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Eight-year-old Kevin McCallister makes the most of the situation after his family unwittingly leaves him behind when they go on Christmas vacation. But when a pair of bungling burglars set their sights on Kevin's house, the plucky kid stands ready to defend his territory. By planting booby traps gal

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 1990-11-16

Runtime 103 minutes

Budget $18m

Revenue $0.5b


TMDB 7.3


Mya Iannuzzi's profile image

mya_formuoli shared a tip "Such a good movie! It’s so funny and great for kids! #homealone #christmas"

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "A classic and good Christmas time movie!!"

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loida_milian-gonczarow shared a tip "What I'd mot to love about a adorable boy fighting idiotic thieves?"

jess_ica_9043 shared a tip "Christmas classic!!!!"

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abby_rexroth shared a tip "Have you had enough or are you thirsty for more?"

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deleted_user_1624316616453 shared a tip "A classic Christmas movie"

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helen_clark shared a tip "I sed to watch this trillogy all the time. I used to know every word in these movies. #Memories"

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jalyseh shared a tip "My favorite Christmas movie"

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kathy_lovingshimer shared a tip "❤ this movie"

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emma_forster shared a tip "One of my family’s favorite holiday movies and always a classic."

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kyle_dutson shared a tip "Still a favorite Christmas show!"

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brian_fulton shared a tip "You’re not lying lol"

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tracy_munn shared a tip "I love all of it even got my 8 year old into it"

riley_cote shared a tip "Such a great movie!"

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yuttikkele shared a tip "No"

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heather_toomey shared a tip "I like anything with resourcefulness"

oliver_hook shared a tip "Excellent beyond words."

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violet_mcconnell shared a tip "Love it. It’ll always be hilarious no matter how many times you watch it"

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hamide_hoseini shared a tip "It can be one of the things you do every Christmas as your theme :)"

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puppy_love_1764 shared a tip ". It is a Christmas movie, but it is hilarious, child appropriate, and makes you smilE"

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feelobox shared a tip "Kevin!"

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brandon_brich shared a tip "Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!!"

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james_dunphy shared a tip "Who doesn't love this classic"

jay_james_2547 shared a tip "Never gets old! 🏡 Simply one of the best movies of the 90s"

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nana_ahmed shared a tip "@zeze waze"

andy_osborne shared a tip "All parts"

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hannah_johnson_4347 shared a tip "When he buys the groceries alone"

brielle_webber shared a tip "Umm"

lexi_4909 shared a tip "Another classic holiday movie! Absolutely love it"

camryn_monroe shared a tip "I don’t have one I love the whole movie"

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erin_allen shared a tip "When the guys break in the house"

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patrick_burgoon shared a tip "Great holiday movie#family_friendly #comedy #family #holidays #christmas"

alex_pallmeyer shared a tip "It is the best christmas movie"

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krystel_holtz shared a tip "My favorite of the Home Alone franchise. Ya filthy animal!"

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keyrandi shared a tip "A Christmas classic👌 A must see! I watch this movie every year & am always excited to see it again😂❤️"

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anna_giannicchi shared a tip "Love this movie🥺"

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rissa_swan shared a tip "Classic Christmas movie. I cam quote every line."

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jessie_murray_6538 shared a tip "Classic Top 10 Holiday movie for me always"

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superstaric shared a tip "the whole movie!! it has such an awesome vibe and he's so cute :D"

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big_slick shared a tip "The greatest Christmas movie ever made!"

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kalisha_carter shared a tip "I've watched it a million times and love it every time!"

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duran_elizabeth shared a tip "Beltrán"

nadia_5354 shared a tip "never thought about it. 💭 🙂It is funny and enjoyable.😊"

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naiomi_burgess shared a tip "Umm idk really"

tory_johnston shared a tip "Yeah"

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frankey_valenzuela shared a tip "Love home alone"

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cait_hutchinson shared a tip "CLASSIC!"

thalia_57743 shared a tip "yeahh that’s my fav too! i liked the setting of it<3"

cassandr_centeno shared a tip "This movie is my most favourite movie. This is a good Christmas movie. Please watch it ☺️✨"

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jade_sexton shared a tip "I like this one"

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Ama2127 shared a tip "Classic Holiday Movie that is as good today as it was when it first came out. Great for the whole family."

emy_dallaire shared a tip "A clasic"

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max_bricker shared a tip "What Home Alone Right Now! Its funny😂"

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angelina_lara_1920 shared a tip "Funny"

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tiffany_piggott shared a tip "Super funny and a classic"

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cole_zeigler shared a tip "Just a hood move"

esteban_gabriel shared a tip "A classic!"

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dead_joker shared a tip "It's funny"

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jami_lotharius shared a tip "One of my favorite Christmas movies!"

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shontay_mitchell shared a tip "When he shaves and puts on the after shave and makes the same face he's making on the cover 🤣🤣"

official.nelly103 shared a tip "It’s a really good movie and you will watch it over and over again well I did"

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tre_sha_tap_tap shared a tip "Funny and always enjoy every time ☺️"

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joanne_angulo shared a tip "Classic Christmas movie"

stephanie_ortiz_1677 shared a tip "Love this movie"

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kimberly_longoria_2826 shared a tip "It's a classic Christmas movie"

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ryan_meeks shared a tip "I have loved this ever since it came out"

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tony_carboni shared a tip "A modern classic, mixing heart and humor."

antoniosmmall shared a tip "Like it"

folayan_morehead shared a tip "Who wouldn't love this cute movie?"

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