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Julia 's profile image

juliamtl shared a tip "Daddy ganggggggg"

Treasure Green's profile image

treasure_green shared a tip "I love this podcast so much they’re the best."

Felicija Dubickaitė's profile image

felicija_dubickait shared a tip "It's really interesting. Not the usual podcast"

Julie Pospíšilová's profile image

julie_pospilov shared a tip "I mostly listen to her podcasts when she has guests there. I really like those but otherwise i do not listen to her as much"

Celina Alejo's profile image

celina_alejo shared a tip "One of my favorite podcasts!"

Sarah 's profile image

sarahsbooks shared a tip "I literally LOVE this podcast so much! Father Cooper never disappoints #CHD"

Alyssa Flynn's profile image

Alyssa_Casey shared a tip "On and off. Some episodes are great and some are not - to be honest @chrisflores28"

danyella martin's profile image

danyella_martin shared a tip "it discussed interesting topics and i never got bored listening"

sarah_stevenson_5976 shared a tip "not sure! do you have any recs?"

faith_lebling shared a tip "i’m not sure yet! i’m just paroozing for now trying to find another i like"

Breanna Marie's profile image

breanna_marie_8743 shared a tip "Their voices are nails on a chalkboard but they have some interesting advice"

carly hawthorne's profile image

carly_hawthorne shared a tip "don’t judge me for this pls pls it’s so funny and gives good advice sometimes"

Kylie 's profile image

kylie_910 shared a tip "@abbey_moran @sally_gendron"

Rachel Robley's profile image

rachel_robley shared a tip "I live this podcast. I highly recommend this podcast."

daisy__7671 shared a tip "Not yet. I just like listening to it."

alyssa Culver's profile image

alyssa_culver shared a tip "I haven't been able to find one on this level of funny."

Destiny Larain's profile image

destiny_larain shared a tip "Funny and informative"

Cassie Douda's profile image

cassie_douda shared a tip "Try it out !! Don’t take it too seriously but it’s a fun time (:"

gabrielle_landry shared a tip "Obsessed with this podcast! So funny - Alex is a legend #callherdaddy"

meaghan_brigando shared a tip "Yes absolutely listen to this! It’s hilarious"

darlene_niesen shared a tip "Its a bit raunchy but its real and relatable"

charles_carranza shared a tip "it is 100% worth it"

Samantha Lostaunau's profile image

samantha_lostaunau shared a tip "Not yet but I’m about halfway through trying to catch up"

allison_deras shared a tip "not yet!!"

Lotte Holland's profile image

lotte_holland shared a tip "confidence boost >>"

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