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I like a lot of things & I’m super annoying about it | she/her


I didn’t love this movie, but it’s a Black classic with beautiful landscapes. Janet Jackson is wonderful 🖤

Poetic Justice imagePoetic Justice image

Poetic Justice

Movies | Drama

Pretty predictable... Lacked giving me that feeling of anxiety and nervousness that I like to experience in these type of movies. Was probably better on a big screen

Beast imageBeast image


Movies | Thriller

Not really what I expected. I felt like a lot of scenes were unnecessarily long & dragged out. I probably would have turned it off sooner if I wasn’t so curious about where it was going

Eyes Wide Shut imageEyes Wide Shut image

Eyes Wide Shut

Movies | Mystery

I love this show. It’s really funny and has that sitcom feel, without being overly cheesy or dumb. There are relatable moments, AND the main characters are likable/you’re rooting for them. Well done as per usual, Mindy Kaling 💜

The Sex Lives of College Girls imageThe Sex Lives of College Girls image

The Sex Lives of College Girls

Shows | Comedy

The trailer for this one caught my interest 1) bc when I see “Beck” I immediately want to watch. Obsessed with her. & 2) I love Freaky Fridayesque stories, they’re always cheesy and fun imo. Overall, I liked it and thought it was cute. Everybody loves Diane Keaton. The actress that played Carla was great. There was a good lesson. Butttt as cute & fun as it was, I had a LOT of problems with it. Minor, unimportant spoilers incoming: ❌❌ •When did Mack’s grandma die? Maybe I missed the mention of it but it’s like we were just supposed to know what happened. •The stuff with the love interest weirded me out. I thought he was SO CHEESY. He gave me major ick for some reason. *shudders* ew. •They didn’t ever show Carla’s fiancé ? The shots that include him were so weird, like they intentionally were leaving him out or weren’t allowed to show his face or something?? •Why was Mack dressed way better as Rita than as her actual self when it was the same wardrobe? Mack wore bulky “grandma” sweaters & dresses, but as Rita she suddenly had all these cute dresses with belts, fancy hats & boots ??? •The time jump at the end sucked. The movie was short. They should’ve just made it longer so they didn’t have to leave out so much stuff ❌❌  Anyway, that ends my list of complaints. It was cute but could’ve been way better. Regress & be blessed

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Mack & Rita

Movies | Comedy

I really enjoyed Knives Out & (accidentally) went in blind on this one but I’m so glad that I did. Not knowing what to expect made this even more fun for me. I love when I think I know where a movie is going and then it goes somewhere else and leaves me totally mouth dropped and surprised. For some reason it felt unrealistic to me? but who even cares. Super entertaining. 4 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery imageGlass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery image

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Movies | Mystery

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