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True horror stories written by those that made it out alive. First person accounts narrated and produced by Andrew Tate in an anthology of terror and suspense. To hear your story on the show, send it to

Artist Andrew Tate

Track Count 229


Price $

Release Date 3/27/23

Explicitness Explicit

Country USA


Peighton Good's profile image

peighton_good shared a tip "His voice is perfect for these stories and I love listening to spooky stuff before bed so if is perfect for that."

Ellen 's profile image shared a tip "Love it."

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cyberkitten shared a tip "Terrifying stories and encounters of stalkers, murders, and other strange meetings"

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superman_2050 shared a tip "#LetsNotMeet #HorrorStories"

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amandamccord shared a tip "AMAZING! i have listened to this podcast for an embarrassing amount of time.."

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nick_ground shared a tip "Amazing! So scary and true!"

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denise_gasior shared a tip "Not yet"

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rashel_rowland shared a tip "this podcast is great. listen to the first couple podcast and you will unferstand what im talking about."

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ashley_brown_7684 shared a tip "Short true crime and creepy stories."

Ashley Medina's profile image

ashley_medina_6466 shared a tip "I love this podcast, anyone else have similar recommendations ?"

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sunflower_ash shared a tip "If you like things like mr.nightmare and true horror stories, you'll like this"

john_delaney_5748 shared a tip "It’s full of real life crime stories. Which makes the stories every creepier and some actually terrifying. I highly recommend!"

Liliana Ortega Villalobos's profile image

liliana_ortega_vill shared a tip "SOOO FREAKING GOOD"

Zhay Bryant's profile image

zhay_bryant_513 shared a tip "You must listen 🎧 😱"

jordan_day_5460 shared a tip "A similar one I started recently is paranormal mysteries, or Be Scared!"

jordan_day_5460 shared a tip "Try paranormal mysteries, Be Scared or something I really liked but isn't quite similar is "This is actually happening""

green gumball's profile image

green_gumball shared a tip "@mattnelsonsurfs Yes if you are a fan of true crime in a scary story kind of format then you'll love it!"

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philip_clark_2263 shared a tip "Great storytelling"

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