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Criminal is the first of its kind. A show about people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle. Hosted by Phoebe Judge. Part of the Vox Media Podcast Network.

Artist Vox Media Podcast Network

Track Count 215


Price $

Release Date 1/6/23

Explicitness Clean

Country USA


Wilma Williams's profile image

wajwilliams shared a tip "My absolute favorite podcast."

Nadia 's profile image

nadiadreamsbig shared a tip "I love that this show covers all aspects of crime, from the macabre to the moving to the simply bizarre"

Noemie Charles's profile image

noemie_charles shared a tip "yes!!!"

Leia Cooney's profile image

leia_cooney shared a tip "Personal stories of crimes. Some from the criminal's perspective, sometimes from the victim's perspective."

David Squires's profile image

david_squires shared a tip "This is a marvelous story - telling podcast about all sorts of crime."

Terri Stover 's profile image

terri_stover shared a tip "Love Phoebe's voice!"

zulieMarr shared a tip "The best! I would listen to Phoebe Judge tell any story, but it’s even better that the stories are actually really interesting."

bimpe shared a tip "I love it. They are short little stories about “criminals.”"

Giulia Matthews's profile image

giulia_matthews shared a tip "The best, greatly researched and splendidly narrated"

Sari Samp's profile image

sari_samp shared a tip "Do I have to comment everytime?"

martha_keys shared a tip "Best of the best. Take a listen to 167 and 168. Unbelievable story."

Suzanne Chappell's profile image

suzanne_chappell shared a tip "Red Collar, The Dating Game Killer, Crime Junkie and I Survived are my other crime go tos!"

Heather McCoy's profile image

heather_mccoy_5424 shared a tip "Yes it’s great"

Heather Patton Kelly's profile image

heather_patton_kelly shared a tip "No, I don't not a the moment"

judy_schulz shared a tip "Who doesn’t love Phoebe Judge? I got hooked on this podcast years ago. Extraordinary episodes with the common element crime."

Lisa Bands's profile image

lisa_bands shared a tip "I also love Crime Junkie, The Murder Squad, and True Crime Garage!"

katie_watkins_4438 shared a tip "True Crime Garage! I love those guys!!"

Rose 's profile image

emma_rose_3003 shared a tip "Articulate and accurate true crime and harrowing survival stories. I’m obsessed."

Consuelo Brooks's profile image

consuelo_brooks shared a tip "Excellent podcast… great narration, interesting stories, varied subject matter. This is perfect"

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