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A bank teller called Guy realizes he is a background character in an open world video game called Free City that will soon go offline.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2021-08-11

Runtime 115 minutes

Budget $0.1b

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 7.8


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mco shared a tip "I didn't completely hate it."

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sandy_lopez shared a tip "Is anyone watching this movie this weekend? #movienight #adventure #theater"

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sandy_lopez shared a tip "I just this movie last night and I was pleasantly surprised by it! Has anyone else seen this movie? #freeguy #movie #action"

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leegoe shared a tip "ahhh, thought we’d give this a try for family movie night. it’s great! 🎮👾"

christie_biggers shared a tip "Didn’t expect to like this as much as I did. Two plus hours of fun."

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hendrik_pape shared a tip "Absolutely loved this move #freeguy"

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susan_barbour shared a tip "This was a great Comedy movie to watch with family, Highly recommend Watching."

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kelci_gilley shared a tip "This made me laugh and whoop so.loud but I feel no shame. #gamer #disney #marvel #jedi #laughoutloud"

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harmony_t shared a tip "Absolutely amazing. Definitely on my top ten Favorite movies"

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ryan_harshbarger shared a tip "Silly like a typical Ryan Reynolds movie."

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diandra_repato shared a tip "What a fun movie! Loved the cameo at the end!"

jessie_moreland shared a tip "Mmm…. I think this is the perfect movie"

finn_1508 shared a tip "Halrious best movie of the year people that love GTA will love this"

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sonichearts shared a tip "Such a fun movie! And imo the best video game based film! A wonderful time!"

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asaltysoul shared a tip "such a good movie!! i loved the concept & i love Ryan R. get ready for a good laugh lol"

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jamie_vitols shared a tip "All around great movie ! Funny well written! Great cast and some hints of adult humor added into it !"

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kevin_brown_2328 shared a tip "Funny. Great story line. Absorbing"

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christina_larry shared a tip "I loved it!"

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NGenGal shared a tip "This was an enjoyable film that was worth braving the theater for. It's not perfect, but it was quite fun."

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lily_lofgren shared a tip "ITS SO GOOD one of the best movies I’ve seen"

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jordan_parker-titmus shared a tip "Loved it! So funny and actually has a decent plot!#comedy #science_fiction #"

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nick_janocik shared a tip "Such a fantastic movie. Most fun I've had from Hollywood in years."

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eva_v_8790 shared a tip "Loved it!"

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payton_l_byrd shared a tip "“Free Guy” is Ryan Reynalds’ Masterstroke Somewhere, someone got a blue shirt tattoo last night."

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payton_l_byrd shared a tip ""

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gregory_tcholakian shared a tip "If you enjoyed the Truman Show then you’ll enjoy this, also if you are on the younger side the cameos will give you a nice kick"

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justin_huddleston shared a tip "Took my daughter to see this. So good!"

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bryna_edwards shared a tip "Pleasantly surprised."

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tommy_ropp shared a tip "I though the whole movie was just really fun. The end was hilarious"

thelongnamedreader shared a tip "It was a lot of fun!!"

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kyle_marchetti shared a tip "It was a fun, lighthearted comedy 10/10#comedy"

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jordan_foxhoven shared a tip "It was so interesting and fun to watch, this is by far my favorite movie"

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autumn_farler shared a tip "Loved the way it turned out, was unexpected and written well on top of all the action and hilarious scenes as well."

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jennifer_crawford_6424 shared a tip "Video game / AI / Love story. Quirky and cute."

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april_thacker_mensik shared a tip "@Ryan Reynolds. Enough said."

bronoftheland shared a tip "Best “feel good” film I have seen in a while."

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anantha_sprague shared a tip "It is a good date night movie, Rom-Com in a way."

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belle_1830 shared a tip "Omg such a good movie, great cameos, Ryan Reynolds wasn't good, he was great! Really funny"

cole_paterson shared a tip "Great sci-fi adventure with a romantic twist"

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mariah_pontious shared a tip "Best movie I've seen in a minute!! Ryan Reynolds is an amazing actor, and he directed it. It was soooo good!"

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clarence_williams_jr shared a tip "I published my new episode Free Guy, please check it out"

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kartik_saraf shared a tip "As of now? Easily the best film of 2021 so far!"

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bob_cartwright shared a tip "It is as ridiculous and fun to watch as I hoped it would be"

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lauren_l2121 shared a tip "Very fun movie! We thoroughly enjoyed it. A few laugh out loud moments. A good casual watch."

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stefi_tang shared a tip "I'm not into comedy, but this was so good and funny in the right ways."

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kaylee_smithers shared a tip "it was AWESOME"

Rut Nieves Perez's profile image

rut_nieves shared a tip "This one is definitely on my favorite’s list!!!! It has everything! So freaking good !"

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tyler_noel shared a tip "I loved this movie"

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kitkatplus shared a tip "So freaking hilarious and meta."

Hptob99fan shared a tip "I love the plot twist ending and it was very funny"

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bailey_sims_6812 shared a tip "amazing movie!"

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samantha_marie_939 shared a tip "It was so good! I thought it was just going to be funny, but there is also a really heartwarming element to the story as well 😊"

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dhruvan_patel shared a tip "Love it"

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allison_haymond shared a tip "Marvel references coming in strong!"

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nalani_mccumber shared a tip "So funny! I appreciated that there was more of a storyline then him being stuck"

darragh_ansorger shared a tip "This is so amazing! I love it!!"

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conner_harris shared a tip "Awesome movie 10 out of 10"

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blessnlovekay shared a tip "I enjoyed it but video games player may enjoy it more"

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Fallen_Angel19946 shared a tip "I loved this movie!!!"

Jaci Healy Solis's profile image

jaci_healy_solis shared a tip "It was surprisingly good…. A lot of similarities to COVID and how people are changing their minds about to live life. Try it!"

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nat_mcculloch shared a tip "A perfect blend of comedy and action with a really entertaining plot."

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cory_wessels_6424 shared a tip "Hilarious! This is a fun movie to watch for all the geeks, like me, out there!"

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rebecca_blau_green shared a tip "Walked into this not knowing a thing. Loved it. As a video gamer I some times make up stories about NPCs."

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phaneendhar_reddy shared a tip "Watchable comedy sci-fi, basically Deadpool+ReadyPlayerOne"

elena_crawford_1075 shared a tip "Omgg great movie!"

nyla_wright shared a tip "Really cool Trailer"

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angie_haskell-maskell shared a tip "Perfect if you need some laughs and a little bit of romance in your life. Who doesn't?"

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scott_cohen_1919 shared a tip "This movie was hilarious. Ryan Reynolds owned this role. All other NCPs were along for the ride."

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nataleegrover shared a tip "so original and heartfelt and a great story!! fully loved it so so much!! so funny too!"

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robyn_acock shared a tip "Loved it. It was hilarious😁😁😁😁"

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shania_zarza shared a tip "Hands down the best movie I’ve seen all year"

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jelani_johnson shared a tip "Loved It👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽"

rod_pancine shared a tip "Light, inteligente, fell-good but full of action and references of pop comic books. Love it! #family #fun"

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valentina_servin_1772 shared a tip "I loved the movie!!! 💜💜"

skarlet_hill shared a tip "LOVED"

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