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I am just enthusiastic about entertainment. I collect dvds....dont care if they are outdated and the media is dying.


I dunno how I feel about this one. It wasn't like I expected. The Dad was not a good guy at all and the son was mean to his mother because he was deluded by his dad. But I do not live in the UK and this movie is what I think of now when people say that 'football' (or Soccer in the U.S.) is a religion to the British people. When an angel is sent to make things right and he was a well known 'football' player, then I say; yes 'football' is a religion to some of the British. It had a good ending.

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Last Christmas

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I feel like this movie has got everything to keep one entertained. It's got mystery and action and romance and comedy. I consider it a christmas movie. It has a christmas morning scene that the husband is opening and playing with his christmas presents on christmas morning while his wife looks on like a well knowing woman. Watching this movie for the first time was a complete surprise. I found one of the sequels at the library which is how I found out about this movie

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The Thin Man

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