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All episodes are available for free, with remastered ad-free episodes available for Wondery+ subscribers.Debra Newell is a successful interior designer. She meets John Meehan, a handsome man who seems to check all the boxes: attentive, available, just back from a year in Iraq with Doctors Wit

Artist Los Angeles Times | Wondery

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Release Date 4/5/22

Explicitness Clean

Country USA


Sarah Villeneuve's profile image

sarah_villeneuve shared a tip "No, but it's on my list! 😊"

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jill_lavigne shared a tip "So good! Have you watched the series?"

Mandi Barry's profile image

mandi_barry shared a tip "Have you tried S-Town or Cold? Cold is really goood"

Holly Rouse's profile image

ohgollyholly shared a tip "#bingeworthy #true_crime #society_culture #wondery"

Kasey Hackmeister's profile image

kasey_hackmeister shared a tip "Defonitely solved and very intriguing"

Leanne Kerwood's profile image

leanne_kerwood shared a tip "I actually haven't listened to it yet, I've seen it on tv on a few different programs but I am going to start it soon."

Rogelio Garza's profile image

rogelio_garza_4440 shared a tip "Just started it. Have not finished it. I did listen to the podcast when it came out. That is excellent!!!!"

Kris 's profile image

Kristoffer shared a tip "Very interesting and terrifying story. Absolutely worth the listen."

Anny Wang's profile image

anny_wang_33 shared a tip "It's a good one. I recommend it."

mariah_compau shared a tip "This one, Dr. Death, and Sword and Scale are definitely my top 3!"

mariah_compau shared a tip "This one, Dr. Death, and Sword and Scale are definitely my top 3!"

Donita Harrison's profile image

donita_harrison shared a tip "This is why I don't trust people! Listen and learn!!"

Venugopal j's profile image

venugopal_j shared a tip "I recommend it after listening to just 3 episodes. It's great. Now I am going to watch the series on Netflix"

Sheryl Kelly's profile image

sheryl_kelly_8683 shared a tip "If something happened to my husband, I staying single after seeing this! Very good."

Emily Ware's profile image

emily_ware shared a tip "Podcast was frustrating and just okay."

Carly Clark Eskridge's profile image

carly_clark_eskridge shared a tip "Amazing!"

Courtney Weitekamp's profile image

courtney_weitekamp shared a tip "I started on Something Was Wrong after this one!"

Carolyn Somerville's profile image

carolyn_somerville shared a tip "This is an awesome podcast. I couldn’t stop listening"

PRINCESS JONES's profile image

princess_jones shared a tip "Its amazing!"

Georgianna Parks's profile image

georgianna_parks shared a tip "Quick/easy listen. Made the last couple of days at work go by faster! If you like true crime, you will love this podcast!"

cynthia_quijas shared a tip "Omg I have not! I’m going to have to watch it now!"

eric_bonner shared a tip "No I've only heard the podcast"

hayley ohl's profile image

hayley_ohl shared a tip "I haven't"

christina_haynes shared a tip "It’s told well exciting to the end."

Sari Samp's profile image

sari_samp shared a tip "Good stuff"

ashley_kane shared a tip "I love the series"

Kimo Aleman's profile image

kimo_aleman shared a tip "The whole thing is just crazy! Hard to believe it’s true!"

rachel_viekko shared a tip "Oh yes, it’s a great one!"

Christine Henry's profile image

christine_henry_4092 shared a tip "The Jinx. It's not acted out, it is a documentary. But one of the best true crime documentaries put there."

Nancy Torres's profile image

nancy_torres_3037 shared a tip "It’s the first one I ever listened to. I couldn’t get enough of it!!"

Sara Lovell's profile image

sara_lovell shared a tip "This mainly follows one storyline so if you’re looking for multiple stories with every episode I love crime junkies too"

Jennifer croucher's profile image

jennifer_croucher_1903 shared a tip "I love to paint and listen to podcasts this one was so good and held my attention the whole time ."

philippa_mariner shared a tip "Greay podcast! A sad look into a the inner workings of a psychopath's mind!"

bill hanlon's profile image

bill_hanlon shared a tip "What a story"

Caroline Dozier's profile image

caroline_dozier shared a tip "Yes I have! So good!"

