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Serial is a podcast from Serial Productions, a New York Times company, hosted by Sarah Koenig. Serial unfolds one story - a true story - over the course of a whole season. The show follows the plot and characters wherever they lead, through many surprising twists and turns. Sarah won't know what hap

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Release Date 3/18/22

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Hope 's profile image

hopeuyemura shared a tip "One of the first (and best) podcast I was introduced to. True crime + solving murder"

Yumi Murray's profile image

yumi shared a tip "I binge listened to the whole season 1!!"

Brian Draggoo's profile image

brian_draggoo shared a tip "Just started listening to this last week and I’m nearly done with the first season. Really interesting and very good!"

Kasey Navarro's profile image

kasey_navarro shared a tip "This is a great one! Your Own Backyard is really good and still active. Also “S-Town” is just crazy. :)"

Kelsey Melin's profile image

kelsey_melin shared a tip "Is all of season 1 an acceptable answer??? Because I was hooked from the first listen all the way until the end"

Gigi Ortiz's profile image

butterpcanrican shared a tip "Sword and Scale is crazy good too!"

Candice Markese's profile image

canbook shared a tip "So good! I am always searching for updates!"

andrew staples's profile image

andrew_staples shared a tip "1st series - yes. Subsequent ones still interesting, but less lightening in the bottle-ish."

Emma Forster's profile image

emma_forster shared a tip "I listened to this in my english class and it kept everyone on the edge of their seat."

Jennifer Bickley's profile image

jennifer_bickley shared a tip "I’ve never found one quite as good."

Heather Curran's profile image

heather_curran shared a tip "All of Season 3 is very thought-provoking."

Hannah Markel's profile image

hannah_markel shared a tip "Not sure I need more ideas"

Kacy Reynolds's profile image

kacy_reynolds shared a tip "Yes"

Zakiya Baker's profile image

zakiya_baker shared a tip "The season about Adnan Syed is very interesting. Would really recommend listening."

Cathy Anderson's profile image

Catepa shared a tip "Love it"

Tim Fortier's profile image

tim_fortier_3025 shared a tip "Season 1 was the best! I love the host Sarah it’s a really good listen and it keeps you wanting to hear what happens next"

Savannah W's profile image

savannah_w_4240 shared a tip "Leakin Park was so insane!"

Lucretia Morgan's profile image

lucretia_morgan shared a tip "I only listened to the first season, but I LOVED it. It’s on my list to finish the rest of the seasons!"

Tiffany DaSilva's profile image

tiffany_dasilva shared a tip "Isn’t it great? I Loved s-town and the truth about Helen & Olga as well. Have you seen those?"

Alexis Lacey's profile image

alexis_lacey_1759 shared a tip "Absolutely, but if you’re looking for any in-depth investigative journalism, I always say go with Slow Burn!"

Jasmine Leslie's profile image

jasmine_leslie shared a tip "One of my favorite podcasts!!!"

Melissa Hughes's profile image

melissa_hughes_6628 shared a tip "The first season is the best."

dennis_modaffari shared a tip "I feel like I am there in a way?"

Amanda Pack's profile image

amanda_pack_1717 shared a tip "This is mt husband's absolute favorite!"

kathleen_edwards shared a tip "Just start with the first season."

Gina Compilli-Diaz's profile image

gina_compilli-diaz shared a tip "How I fell down the rabbit hole of podcasts....the story of Adnan Syed (season 1)"

Terri Stover 's profile image

terri_stover shared a tip "Did not the third season"

Cody Tevis's profile image

cody_tevis shared a tip "Season 2 is the best!"

Krista Grand's profile image

krista_grand shared a tip "Best podcast I’ve ever listened to. S1 & S2 are the best. These people know how to execute a podcast flawlessly."

chris_1068 shared a tip "Just started Season 3"

melanie_majors_1223 shared a tip "So you listen to sword and scale?"

Sarah Poteate's profile image

sarah_poteate_1570 shared a tip "Adnan is innocent"

Diarmuid Mac Cormack's profile image

diarmuid_mac_cormack shared a tip "One of the original and best true crime podcasts."

Renee Bucalo's profile image

renee_bucalo shared a tip "I’m a fan of Season 1"

dawn_mccaskill shared a tip "Not sure I could say which episode is my fave, but I liked Season 1 the best. It was my first binge-worthy podcast!"

