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Search for Dr. Death: Miracle Man to hear the latest season of Dr. Death. A story of trust, betrayal and miracles.We’re at our most vulnerable when we go to our doctors. We trust the person at the other end of that scalpel. We trust the hospital. We trust the system.Christopher Duntsch was a

Artist Wondery

Track Count 18


Price $0

Release Date 10/27/21

Explicitness Explicit

Country USA


LuLu F's profile image

lulu_f shared a tip "You will binge this podcast all at once! It is hard to stop listening! So very, very good!"

Nikki Lucas's profile image

nikki_lucas shared a tip "HOOKED!! Beyond interesting, spine tingling and a true story!"

Nina Foxx's profile image

nina_foxx shared a tip "Horrifyingly good!"

Bridget Hofler's profile image

bridget_hofler shared a tip "Excellent story!#"

Grace Terry's profile image

grace_terry shared a tip "I seriously enjoyed it!"

Amanda Rodgers-Pontious's profile image

amanda_rodgers-pont shared a tip "Yes! Extremely interesting how long he was able to pull off such an elaborate deadly scam."

J Gomez's profile image

j_gomez shared a tip "Just binged this and it was so interesting! It’s criminal what he got away..."

danielle_stew shared a tip "Hi! One of my favorites is The Horrors of Delores Roach"

hazel_w_1986 shared a tip "How the hell did this man continue to practice for so long?"

Kate Kennedy's profile image

kate_kennedy_3945 shared a tip "Yup"

Megan Rolfson's profile image

megan_rolfson shared a tip "I really liked it and thought it was well done."

jennifer1019 shared a tip "Yes!"

Sarah Phillips's profile image

sarah_phillips_1393 shared a tip "#true_crime #bingeworthy"

katy_moya shared a tip "This is an addictive podcast!"

Kimberly Rolen Nelson's profile image

tv_fan_grl shared a tip "I cannot believe this even happened...how this happened...crazy"

Emily Ware's profile image

emily_ware shared a tip "Meh"

Shea Connor's profile image

shea_connor shared a tip "Scary to know that happens"

Cody Tevis's profile image

cody_tevis shared a tip "The story is incredible and captivating! Love the wondery"

Michelle Langstaff's profile image

michelle_langstaff shared a tip "This was absolutely crazy. Definitely worth the listen."

jamie_williams_4144 shared a tip "Yes! So good!"

Karina Schenk's profile image

karina_schenk shared a tip "Crime Junkie by Ashley Flowers and Britt"

jennifer_3 shared a tip "Wouldn't put it in my top 10 list, but it was food and worth listening to."

cathy_davis_7087 shared a tip "Pretty good story but host narration is meh"

tami_pappas shared a tip "Every Little Thing, totally different than Dr. Death"

Amelia Dent's profile image

amelia_dent shared a tip "The drop out. Peacock is also coming out with a dr. Death show soon"

monica_1308 shared a tip "This is great! I’d also listen to your own backyard, cold and dirty John. They are all true crime and so fascinating!"

Karina 's profile image

karina_davila shared a tip "My favorite podcast would have to be crime junkie & dateline. What about yours?"

Thomas Taylor's profile image

thomas_taylor_1962 shared a tip "Stuff you should know. You?"

maddie_smithh shared a tip "Crime Junkie’s and What We Said for sure!!"

Susan Yashenko's profile image

susan_yashenko shared a tip "Definitely"

Kathy Salgado's profile image

kathy_salgado shared a tip "Bailey Sarian Dark History"

damien_riden shared a tip "If you’re into crime podcast, the wife and I love WTOP’s American Nightmare series."

Julia Sumens's profile image

julia_sumens shared a tip "I really enjoyed it. I listened to it while I worked."

Layla Cates's profile image

layla_cates shared a tip "Parcast unsolved murders true crime stories on Spotify"

mary_ellen_reilly shared a tip "Don't listen to when you're trying to go to sleep."

Kenna Boo's profile image

kenna_boo_3772 shared a tip "Such a good podcast! It's a bit graphic at times but definitely worth a listen! #health #true_crime #bingeworthy"

teresa_mooney shared a tip "I’m caught up on My Favorite Murder (hilarious!). Currently listening to The Vanished and The Murder Squad"

Erin Sekulich's profile image

erin_sekulich shared a tip "Let's not meet and The Dropout! Supppppper good"

diana neria's profile image

diana_neria shared a tip "I’m listening to Your Own Backyard, have u heard it?"

stacey_brokaw_6539 shared a tip "Definitely Crime Junkies or Full Body Chills!"

Lydia Larson's profile image

lydia_larson_5731 shared a tip "I haven't listened to this one yet I have no idea what it is about but when I find out I will post what I think of it"

Erin Smith's profile image

erin_smith_8653 shared a tip "This podcast was terrifying. Such a crazy scary nightmare of a story. I was haunted by this for weeks after listening."

Austin Allred's profile image

austin_allred shared a tip "#justinsane"

Catarina Nece's profile image

catarina_nece shared a tip "Such an interesting listen!"

Kaylee Michaud-Sanborn's profile image

kaylee_michaud-sanb shared a tip "Morbid and Court Junkie :)"

ellen_martinez_9258 shared a tip "I enjoyed it. I binged it. It's a little disturbing, to know it's TRUE, but if you're into true crime. It's a good option"

emily_bamlett shared a tip "Super creepy, scary as he!!, but also the drama is intense"

Drew Ruiz's profile image

drew_ruiz shared a tip "Serial style, bingeworthy"

melissa_siekierski shared a tip "So addicting and captivating!"

Jackson Krause's profile image

jackson_krause shared a tip "Just finished listening very interesting and informative, but the narrator's voice in very annoying."

stacey_gruly shared a tip "Finding Cleo, Serial, the Monster: the zodiac killer, S-town, Dirty John, I’ve listen to a lot from Wondery, Atlanta Monster"

Liz Gerger's profile image

liz_gerger shared a tip "I still have nightmares."

Madison Petri's profile image

madison_petri shared a tip "This was an absolutely fascinating podcast that had me intrigued from the first episode throughout."

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