The Social Dilemma poster


This documentary-drama hybrid explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2020-01-26

Runtime 94 minutes


TMDB 7.5


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tracey_newhouse shared a tip "Faces in phones! Drives me nuts. Facebook and Instagram have really distorted the way people think."

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aug8 shared a tip "Worth watching!"

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aaron_7939 shared a tip "I was legit distracted by Instagram, Gmail and yes Likewise while watching.""

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jessica_7565 shared a tip "Worth a watch!"

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marseliz shared a tip "This is SO good."

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katie_fear shared a tip "Eye opening"

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lola_b. shared a tip "I wish everyone would watch this"

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themrs.schwamberger shared a tip "Eye-opening."

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RUFtotheRESCUE shared a tip "Everyone alive should watch this. It is extremely important that people understand how social media is manipulating humankind."

Mya Iannuzzi's profile image

mya_formuoli shared a tip "I never finished this but I remember it freaking me out"

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tara_pugh shared a tip "This is terrifying what social media has done to kids and adults. We need more ethics in technology."

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rsjm shared a tip "Watch it tonight"

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patrick_conway_6773 shared a tip "A must see documentary"

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chris_mac123 shared a tip "LoveDLoved this! Putting away the phone!"

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chris_mac123 shared a tip "Scary insights on social media and the psychological effects. Such a crazy doc"

lorisa_griffith shared a tip "Makes me glad I deleted Facebook months ago and haven't looked back."

kate_9704 shared a tip "Eye opening! Warning: you will never see technology the same again and may feel inclined to throw away every device you own."

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schambers shared a tip "Collects together a bunch of things I needed confirmation on."

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jennifer_gardner shared a tip "This is Must See TV!!!"

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jennifer_gardner shared a tip "The best!!"

julie_sabacinski shared a tip "Worth the watch..if it wasn’t so inconvenient to not have an iPhone I would go back to a blackberry!"

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sneffielynn shared a tip "Wasn't a huge fan of this style of editing/storytelling."

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gregrungetv shared a tip "MUST WATCH!"

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troy_crowe shared a tip "Ok but could have done without the melodramatic acting portions."

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jeff_barager shared a tip "Timely. Scary. Informative. Please watch this."

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gene_patterson shared a tip "An interesting perspective to our technology driven society!"

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kaiilmarie shared a tip "Interesting watch. Thought provoking and informative."

jamie_teague shared a tip "Definitely worth the watch."

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tracie_rivera shared a tip "Very disturbing and eye opening."

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emily_doerner_2805 shared a tip "Very very good. Definitely made me rethink my social media and tech habits!"

j. shared a tip "So worth the watch! I started recommending it to friends before I even finished watching it was so good."

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anna_maki_8526 shared a tip "Thought provoking"

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katelyn_vallecillo shared a tip "Very interesting watch"

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jeanine_mcguire shared a tip "Though provoking"

kate_6979 shared a tip "Spooky crazy"

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britney_wolfe shared a tip "It’s all so good, and so true really"

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jazzylicious shared a tip "This documentary is overwhelmingly impressive."

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matt_5639 shared a tip "Everyone needs to watch this!!"

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thomas_kelley shared a tip "Regardless of alot of your social and political views i challenge you to watch this. It gives somethings to think about"

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jill_rapp shared a tip "Wow!!!"

thomas_dixon shared a tip "Everyone must see"

hazel_gates shared a tip "So eye opening and highly recommend."

candice_godby shared a tip "Scarily interesting. “When a product is free... you are the product”"

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pam_emerson shared a tip "Very insightful, makes you think"

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captain_ultra_zero shared a tip "A great way to show how we as a society can change our ways for the better"

ruth_melchor shared a tip "Very persuasive and informative! Loved it so much! P.S I also deleted my Instagram because of this 😉"

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brittany_cruz shared a tip "Everyone needs to watch this doc!"

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jaye_collins-friedland shared a tip "This movie is very interesting and really opened my eyes."

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erin_pool shared a tip "Must watch"

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brian_jones shared a tip "Must watch documents for anyone with social media account."

bruce_lithgow shared a tip "Simultaneously riveting and disturbing. I have already recommended it to everyone in my network. Absolute must watch."

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queen.londono shared a tip "This is so good it makes you feel disgusted at the end"

ShaneAlice Beaudry's profile image

ShayX82 shared a tip "Amazing! Really makes you reflect on your own social media habits and helps you to see the big picture!"

shelly_wenzel shared a tip "Very thought-provoking"

angie_m13 shared a tip "Very interesting film! Eye opener!"

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suzycatq shared a tip "#favorites"

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jerry_relunia shared a tip "Totally worth watching and very creative in its presentation"

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rancy_gupta shared a tip "Eye opener, a must watch."

john_grede shared a tip "Starts slow but well worth watching"

Isabel Melgar's profile image

isabel_melgar shared a tip "Realized is what is happening today and great insight how social media has ruined social life's and dating."

