The Trial of the Chicago 7 poster


What was supposed to be a peaceful protest turned into a violent clash with the police. What followed was one of the most notorious trials in history.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2020-09-25

Runtime 130 minutes

Budget $35m

Revenue $0.1m


TMDB 7.7


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Meredith shared a tip "I laughed, I cried and I learned a lot! Great film and cast. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️"

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shemdani shared a tip "A must watch movie. There are times when you would not believe what you are watching. #true_stories"

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MHM shared a tip "so well made!"

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wajwilliams shared a tip "It would be funny if it wasn't true."

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dinomike shared a tip "Fantastic movie. Remarkable story with an outstanding cast. #truestory"

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emersun shared a tip "A must see."

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erin_hunter_4736 shared a tip "Best movie of 2021"

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sarah.kentley shared a tip "Amazing performances about an incredible story. One of my favorite films."

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smeeta shared a tip "Aaron Sorkin is brilliant! Well done."

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william_crawford shared a tip "On my bucket list"

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afi_o shared a tip "Timely...but when has it not been. Wonderful and frustrating movie that deserves a watch."

avery_butler_607 shared a tip "i loved it"

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christian_bell shared a tip "Very good movie base on a true story. Solid acting. Interesting story."

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emily_heisler shared a tip "Terrific"

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nicky_snyder shared a tip "I am speechless this was so good I clapped."

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nicky_snyder shared a tip "##nickytsuggestsuc"

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katelyn_vallecillo shared a tip "Good political drama"

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l_macintyre shared a tip "A masterpiece."

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amanda_downs_6327 shared a tip "A literal must watch!"

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paige_basconcillo shared a tip "Loved it! Highly recommend giving it a watch"

franklin_roman_martinez shared a tip "Amazing drama with a lot of great individual performances."

reece_satter shared a tip "Performances are Fantastic especially Sacha Baron Cohen"

alice_reeves shared a tip "Amazing."

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nic_risling shared a tip "The whole word should be watching"

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ramfhis_molina shared a tip "Thanks guys, an excellent movie, I enjoyed each scene"

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sharon_stannard shared a tip "Excellent"

annette_rivera shared a tip "Unexpected humor throughout 😂 enjoyed the movie"

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MVRL shared a tip "Sad, funny, and memorable. Old enough to remember the events of ‘68. Must watch for everyone"

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nancy_schmitz_2062 shared a tip "Unbelievable but sadly true."

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sarah_1509 shared a tip "Very interesting and the acting was great!"

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brandie_schaeffer shared a tip "You can’t not watch this movie, amazing cast and a piece of history that shouldn’t be forgotten."

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jacob_berkovich shared a tip "The perfect movie for 2020. #theworldiswatching"

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krista_greene shared a tip "Brilliant writing, acting and directing"

thomas_macy shared a tip "Aaron Sorkin doesn't disappoint! Masterfully written, acting could be distracting at times but it was very well done."

susan_kansier shared a tip "It was such a while ago I don’t remember specific parts. I just enjoy history & found this very well done."

mary_jane_smith shared a tip "Loved it"

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debra_zaengle shared a tip "Hidden piece of history that people should see and learn."

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marisa_schmeckpeper shared a tip "I absolutely loved this movie. It does an amazing job retelling this historic event."

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anna_kotz shared a tip "Yes yes.... yes"

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jaida_ayanna shared a tip "Honestly a great movie"

b_dog shared a tip "True story from the 60's but so relevant now. Masterful writing and acting. Highly recommend it."

linda_green_8967 shared a tip "Brilliant! A must see!"

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frank_romano shared a tip "Good"

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vicky_ward_rinehart shared a tip "Really great movie. One that would be good to watch for families with young teens that are interested in history."

marian_goodell shared a tip "great historical film"

emily_fullerton shared a tip "Ensemble cast. Courtroom scenes."

jack_sweety shared a tip "A must see movie. To know the history of USA and the underground of politic."

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gary_konigsberg shared a tip "Best film I have seen in some time"

calista_mateuszczyk shared a tip "Hilarious and heartfelt historical dramedy"

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super_kid_ninja shared a tip "9/10"

sharlene_bumgarner shared a tip "The movie portrays the injustice these 7 men endured in their fight for peace."

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steve_boyle shared a tip "Cast and writing"

amy_digia shared a tip "The writing is on fire 🔥🔥🔥 and will make you wish it was even longer than 2h10m"

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savanna_jensen shared a tip "It’s just a wonderful masterpiece"

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frankie_alberghini shared a tip "Infuriating social commentary, wonderfully acted and a riveting story."

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porshia_turner shared a tip "Loved it!"

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vickie_mccrink shared a tip "Loved the historic fiction"

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eric_d_193 shared a tip "It made me feel more emotional while watching a movie or in a long time"

catherinei shared a tip "Very talky and not altogether accurate but an entertaining watch."

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solimar_cuevas shared a tip "#theworldiswatching #true_stories #history #fivestars"

brady_perry shared a tip "Powerful."

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mikayla_campbell_7349 shared a tip "#therealstory"

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martha_chipman shared a tip "Had vaguely known the basic story and wanted to know more."

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sara_fast shared a tip "I can't really remember a favourite part, I just remember really enjoying it!"

laura_2512 shared a tip "Historic political drama"

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zeynep_kalkay shared a tip "Love it!"

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clare_bekkers shared a tip "Fast paced and gripping."

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lauren_brian shared a tip "This movie is amazing. Sacha Baron Cohen gives a brilliant performance as Abbie Hoffman. Wonderful film and a must see"

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overthehudson shared a tip "Loved this movie! Funny and historical"

madrenna shared a tip "I cannot believe most of this is true."

jenna_denicus shared a tip "@serenabaker it was decent. I did enjoy it and it was really well done along with the acting."

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gabe_miller_9496 shared a tip "The acting was fantastic. The writing was phenomenal. It was a great story and very entertaining movie."

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devon_taylor_7511 shared a tip "Fantastic and gripping movie sure to suck you in, enrage you, engage you and spit you out."

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hannah_conway_496 shared a tip "Very well done. Long but enjoyed it all the way through"

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