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While gathering evidence to support closing a tropical U.S. Air Force base, a congressional aide warms to its generous captain.

MPAA Rating -

Status Released

Release Date 2020-11-05

Runtime 95 minutes


TMDB 6.5


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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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sonia_burton shared a tip "Cute, romantic, military movie"

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joany_berger shared a tip "This his the perfet movie for couple on holiday. All the family will like it too."

melly_loveee shared a tip "Cute movie! Super adorable for christmas time!"

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oharnela shared a tip "Super cute movie!"

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juny_soukhavong shared a tip "It is cute and a good hoilday movie"

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kristina_louise_4560 shared a tip "If you are a fan of Hallmark movies, you will enjoy this one! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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bianca_tailor shared a tip "So good"

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jokers_wifebut_chea shared a tip "🤗🤗"

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addison_mueller shared a tip "Loved this movie! Perfect start to the christmas season!"

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barani_dhanapal shared a tip "Nice Movie"

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shannon_gill shared a tip "Nice feel good movie"

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orianny_gomez shared a tip "It was okay"

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nicole_boyle shared a tip "Although a romantic comedy, I enjoyed watching this"

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erika_grover shared a tip "Cute"

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juliana__9854 shared a tip "It’s your typical “hallmark” movie"

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jaisemone shared a tip "Romantic and reminds you of what christmas should always be about"

maigs. shared a tip "A feel good movie! This was such a good Christmas movie. ♡"

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jourdan_metzger shared a tip "Such a good christmas movies."

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kristen_frost shared a tip "Cute"

niesha_lobo shared a tip "Decent story and mot corny"

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steve_romano shared a tip "Fresh, funny, good stuff"

glory_sebulime shared a tip "Loved it"

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stephanie_ransom shared a tip "What an excellent movie! I enjoyed the heartwarming story. #christmas #romance #family"

abigail_lyon shared a tip "Good story, because its based on actual events! Really puts faith back into the real spirit of christmas."

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sambatu_mohamed shared a tip "I really like how everyone came together to help other people on different islands that need help."

eva_wallace shared a tip "Gave me the hallmark movie feels!"

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sailorpeach shared a tip "Love me holiday love stories"

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john_calhoun_9489 shared a tip "Military feel good"

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ja_ja_3405 shared a tip "Loved this"

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desiree_nicole_6077 shared a tip "Such a great movie!"

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tyler_lee_8301 shared a tip "Fun family movie. Hallmarkesh chriatmas movie."

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briana_hernandez_8222 shared a tip "Its a really good christmas movie"

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johna_morales shared a tip "Overall this was an amazing movie, it was mostly about chrismas sprit and these two people. It was a pleasure seeing this movie."

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maryam_abdulkadir shared a tip "Love it"

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ava_crouse_9874 shared a tip "Perfect christmas film for a family!:)"

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abigail_supplee shared a tip "A cute Hallmark-esque movie with a little bit of action to make it more exciting"

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kolbie_hamilton shared a tip "Funny, but predictable. Cute story though."

cici_cic shared a tip "Its very predictable but good. Its heartwarming"

susan_kansier shared a tip "Cute movie but not enough romance for me."

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linda_kuziomko-kuch shared a tip "Very cute but yet an amazing story #drama #romance #christmas #army #helpingkids"

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food_food shared a tip "Cute"

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kim_teel shared a tip "Easy christmas watch"

alyssa_fogolin shared a tip "About a good cause!"

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casey_blevins shared a tip "Totally cute watched a couple times"

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kellee_furno shared a tip "It’s cutesy"

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albert_skretka shared a tip "Good new Christmas movie"

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nomadic_viking shared a tip "Very heart warming"

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tere_reyes shared a tip "A fresh take on a romantic Christmas movie!"

andrea_lm shared a tip "I love Christmas movies!"

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natella11 shared a tip "It’s the perfect summer in the wintertime movie!!"

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lillian_teems shared a tip "I loved this movie it was absolutely moving and would recommend to anyone who loves Christmas movies."

molly_obrien_4576 shared a tip "I liked the story line I guess, and I like their romance"

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allie_beck shared a tip "This movie is super cute and not typical Christmas romcom"

elisha_tilmon shared a tip "So good"

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izadora_rojas shared a tip "Such a great movie to get your Christmas spirit going!"

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valerie_del_real shared a tip "I loved the story"

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aden_coppola shared a tip "fun movie"

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marlana_robertson shared a tip "#romance"

skyler_monae_butler shared a tip "I loved this movie so much! Especially because it has Kat Graham from The Vamipire Diaries in it!! Shes an amazing actress!!🥰"

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japji_kainth shared a tip "Its a good family movie"

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melissa_coleman_2222 shared a tip "Cute holiday movie."