Briana Guess's profile image

briana_guess shared a tip "No. Just the podcasts and maybe a special on 20/20 or something."

Nancy Testerman's profile image

nancy_testerman shared a tip "Yes. It was."

mary_stennes shared a tip "Yes I watched the Netflix show. I thought it was very well done! I loved Connie Britton in it. Have you seen it?"

Jamie Kassabian's profile image

jamie_kassabian_7534 shared a tip "It follows a story line, so its best to start at the first episode and go all the way through, but it is really good"

heather clark's profile image

heather_clark_1617 shared a tip "Yes very! Its mostly interviews with the family but very well narrated !"

kristin kilborn's profile image

kristin_kilborn shared a tip "I have never heard this. I'm actually kind of confused as to why it here."

Madi Jackson's profile image

madi_jackson shared a tip "Yes absolutely! It was my go-to while I was in the gym for a time (to keep me from thinking about working out🙃)"

Beck Herrick's profile image

beck_herrick shared a tip "Very addicting. Definitely give it a try."

dina_aurichio shared a tip "Oh yeah!!! It’s so good!!! Especially if you’ve seen the Netflix show."

Laura Hirshfield's profile image

laura_hirshfield shared a tip "It's okay! :) It goes quickly :) listens almost like a like.. trashy murder mystery haha, like a page turner :)"

Liz Gerger's profile image

liz_gerger shared a tip "Is it weird that I comfort-listen to this like other people re-watch The Office?"

helga_guazzini shared a tip "I binged this one. It’s truly addicting!"

Sharayah Gautraud's profile image

sharayah_gautraud shared a tip "Have you listened to The Thing About Pam?"

Kelly Day Fetter's profile image

kelly_day_fetter shared a tip "This was the true crime podcast that got me hooked on that genre. So good."

Jasmyn Rota's profile image

jasmyn_rota shared a tip "I’m listening to the dr.death series (2nd) one"

Dawn Wyraz's profile image

dawn_wyraz shared a tip "Yes! Good"

sb_bookworm shared a tip "Actually, I realized I never finished it! Took my ‘like’ off."

King Fran Petty's profile image

king_fran_petty shared a tip "I find it is kinda like serial. However if you are uncomfortable with depictions of abuse then you should avoid this one."

meghan madigan's profile image

meghan_madigan shared a tip "Oh wait it’s about Betty Broderick not this series still gonna watch tho!"

meghan madigan's profile image

meghan_madigan shared a tip "THERES NOW A SHOW ON NETFLIX OMG???"

joanne_stevenson shared a tip "I enjoyed it."

Jessi Swaim's profile image

jessi_swaim shared a tip "Yes! So good!!"

Anna Merkel's profile image

anna_merkel shared a tip "Yes! 🙂"

Lindsay Colclasure's profile image

lindsay_colclasure shared a tip "Crime Junkie is my true obsession!"

jaclyn_kidd shared a tip "Very well produced beginning to end"

Alina Neel's profile image

alina_neel shared a tip "Absolutely!!"

kristy_smith_195 shared a tip "I listen to such a wide variety of podcasts but along this theme I like Crime Scene"

Loren Spencer's profile image

loren_spencer shared a tip "I don’t have a favorite episode, I listened to it a few years ago now."

Rachel Chambers's profile image

rachel_chambers_356 shared a tip "There’s a show too based off of it, I want to say it’s on Netflix and it’s great"

kim_eaton_269 shared a tip "Generation Why: Over my Dead Body. How about you?"

olu_terebo shared a tip "Did you ever listen to S Town?"

Lisa 's profile image

lisa_b52 shared a tip "I like anything that’s a good story. Up and vanished is a good one. Or s-town."

Rosa Holub's profile image

rosa_holub shared a tip "Absolutely! It moves really fast and is an easy listen."

Katharine Jones's profile image

katharine_jones shared a tip "Yes. I was fascinated by these true stories."

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