Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 poster


The Guardians must fight to keep their newfound family together as they unravel the mysteries of Peter Quill's true parentage.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2017-04-19

Runtime 137 minutes

Budget $0.2b

Revenue $0.9b


TMDB 7.6


michelle amato's profile image

michelle_amato shared a tip "This movie marks an entirely rare occurrence, where the sequel doesn't disappoint!"

Rebecca Brines's profile image

rebecca_brines shared a tip "I preferred this one over the first movie!"

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regina1026 shared a tip "As good as the first. Another fun movie. Groot is so cute!"

sofiai shared a tip "So funny and I just love the Guardians. They are so relatable and funny. That’s all I have to say. Recommend for anyone."

tianyu_fu shared a tip "nice"

Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just as fun as the first one!"

Brendan Huff's profile image

brendan_huff shared a tip "Just as action packed and fun as the first with a killer soundtrack that's nostalgic and perfectly fitting."

Freemon Jackson's profile image

freemon_jackson shared a tip "Yeeeeaaaahhhh boooooyyyy!!!"

cat_e shared a tip "@sarahlong21 It's pretty good, but make sure to watch the first one!"

cristy_cockerham shared a tip "Great movie!!"

Rorafex 's profile image

Rorafex_Hex shared a tip "Not sure. There's too many to choose."

JaLeesa Wright's profile image

blkwaxdoll shared a tip "Yondu's farewell. It reminded me that I can create my own tribe/family and be valued even though I'm not perfect."

riya korde's profile image

riya_korde shared a tip "The first one was better but still good"

Emily Wicks's profile image

emily_wicks shared a tip "This movie is hilarious and super entertaining"

Kelsey Sargent's profile image

kelsey_sargent shared a tip "IMO, better than the first one. I binged all Marcel movies on Disney+ in 4 days, and this one had me both laughing and crying."

Steven Curtis's profile image

steven_curtis shared a tip "I agree."

Tamera Cunningham's profile image

tamera66 shared a tip "Although I think the first one was way better"

Ferren Regina's profile image

ferreginaa shared a tip "Guardian of the Galaxy is the best comedy movie from Marvel"

Shay Counce's profile image

shay_counce shared a tip "Who can resist Rocket and Groot?"

Angelo ANN's profile image

angelo_ann shared a tip "Might have some inappropriate references and words but great for children (8- )"

Nancy Caudill's profile image

nancy_caudill shared a tip "Kurt Russell still has it. Baby Groot steals it. Great ending"

Tim Dykens's profile image

tim_dykens shared a tip "Great."

lyzander cross's profile image

lyzander_cross shared a tip "Funnier and more emotionally touching than the first, one of the few times the sequel was better"

matt skunberg's profile image

matt_skunberg shared a tip "If I'm not sure if I want to laugh or cry I put this on... both happen."

Brookelyn Jameson's profile image

brookelyn_jameson_8065 shared a tip "Again, love the storyline!"

tj_pyrozko shared a tip "Not nearly as good as the first one."

debbie_taylor_8015 shared a tip "Great Action yet funny"

Michelle St. Peter's profile image

michelle_st._peter shared a tip "Great movie!!"

Naomi 's profile image

naomi_4713 shared a tip "always"

Soccer Notyalc's profile image

soccer_notyalc shared a tip "dont want to spoil it"

lizzy king's profile image

kinglizzy shared a tip "Funny...... that’s about it"

Claire Johnson's profile image

claire_johnson_3822 shared a tip "I thought it was really funny and a good story"

avery_monroe shared a tip "In the Marvel universe? Or just any movie?"

avery_monroe shared a tip "Some of the oldies like The Sandlot, Ghostbusters, Step Brothers, and for the new ones my all time favorite is Avengers Endgame!"

mystery_2293 shared a tip "The new Wonder Woman"

Mars 's profile image

Mars3x3 shared a tip "Tbh the whole planet dad thing just blew my mind. That and I've been a fan of Zoe Saldana since Curse of the Black Pearl."

Jackelyn Trejo's profile image

jackelyn_trejo shared a tip "I love this movie so much I don’t even know how to explain"

Haileab Ghebrekidan's profile image

haileab_ghebrekidan shared a tip "Who doesn't love this series"

jack_napier21 shared a tip "yes no problem! Feel free to reach out for any other super hero recommendations"

J Wolf Silver's profile image

JWolfSilver shared a tip "Honestly, its between the opening scene and the fight against Ego when they start yelling at eachother for tape"

Cyndi Bryant's profile image

cyndi_bryant shared a tip "A lot of fun"

Armando Simaj Tzalam's profile image

armando_simaj_tzalam shared a tip "Eespañol"

Bro Harold Hernandez's profile image

bro_harold_hernandez shared a tip "Good movie"

Nirm MacDonald's profile image

nirm_macdonald shared a tip "Thank you for the recommendation 😃"

Justin C's profile image

justin_c_1657 shared a tip "The first the second one I bigger but the first one is more fun"

shelley_mott shared a tip "The first one was better IMHO."

