American Murder: The Family Next Door poster


Using raw, firsthand footage, this documentary examines the disappearance of Shanann Watts and her children, and the terrible events that followed.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 2020-09-30

Runtime 83 minutes


TMDB 7.4


Ki P's profile image shared a tip "So I really liked this but it also made me cry, and it could make you cry too"

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william_crawford shared a tip "Will watch"

annette_grant shared a tip "Well done documentary on a horrible murder.. keeps you watching with real life footage"

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lily_naert shared a tip "great doc!!"

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erica_lane shared a tip "It was good but the mistress wasn't talked about enough"

linda_sherrin shared a tip "Shocking! Just can’t imagine anyone doing this...Beyond Sad.. Just plain murder!"

klarissa_shaninghouse shared a tip "Just finished watching this and I still can't believe that this happened"

Catherine DeLuca-Bausch's profile image

catherine_Ludlum shared a tip "Very good documentary.."

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jess_alyn shared a tip "This was setup so good it explains the story well."

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Phantomginger shared a tip "This one was really good! But soo... sad!"

Shauna Bradford's profile image

shauna_bradford shared a tip "Remember reading about story as it unfolded. So heartbreaking to see the details."

Lisa Gloddy's profile image

lisa_gloddy shared a tip "Very hard to watch but I was gripped."

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heather_gratto shared a tip "Amazing how much was filmed!"

jules_schaeffer shared a tip "DEFINITELY RECCOMEND also i hope he goes to hell. chris watts for fire gates ❤️"

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erika_grover shared a tip "Raw"

Kelsey Sargent's profile image

kelsey_sargent shared a tip "Amazing storytelling, and interesting with the body-cam shots... such a sad outcome"

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theylove.neecee shared a tip "Once you find out what happend its so suprising."

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samantha_bowen_7076 shared a tip "If you like the ID channel youll dig it"

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sarah_mulligan_9345 shared a tip "So sad yet captivating"

Gabrielle Patterson's profile image

gabrielle_patterson shared a tip "Its so disturbing that it breaks your heart. I cried. People can be awful."

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james_5439 shared a tip "As a father this shook me to my core! This is one me and my wife still talk about."

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moriah_terpstra_495 shared a tip "I watched it and loved it thanks for the recommendation"

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a._c._7489 shared a tip "Very interesting and captivating, well-made and unexpected."

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caitlin_mcclare shared a tip "So twisted and jaw dropping"

brian_white_8489 shared a tip "Great documentary."

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stephanie_bell_2292 shared a tip "Chris Watts was a cold blooded killer. He killed his babies. His kids. I cannot feel any sorrow for him."

Belinda Berthiaume's profile image

belinda_berthiaume shared a tip "Whole story breaks my heart."

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bertha_garibay shared a tip "This is based on a true story and it is interesting it is on Netflix"

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erika_santoyo shared a tip "Show is based on police body cams and interviews, very sad story but well done."

Dallis Roof's profile image

dallis_roof shared a tip "This movie is really good. Its based off a true story. Definitely something I would watch again"

ani_rajbhara shared a tip "Really good must watch it!!"

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danica_sarmiento shared a tip "So horrible!"

Cheryl Boehler's profile image

cheryl_boehler shared a tip "My favorite movie is Session 9."

michele_kapur shared a tip "Hard to say... hitman's bodyguard?"

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leah_burnison shared a tip "Perfect for those who like psychological interrogations"

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shelby_rose_6941 shared a tip "I was speechless. You really never know your neighbors"