Teresa Holst-Kierscht's profile image

teresa418 shared a tip "No, I am behind on them, starting to catch up though."

Jessie Murray's profile image

jessie_murray_6538 shared a tip "Kept me on my toes each episode #thriller #crime_and_mystery"

Katelyn Liebau's profile image

katelyn_liebau shared a tip "Gripping investigation with wonderful pacing"

holly_cauton shared a tip "They are real people, you get to hear their voices"

lindsey_johnson_2425 shared a tip "This is my first time on likewise.... I've been listening to the cold podcast..I'm almost done with the Susan Powell case."

Michelle Adams's profile image

michelle_adams_4014 shared a tip "I liked it , depends on what your looking for"

alice mcdonald's profile image

alice_mcdonald_1496 shared a tip "You won't stop after you've started! This is the best place to start"

Chloé Carrillo's profile image

chlo_carrillo shared a tip "Yes, I’ve been looking forward to getting stuck in traffic so I can listen more lol season one was the best."

Tori Oliver's profile image

tori_oliver shared a tip "Season 1 is why a lot of the world got into podcasts."

maci_taylor shared a tip "Season 3-can’t wait for more!!"

cheyenne_berryhill shared a tip "i’ve only listened to the season on Adnan Syed but I love how Sarah keeps you engaged and how the storyline progresses. 5/5"

Shandra Buhmann Smith's profile image

shandra_buhmann shared a tip "Season 1"

Elaine Luna's profile image

elaine_luna shared a tip "Yes! This is like the very first podcast I ever listened to! (Season 1)"

Amanda Roberts's profile image

amanda_roberts_2508 shared a tip "Yes!"

Amanda Roberts's profile image

amanda_roberts_2508 shared a tip "Yes!"

alexis_burdette_8498 shared a tip "I enjoy it. I just like the background sounds as I’m doing random stuff."

Julia Koval's profile image

julia_koval shared a tip "My Favorite Murder. What’s your fav?"

hunter britt's profile image

hunter_britt shared a tip "Yes it's a good podcast"

Hannah Callear's profile image

hannah_callear shared a tip "Yeah I just started it"

sarah_cornell_5343 shared a tip "Lights out is definitely one of my favorites. It talks about true crime as well as supernatural phenomena"

Christie Thompson's profile image

christie_thompson shared a tip "Season 1 is the reason I started listening to podcasts!"

Emily Schofield's profile image

emily_schofield shared a tip "I listened to it so long ago it's hard to remember, but season 1 is my favorite"

Astra Driver's profile image

astra_driver shared a tip "Serial Killers and Unsolved Murders"

ethan_miller_4326 shared a tip "The second season is totally the weakest."

Jeff Hill's profile image

jeff_hill_9003 shared a tip "Loved this, another perfect podcast for a long road trip."

Emily Burkhardt's profile image

emily_burkhardt shared a tip "Not yet! It's in my to do list lol"

M Peacock's profile image

m_peacock shared a tip "Loved first season, but have missed others."

el_8312 shared a tip "The first season 100% season 2 was interesting and I haven't listened to 3 yet"

Liz Gerger's profile image

liz_gerger shared a tip "Season One is like the Romeo & Juliet of podcasting - it set the tone for everything to come"

Eduardo Gonzalez's profile image

eduardo_gonzalez_1243 shared a tip "Ya tu sabe"

Jackie Wooster's profile image

jackie_wooster shared a tip "You probably already have seen this one but Crime Junkie is a favorite of mine"

Leslie Gobbel's profile image

leslie_gobbel shared a tip "Great!!!"

sharan_atwal shared a tip "Dear John"

Nicole Yee's profile image

nicole_yee shared a tip "Crime Junkie, and Unraveled Long Island Serial Killer are both really good."

marcia 's profile image

marciahowell shared a tip "i thought it was great. i’d say give it a go!"

nikki_fortier shared a tip "Mystery, murder"

Kelly 's profile image

kaydub shared a tip "Have you listened to Dear John? Is it true crime you like? One long story, or different every week?"

jasmine_7248 shared a tip "I listened to this podcast for school and was so excited."

Pamela Lea's profile image

pamela_lea shared a tip "Criminal, up and vanished"

Chandra 's profile image

chandra_7754 shared a tip "You might like, Dr. Death, and S-Town!"