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audrina_huffer shared a tip "Loved it"

heather_daugherty_2154 shared a tip "It was very good"

malia_ramirez shared a tip "Love the feistiness"

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charlie_carter shared a tip "My friend lived where they filmed so the one of the buildings was her old scout house."

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cristal_pena_2169 shared a tip "I loved this movie it was so cute and hearwarming 10/10 #romance"

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yadhira_tenorio shared a tip "A heartwarming movie about giving to others on Christmas with a sprinkle of romance."

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abigail_seia shared a tip "Great holiday movie. With unexpected military history thrown in. Even better when its also a romance."

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jose_guzman_8265 shared a tip "A cut movie to watch with the gf"

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janae_siler shared a tip "It was so cute and romantic #imsingle"

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karla_perez_9804 shared a tip "It was good"

laila_6243 shared a tip "Its a cute movie and based off of a true story"

caitlin_mattar shared a tip "A truly feel good movie!"

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rylee_cummings_3280 shared a tip "Love how they look each other and how much they talk back"

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ron_queen shared a tip "Good"

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jaycee_hughes shared a tip "It was a very cute movie"

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jessie2020 shared a tip "It was so predictable the first five minutes. But it's still work watching"

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damar_wilson shared a tip "Nice Romance"

Rachell Guzman's profile image

rachell_guzman shared a tip "It was very wholesome, the fact that this is an actual operation that goes on."

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rylea_acton shared a tip "Very cute"

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jocee_archer shared a tip "It just was fun to watch and love the actors"

Enya Bodnar's profile image

enya_bodnar shared a tip "It was good juat not my kind of movie"

taniyah_gregory shared a tip "I liked the movie i like how she really saw how the island was and changed he bosses mind amazing"

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r_sallah shared a tip "Bonnie Bennet amd the love is immaculate"

maria_ashbrook shared a tip "Cute movie"

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prisha_lalwani_3024 shared a tip "Amazing"

andrea_rahal shared a tip "Adorable movie must watch"

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live_with_hope shared a tip "Love these type of movies"

Jennifer Canady's profile image

jennifer_canady shared a tip "Typical Hallmark movie but story based on real life."

Rodrigo Souza Henriques's profile image

rodrigo_souza_henri shared a tip "An okay movie which is just good enough to pass the time during pandemic christmas."

larry_stylinson_6060 shared a tip "Kat Graham was the only reason i watched and it was a pretty good movie love that its based on a true story"

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saphira_reynoldsy shared a tip "Loved the movie Especially that kat was in it for the tvd fans "

shyi_harris shared a tip "They kissed"

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j_ggg shared a tip "Perfect movie to watch for Christmas and the holidays"

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avonlea_miller shared a tip "Great romantic comedy"

erin_jackson_6412 shared a tip "The movie is so cheerful. I was on ny toes with this one!"

natalie_i shared a tip "I loved the movie its family friendly me and my air force boyfriend watched it together and loved it!"

jaydon_lewis_3496 shared a tip "This is so good"

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bowlergirl_16 shared a tip "It was so heartwarming to see what a difference a few people can make."

Bowlergirl 16's profile image

bowlergirl_16 shared a tip "When the reporter learned and actually tried helping them and not just doing her job"

ashlee_1803 shared a tip "Very cute romance!!"

Cameella Huggions's profile image

cameella_huggions shared a tip "Because I do"

julia_jones_2631 shared a tip "So cute!"

maddi_2389 shared a tip "It had an amazing story line and a beautiful meaning"

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arianna_steger shared a tip "It reminds us that some people need our help"

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priscilla_craig shared a tip "I loved the ending."

hope_wilson_9059 shared a tip "#kindacheesey"

mary_k._matelski shared a tip "Fun romatic movie"

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jessicanwilliam_spe shared a tip "Supper cute!"

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nicole_miller_7688 shared a tip "It’s just a good ol cheesy romantic movie. Good for when you’re on your period lol!"

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stephanie_adams_4691 shared a tip "They're way better written and acted."

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kayla_back shared a tip "Cute"

aaron_marise shared a tip "I enjoyed it overall but especially when they had the change of heart to close the base."

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TheHobbitQueen shared a tip "Such a cute movie. I loved that it’s based on a true story. It really warmed my heart."

Sandra Carvalho's profile image

sandra_carvalho shared a tip "Sappy but good"

eric_norris shared a tip "Cute"

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milette_smith shared a tip "Cute romcom would recommend"

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keisha_miller_1350 shared a tip "It was a cute Christmas Romance with purpose."

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garielle_jenkins shared a tip "It's a good movie to watch on the holidays"

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maya.doesnt_give.a_fuck shared a tip "It was about a Christmas love story!"

lauren_591 shared a tip "Loved it! Incredible movie."

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ZUFO shared a tip "This was good to watch"

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