amber_cobbs shared a tip "Watch the one over and over. Also read the book. One of the best love stories."

betsy_lewis shared a tip "I love this sweet and emotional film! Great for a girls night!"

Kim Steffler's profile image

kim_steffler shared a tip "Great"

christinvictoria 's profile image

christinvictoria shared a tip "This is an amazing romantic story, and it’s heart breaking all at the same time."

kate_murphy_1313 shared a tip "Beautiful story. I love books that jump through the story line."

Nicole Jones's profile image

nicole_jones_1555 shared a tip "They literally JUST added it to Netflix a couple of months ago how can it be leaving already?"

tasha_frey_7191 shared a tip "The movie is good but the book is GREAT. Recommend the read more in this case."

Rachel Stevenson's profile image

rachel_stevenson shared a tip "This was okay..."

jennifer_6248 shared a tip "It’s sad but it’s interesting!"

becka_b shared a tip "Unique"

dina_reynolds shared a tip "Please don’t remove from list"

Juan Wasnak's profile image

juan_wasnak shared a tip "Love it"

Ashley Gordon's profile image

ashley_gordon_1044 shared a tip "I first watched this and then I read the book but this is still one of my favorite movies"

Lakeyshia Dorsey's profile image

lakeyshia_dorsey shared a tip "The book was better"

carole_jameson shared a tip "Love it!"

megan_moore_3890 shared a tip "My favorite book and movie"

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