George Qito's profile image

george_qito shared a tip "Canceling all my social media accounts"

Janardhan Kamath's profile image

janardhan_kamath shared a tip "Thought provoking"

kelsey_shiba shared a tip "A terrifying look into the algorithms that run our minds."

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2020_vision shared a tip "Eye Opening Red Piller"

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alolerror shared a tip "Enlightening interviews with key hidden figures."

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eden_m. shared a tip "this documentary is important. you get a peek inside of the world of social media, and it's honestly terrifying."

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jl_englund shared a tip "Put your phone down!"

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yusuf_yusuf shared a tip "Powerful documentsry. A must watch."

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The_Dark_Raven_Witch shared a tip "Thought provoking and disturbing"

xander_turner shared a tip "This is super good to watch with your teenagers and for yourself too :) #neverknew#what?! #watchit"

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logan_logan_9389 shared a tip "Will get your attention"

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amber_longtin shared a tip "Really a must watch"

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lauren_read shared a tip "The documentary EVERYONE needs to watch! So incredibly relevant."

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jennifer_arnold_1747 shared a tip "Terrifyingly accurate. We are all effed."

victoria_newton_5055 shared a tip "No new information, but a good watch nonetheless"

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kaden_thompson shared a tip "It’s very interesting, and very informative"

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aaron_smith302 shared a tip "A must watch, educate yourself, open your mind."

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maisa_b shared a tip "I can't recommend this doc enough. Its astonishing even for those familiar on the subject. The type of doc you can't miss!"

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kristina_tapper_1368 shared a tip "Must see! Very eye opening and accurate."

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casey_petrie shared a tip "Horrifying"

rebecca_bonelli shared a tip "Required watching"

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lyn_johnson_8210 shared a tip "Will make you think differently about the information you share"

Jessieh Ruth Averitt's profile image

jessieh_ruth_averitt shared a tip "Be prepared to delete Facebook or at least seriously change your relationship to social media platforms after watching."

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cassidy_hoffman shared a tip "A real eye opener, overall good"

Robin Curry's profile image

robin_curry shared a tip "This is a compelling docudrama that will make you want to close some accounts!"

Kiwi Herman's profile image

kiwi_herman shared a tip "Not that scary just hard to understand for me if you have kids recommend"

Arrianedorothy Johns's profile image

arrianedorothy_johns shared a tip "How do you watch it"

nishal pattan's profile image

nishal_pattan shared a tip "Shows other side of social media"

corey_louie shared a tip "6/10 documentary, nothong crazy, its realy just explaining that social media is tracking ur every move which we already know lol"

Ryan Cline's profile image

ryan_cline shared a tip "EVERYONE needs to watch this! It really makes you rethink how society works with our phones."

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jeanette_hedge shared a tip "Makes you really think liked it"

t.ali shared a tip "#relevant"

stephanie_8216 shared a tip "Everyone needs to see this doc."

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jacob_woodward_57 shared a tip "I’d definitely recommend it. Adds a perspective to social media as an addiction"

Courtney Kathleen's profile image

courtney_kathleen shared a tip "Very well done. Thought provoking"

Jonathan Courtney's profile image

jonathan_courtney shared a tip "It was very interesting to see how these companys make things addicting"

Catrina Gernand's profile image

catrina_gernand shared a tip "How much media actually can control you and that there aren't actually'people' monitoring the activity but using algorithms."

Ron Waggoner's profile image

ron_waggoner shared a tip "Informative, enlightened"

carlos_corona_732 shared a tip "It was good"

Aidan Gatlin's profile image

aidan_gatlin shared a tip "its different for everyone but it really made me think about how much i should be sharing on social media"

Kaitlyn Katie Jean Hasselfeld's profile image

kaitlyn_katie_jean_ shared a tip "it really opened my eyes to the ability and power as humans we have."

Jeremy Saltzman's profile image

jeremy_saltzman shared a tip "Eye opening"

Mercedes Ybbarra's profile image

mercedes_ybbarra shared a tip "It's a really good documentary and it really makes you think about how we live nowadays."

 Sara Salama Sara Salama's profile image

sara_001 shared a tip "Give u lots info"

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pudgy_happy_mama shared a tip "Makes you really think twice before you post something."

connor_cornelius shared a tip "It's eye opening."

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young_queen_3358 shared a tip "Its was in interesting movie"

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maude_blanger shared a tip "This is a great documentary about social media #documentary #social_media"

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peachyy shared a tip "i loved this documentary, it’s really eye opening and i recommend everybody who uses social media daily to watch this"

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kim_kruse_2510 shared a tip "Intellectual. Thought provoking. Contemporary."

Ashley Swartz's profile image

ashley_swartz shared a tip "Makes you really think about social media. I deleted some apps after this!"

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brieanna_ramirez shared a tip "#inspiring #eye_opening"

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carl_vaillancourt shared a tip "Very good documentary"

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joy_bernet shared a tip "The documentary honestly changed my life for the better. I’ve watched it so many times. Unbiased. Worth the watch."

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laura_littrel shared a tip "Super weird, but I like the topic."

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