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A young woman's plans to propose to her girlfriend while at her family's annual holiday party are upended when she discovers her partner hasn't yet come out to her conservative parents.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2020-11-26

Runtime 102 minutes

Revenue $1.4m


TMDB 7.5


Meredith Lavergne's profile image

Meredith shared a tip "My family loved this new holiday rom-com. And as expected, Dan Levy steals the show 😂"

Becca Sangwin's profile image

becca_sangwin shared a tip "One of my new fav Christmas movies! So hilarious and heartwarming!"

Jess 's profile image

jessica_7565 shared a tip "Really lovely movie. Had my crying a lot! LGBQT+"

Juan 's profile image

juanito shared a tip "Cute Christmas movie"

Sam Pamenter's profile image

sam_pamenter shared a tip "Really loved this! Especially since its a mainstream lgbt story and it has a happy ending!"

N Jackalope's profile image

celticbunny31 shared a tip "Such an emotional roller coaster from start to finish! Finally got my lesbian hallmark story lol"

Josiane Roussy's profile image

josiane_roussy shared a tip "It's was a nice movie, it make me smile!"

Angie  Walczak's profile image

angie_walczak shared a tip "Daniel levy is really good."

Camsoux Mrsn's profile image

camsoux_mrsn shared a tip "A new classic for The Holiday season!"

Monica Gutierrez's profile image

monica_gutierrez shared a tip "I like how there is sarcasm and one character is hilarious."

Caitlin Harding's profile image

caitlin_harding_9976 shared a tip "Lighthearted happy romantic christmas movie"

Giulianna Henderson's profile image

julespleasee shared a tip "Actually really funny"

sue_peters_9814 shared a tip "I liked it! A sweet funny movie on a rainy day. Dan Levy was great and funny as always"

nathalia_9749 shared a tip "It's a very setimental aswell as funny movie totally recommend"

Laura Wilson's profile image

laura_wilson_6347 shared a tip "Hard to like Harper after how she treats Abbey"

Tiffany T's profile image

tiffanyt shared a tip "Realistic depiction of complicated family dynamics. Happy ending!"

Serenna Pacheco's profile image

serenna_pacheco shared a tip "love a wlw christmas romcom 😫"

Julie Bede's profile image

julie_bede shared a tip "This was a really funny! Loved the cast! Highly recommend!"

Gary Butcher Jr's profile image

gary_butcher_jr shared a tip "Excellent cast. A story anyone can relate to."

Alexis Manley's profile image

alexis_manley shared a tip "It was really cute and funny i could relate"

Megan Batt's profile image

megan_batt shared a tip "Absolutely Amazing!!!!! Highly recommend for a heartwarming love story 💕"

Oddrey Blackwater's profile image

oddrey_blackwater shared a tip "Seemed a lot like lez bomb"

ket_6846 shared a tip "It’s perfect holiday movie with your girlfriend"

taylor_mace shared a tip "Amazing. Funny. Real. Touching"

julie_sabacinski shared a tip "Really heartfelt holiday movie! Loved it"

Laura Cluff's profile image

laura_cluff_7884 shared a tip "Cheesy but cute"

Kayleigh Darby's profile image

kayleigh_darby shared a tip "Such a good movie, comedy and happiness. The ending was so beautiful"

Emily Sorensen's profile image

emily_sorensen shared a tip "So cute!!! A great holiday movie!"

ashfeimster shared a tip "Very heartfelt movie!! #romance #holidaymovie #lgbt #"

Eula Ernst's profile image

eula_ernst shared a tip "Quite funny and a feel good movie!"

Lizzie 's profile image

adamantine shared a tip "Hahahaha relatable"

Tessa Romilly's profile image

tessa_romilly shared a tip "Lgbt"

Katelyn Flanary's profile image

katelyn_flanary shared a tip "Yes"

Alyssa Obert's profile image

alyssa_obert shared a tip "Very cute"

Emily M's profile image

emily_m_8695 shared a tip "Unique take on a holiday story and great acting"

Erin Kashuba's profile image

erinkashuba shared a tip "The outcast sister is my favorite character. More drama than comedy but still a good movie!"