Kaisen Strohl's profile image

kaisen_strohl shared a tip "First"

Dex Hex's profile image

dex_hex shared a tip "Good"

jessica_bennett_3796 shared a tip "He may have been your father, boy, but he wasn’t your daddy."

ITZ LIGHTER's profile image

itz_lighter shared a tip "Hi people"

ITZ LIGHTER's profile image

itz_lighter shared a tip "Hi people"

Rachel Field's profile image

rachel_field_3318 shared a tip "Dude Yondu hurt😭😭 but yes I thought it was a great movie overall!"

Angeleah Sanchez's profile image

angeleah_sanchez shared a tip "I loved the second one more cause of the baby groot"

Desiree Houston's profile image

desiree_houston shared a tip "Rocket. I love his attitude."

Meg Silver's profile image

meg_silver shared a tip "#awsome great movie great actors"

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hunter_williams_7925 shared a tip "#comedy"

Brilee 's profile image

brilee_ford shared a tip "I watched this again on the 16th"

Erica Marin's profile image

erica_marin shared a tip "This was great just like the first very happy with this piece."

Michelle Brooks's profile image

michelle_brooks_7371 shared a tip "If you like marvel..check out all m.u. movies in order! They make more sense that way!"

chels. shared a tip "I cried, I laughed. Wasn’t as good as the first, but still pretty good."

1savagemonkey videos's profile image

1savagemonkey_videos shared a tip "Guardians one of my faves"

Wilson Thai's profile image

wilson_thai shared a tip "You?"

Wilson Thai's profile image

wilson_thai shared a tip "Oh sorry, I'm new to this app."

Wilson Thai's profile image

wilson_thai shared a tip "Baby Groot is my favourite"

brienne_mair shared a tip "Do the movie"

nija_harris shared a tip "Haven’t watched it yet ! Tell me a lil bit about the movie"

loretta_mccrea shared a tip "I love this movie it is so good definitely recommend"

loretta_mccrea shared a tip "I love this movie it is so good definitely recommend"

lucifer_sunny shared a tip "Perfect comedic and fulfilling movie"

Dalyn Christian's profile image

dalyn_christian shared a tip "The second one was personally the best"

Keisha St-Jacques's profile image

keishastjacques shared a tip "10/23"

janet_ochoa shared a tip "#comic_book_adaptations"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1605454006894 shared a tip "Interesting movie indeed"

Abby Seelman's profile image

abby_seelman shared a tip "This will always be my favorite"

Stephanie Jones's profile image

stephanie_jones_1381 shared a tip "This is one of my favorite marvel movies"

Wolfie Rose's profile image

wolfie_rose shared a tip "I love all the music and action scenes in the movie. I also love the characters. 🥰🥰💕💕💕"

Koala Effect's profile image

koala_effect shared a tip "At the point where it's taking itself way too seriously Star-Lord just comes in for comedic relief"

christian_dixon_7493 shared a tip "It had tons of action"

Jessann Hahner's profile image

jessann_hahner shared a tip "Soundtrack"

Karen Putnam's profile image

karen_putnam shared a tip "The second"

Raulie Aldrete's profile image

raulie_aldrete shared a tip "One of my favorite movies"

Jake Plowski's profile image

jake_plowski shared a tip "A great follow up, with some good emotional story beats. Worth a watch if you enjoyed the first (which you should have haha)."

Tad Powers's profile image

tad_powers shared a tip "Improvement over the first in style, and added onto it with the themes!"

haley_6371 shared a tip "G"

Dragonmask Absol's profile image

dragonmask_absol shared a tip "It's funny but at the end it will hit in your emotions"

Drizelle Cornwall's profile image

queen_drizzy18 shared a tip "It was just all around a good movie with great action and at the same time still funny af"

Hailey Artacho's profile image

hailey_artacho shared a tip "It funny, and filled with action, what's not to love"

kasia_o shared a tip "I love the soundtrack! And the characters are so much fun! Hope you've seen vol. 1?"

Anissa Lotus's profile image

anissa_lotus shared a tip "Don't think so - I was just following the timeline"

Anissa Lotus's profile image

anissa_lotus shared a tip "Yes watched the whole series"

delaney_oneal shared a tip "I love the Guardians of the Galaxy movies! I was so excited to see that a second one was coming out"

Mark Henry's profile image

mark_henry_517 shared a tip "It was ok had did have a little hard time with the progression of the story and the ending"

Lynnette 's profile image

lynnettemorales shared a tip "3*"

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