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Film geek Josh is looking for the subject of his new documentary when a chance meeting puts the perfect star in his sights—Dylan, his school's most popular junior. But Dylan's hopes of using the film to become Blossom Queen don't quite match with Josh's goal to make a hard-hitting exposé about popul

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 2011-11-11

Runtime 99 minutes


TMDB 6.6


Bianca Tailor's profile image

bianca_tailor shared a tip "Great movie with a great cast"

Lily Beth Kuhn's profile image

lily_beth_kuhn shared a tip "One where it’s romance, funny, and how it doesn’t matter if you’re popular or not"

Summer Riskus's profile image

summer_riskus shared a tip "It's good!"

Elizabeth Davey's profile image

elizabeth_davey_5147 shared a tip "Perfect cheesy movie to bring back childhood for the 2000 kids ❤️"

Parker Robey's profile image

parker_robey shared a tip "It’s a really great movie and it shows how one girl can change from being rude to nice"

Brooke 's profile image

brooke_7429 shared a tip "I like the whole movie! I haven’t watched it in a very long time though! 😁"

Hudson Brown's profile image

sunsh1ne shared a tip "Literally lit af... remember when Disney would have some bomb female characters 🥵"

madilyn_guchereau shared a tip "It was very funny and romantic over all a freat movie"

Deepti Pandey's profile image

deepti_pandey shared a tip "Woul like to see"

Yashvi Patel's profile image

yashvi_patel shared a tip "Watched it at least three times, and I want to watch it again."

Darren Miles's profile image

darren_miles shared a tip "The ending. It was a nice conclusion!"

summer_starling_1681 shared a tip "i don’t really have a favorite scene, i like the whole movie"

Jaidah Temple's profile image

jaidah_temple shared a tip "When the main characters finally got over thier assumptions about each other"

Elizabeth Richter's profile image

elizabeth_richter_7785 shared a tip "It was kind of funny"

Kira Johnson's profile image

kira_johnson_2161 shared a tip "Great teen movie, watched it in my teen years"

Savannah 's profile image

ZUFO shared a tip "good"

shana_townsend shared a tip "This is the best movie frrrrr"

Isabelle guzman's profile image

isabelle_guzman_9864 shared a tip "My favourite part is probably when they started making the ice cream. 😀"

Rylee Lane's profile image

rylee_lane shared a tip "Probably when the rest of Josh's video is shown to Dylan."

Audryanna Woods's profile image

audryanna_woods shared a tip "@ley_ley all of them tbh😂🥰"

mackenzie_nichols_5873 shared a tip "I mean it was cute. Not like I’d recommend it to everyone, it is a kids movie, but it was cute"

Erin Rhodes's profile image

erin_rhodes_1822 shared a tip "Thx my fav part was definitely the first scene in the cafeteria 🖤."

camila_velazquez shared a tip "Another decent must watch"

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