Alexandra Joiner's profile image

alexandra_joiner shared a tip "It was cute"

kayden_5275 shared a tip "Loved this movie and I hope more people watch this. Has a lot of good messages. Parents play such an important role."

Steph Nsa's profile image

steph_nsa shared a tip "Good movie"

Marlena Dyrcz's profile image

marlena_dyrcz shared a tip "Cute"

Kelsey 's profile image

klc shared a tip "It got a lot of fair criticism of different issues, but I still enjoyed it."

Fdubs 's profile image

smoothcookies shared a tip "Great romcon simply because of Dan Levy!"

Blueberry_ Mango's profile image

blueberry__mango shared a tip "It was very good and gay"

Stephanie Moon's profile image

stephanie_moon shared a tip "Fantastic LGBT Christmas movie!!"

Amanda Blalock's profile image

turbulentecho shared a tip "Love when movies show people embracing their sexuality no matter what others might think."

kailey stevens's profile image

kailey_stevens shared a tip "Funny and deep! Loved it felt like real life! #holidaymovie #lgbt"

Heather Matson's profile image

heather_matson shared a tip "Loved it so much. Made me cry!"

sana_7754 shared a tip "Its cheesy with an LGBTQ+ twist. Its great to see the community get their own cheesy christmas movie."

Larissa Saintelmy's profile image

larissa_saintelmy shared a tip "It’s the perfect date night movie for lgbt people the most"

GG g's profile image

gg_g shared a tip "Cute romance"

Barb Crosby's profile image

barb_crosby shared a tip "Love Dan Levi!"

Grace Bubier's profile image

grace_bubier shared a tip "Great movie #holidaymovie #lgbt #lovewhoyoulove"

Patricia Speers's profile image

patricia_speers shared a tip "Interesting story, good characters and actors!"

Guadalupe Medina's profile image

guadalupe_medina_7886 shared a tip "Great movie. Good meaning behind it. Funny and some parts sad."

Kelsey Devans's profile image

kelsey_devans shared a tip "Loved everything except her choice in the end. Every lesbian agrees."

Kate Gile's profile image

kate_gile shared a tip "I likes the parts with Dan Levy. The ending was good."

Forever Niyah's profile image

forever_niyah shared a tip "Loved Kristen Stewart in this"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1613336243634 shared a tip "i loved it. heartwarming & a great holiday season movie"

Braeden Lawing's profile image

braeden_lawing shared a tip "Very funny I highly recommend. Even made my eyes sweat a little around the end."

Sana Philip's profile image

sana_philip shared a tip "Christmas movie with a different story. lGBTQ friendly"

nancy_murphy_2581 shared a tip "Totally hilarious"

Amber Bright's profile image

amberbright_ shared a tip "One of the best movies i have seen in a long time."

Nikki Ryan's profile image

nikki_ryan shared a tip "Hilarious!"

Syrena Acuña's profile image

syrena_acua shared a tip "Kristen Stewart and Aubrey Plaza are in this movie"

April Ballesteros's profile image

april_ballesteros shared a tip "Such a GREAT film!!! It’s a new classic that I will be adding to my must watch movies during Christmas time!"

Nadia Kessel's profile image

seggsuallyconfused shared a tip "i don’t really have one but Scott Pilgrim vs. The world is definitely one of my favorites"

staci_jones shared a tip "This is such a good movie!"

julia_osborne_7846 shared a tip "A perfect mix of comedy and romance"

Cloudy_stars 's profile image

cloudy_stars shared a tip "Dan Levy, √ Kirsten Stewart√ . That's all I needed to know, and they made an iconic movie together. #mustwatch #obsessed"

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