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True Crime Daily The Podcast covers murders, scams, investigations and unsolved crimes across the country every week.

Artist True Crime Daily

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Release Date 1/31/23

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Country USA


zach_phan shared a tip "#unsolved_crime"

Jupiter 's profile image

cyberkitten shared a tip "Intriguing"

isabella_nadine shared a tip "Killer queens it’s two woman that talk true crime ! Super cute and fun"

Ansley Faivre's profile image

ansley_faivre shared a tip "yes!!"

eve kessie's profile image

eve_kessie shared a tip "What do u mean?"

arsia iftakhar's profile image

arsia_iftakhar shared a tip "Just amazing 🙃"

Frances Lauper's profile image

frances_lauper shared a tip "Serial"

Heaven Miller's profile image

heaven_miller_7132 shared a tip "It's great! I use it for long drives!"

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sarah_cook_2369 shared a tip "I like Very Presidential by Ashley Flowers."

Sarah Cook's profile image

sarah_cook_2369 shared a tip "She also does the podcast Crime Junkie"

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yourlocalthespian shared a tip "Yes it is good background noise for work and is interesting"

jenna_bedekovich shared a tip "Killer clown hands down"

Gretchen Winslett's profile image

gretchen_winslett shared a tip "Yes! I'm hooked"

Kristen Torkelson's profile image

kristen_torkelson_5255 shared a tip "I think I would start with Serial Killers. That one is really well done."

Mehdiya Merchant's profile image

mehdiya_merchant shared a tip "Maybe try out Criminal! You might like it!"

Aireal Cobb's profile image

aireal_cobb shared a tip "I would say yes. I personally love true crime in all forms!"

Mary Cain's profile image

mary_cain shared a tip "All of them."

christopher_smith_399 shared a tip "My favorite is Crime Junkie! Yours?"

Diane Sullivan's profile image

diane_sullivan_3615 shared a tip "It is."

Angela Kaylee Hughes's profile image

angela_kaylee_hughes shared a tip "This is a very good one!"

karen_connors shared a tip "My Favorite Murder is really my favorite, and for a riveting true story, try "S"'ll be transfixed!"

Tyonna Mcdonald's profile image

tyonna_mcdonald shared a tip "Yes I personally live love listening to this podcast"

tequila shared a tip "@harperbrownca Yes this is a good one. I have listened to so many good podcast. I'm always trying to get my family hooked. Lol"

brooke_bradshaw_9198 shared a tip "What?? I’ll have to check it out!"

Christina Wray's profile image

christina_wray shared a tip "I just discovered it! Been pretty devoted to Crime Junkie. Do you have a favorite episode?"

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aliencat28 shared a tip "#unsolved_crime #true_crime"

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precious_wright_9889 shared a tip "I like anything with a thrill or just suspense or like catching the guy or throwing him in jail stuff like that"

diamyn_simmons shared a tip "I actually don’t but recently I’ve been loving Murder, Mystery & Makeup with Bailey Sarian ! You should check her out!"

Hannah Wisener's profile image

hannah_wisener shared a tip "Yeah it’s interesting"

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