Chris Bingham's profile image

chris_bingham shared a tip "Just finished counter clock and the case. Both are great"

Heather Alpert's profile image

heather_alpert shared a tip "True crime garage if you like true crime."

cathy_davis_7087 shared a tip "Every season but the Bo Bergdall one was fantastic"

danielle_3142 shared a tip "I really don’t. I had never listened to podcasts before and my friend got me into this one."

jessica_prados shared a tip "I listen in the car. Makes for great company traveling. So far the Adnan Syed series was my favorite."

Hailey Brundage's profile image

hailey_brundage shared a tip "listened to this for class and enjoyed the many intense details and how easy it was to follow!"

D Garcia's profile image

d_garcia_3877 shared a tip "Sooo good. Its the original podcast that spawned 2 movies,2 docs."

puppet_society 2005's profile image

puppet_society_2005 shared a tip "I've only listened to a little of that one, but I reccomend Rotten mango or bailey sarian on YouTube or spotify"

Matthew Powles's profile image

matthew_powles shared a tip "I don't know that I have a favorite episode, but the first season is the best in my opinion."

Schira Wheeler's profile image

schira_wheeler shared a tip "Crime Junkie and Paper Ghosts are good!"

leah gannaway's profile image

leah_gannaway shared a tip "Fascinating, suspenseful, eerie"

Marissa Morales's profile image

marissa_morales_231 shared a tip "Yep! That’s why I gave it the thumbs up haha. The first season is great."

Jennifer Schwab's profile image

jennifer_schwab_118 shared a tip "It varies lol depending on my mood"

sheetal_paranjpe shared a tip "First season was really good! Second one was not my favorite but then the 3rd season was great too! Give it a listen"

Rachel Webster's profile image

rachel_webster_9874 shared a tip "Counterclock"

jess_johnson_4253 shared a tip "I have so many favourites! Most are definitely true crime lol"

travis_hall_5142 shared a tip "Try the left right game"

Tina 's profile image

bluebeard shared a tip "The quintessential true crime podcast. Pretty much started the genre."

Leslie Friedman's profile image

leslie_friedman_1325 shared a tip "Just audio, but it's a great listen."

hasan_ali_4182 shared a tip "The first episode had quite the hook."

Brandon Long's profile image

brandon_long_1310 shared a tip "Probably crime junkie or the headgum podcast"

Jessica Ergle's profile image

jessica_ergle shared a tip "Yes! it’s between Serial and Crime Junkie! same topics but different style of host!"

Beth Moser's profile image

beth_moser_9932 shared a tip "So so good."

Taylor Lee's profile image

taylor_lee_2946 shared a tip "It follows one story throughout the entire series. Each episode is a deep dive into every aspect and angle of the case."

corina hickey's profile image

corina_hickey shared a tip "Season 1 is great if you like true crime!!"

Victoria Hevesi's profile image

victoria_hevesi shared a tip "Yeah! You might like To Live and Die in LA!"

Jasmine Polite's profile image

jasmine_polite shared a tip "First season is the best season!"

Caitlin Barker's profile image

caitlin_barker_2451 shared a tip "Right now I’m listening to a podcast called “Sounds Like a Cult.”"

sophia_buehler shared a tip "The black tapes is fantastic if you like solving mysteries along with the podcast host :)"

Dylan Brennan's profile image

dylan_brennan_4076 shared a tip "Serial deftly weaves a web of strong narrative. A superb podcast."

Heather Dunn's profile image

heather_dunn_8981 shared a tip "Office ladies."

Michaela Chybowski's profile image

michaela_chybowski shared a tip "Yes! The stories are so compelling, and it is so well-produced.@sarahlong21"

alisha_mathews shared a tip "Crime Junkie is my all time favorite!!💜"

Molly Todd's profile image

molly_todd_ shared a tip "Yeah it’s great! Would definitely recommend."

sbalshin 's profile image

sbalshin shared a tip "The deca tapes"

kaavya_sethuraman shared a tip "Loved the first season !! The second season was hard to get into"

ET 's profile image

Etros shared a tip "."

Marel 's profile image

marel_arroliga shared a tip "Yes, I recommend strangeland!"

ruth_ortiz shared a tip "Hi Ella, I love Crime Junkies you can find that on Apple."

an_dm shared a tip "I loved the first season. Definitely worth it in my opinion"

Bobbie Adair's profile image

bobbie_whittington_ shared a tip "Crime junkie is really good and I also listen to hometown murder"

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